Do you love dancing, and you desire to make it a career? Do you want to pursue a career in dancing? Perseverance and planning are essential to transition successfully to a professional dancer from high school, and you will undergo a lot of training in dancing career options. 

Taking dance classes and courses in Canada will help you prepare for your future in dance professions. 

Many cities in Canada, such as Toronto, have outstanding presenters and producers with high value in promoting contemporary dance and students’ students’ relationships. Engaging students in this form of art will help them develop dance audiences for later, but it will also let them consider a career in performing arts such as dancing.

Canada’ sCanada’s Council for the Arts, together with The NAC Youth Commission for Dance, has an advantage, especially with the youth in some areas in Canada like Vancouver. It aims to expand the Canadian dance repertoire for young people, featuring the National Arts Centre’ sCentre’s dedication to community and national partnerships and guaranteeing dance classes for young people as a part of art education. 

Dance Career in Canada 

Dance is one of the most in-demand professions, financially, emotionally, and physically. Canada works with professional dancers, providing useful services and support to address all dance careers. 

Students are more capable of reaching their potentiality while performing in advance when taking dance classes in some cities in Canada, such as Montréal. Students are encouraged to pursue fulfilling and meaningful dance careers when life on stage is still possible to achieve. 

Future choreographers and dancers in Calgary, Canada, are inspired, supported, and encouraged by the National Arts Centre. As Canada’ sCanada’s famous-producers and presenters of dance. In places like Ottawa, they provide educational activities and long-established commitment as well as staging and commissioning the country’s excellent talents. 

Canada’s dance training education integrates elements and is unique, from the best acclaimed and progressive contemporary dance and classical ballet techniques and latest and advanced movements. Some students in Edmonton, Canada, take classes in modern techniques and repertoire, classical dances, improvisation, expression and drama, anatomy, and historical dance. 

Ballet classes focus on pas de deux, repertoire, variation and more. The Dance classes promote the use of globally- famous guest instructors and students are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.  

Through the years, Canada has developed comprehensive and specialized programs to train students in a progressive and sustainable professional dance career. It includes exercise and cardio work sequences.

Skills You Can Develop in Taking Dance Career

Skills You Can Develop in Taking Dance Career
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A Dance degree ensures you develop the mindset and skills for you to handle different professional problems, difficulties, and issues. These careers will help you enhance the following skills. 

  • Data Gathering, Organizational, and Communication Skills - the ability to analyze, understand and organize sources of details to apply new knowledge to different tasks and professional settings. It develops your capacity to analyze critical problems, make sound decisions and creativity while considering all things. You can build your skill to gather different types of information, analyze them, and assess them, including potential connections from various areas of the performing arts. 
  • Essential Skills - develops an understanding of the computer field used in dance studies, knowledge of the dance history, dance teaching methodologies, dance writing and body therapy. Improves your ability to interpret your feelings through dance movements.

Teamwork and Management - develop your capability in identifying proper courses of action and priorities. To delegate and determine responsibilities to group members in the most effective ways. Develop your skills to work productively in any group situations, contributing, leading, and decision-making for the team’s success. The capacity to interact and lead different people with different professional backgrounds, personalities, and approaches.

Dance Classes Highlights 

  • You will be with esteemed dance instructors. Every year, they are inviting famous choreographers to the campus, which includes master lectures, classes, and stunning new works productions specially created for dance students. 
  • They provide dynamic classes. Their leading-edge curriculum respects traditions in dance while considering a wide range of methods and styles, including hip-hop, improvisation, jazz, contemporary dance, modern dance, ballet, and more. 
  • Canada classes support the growth of every student both as an artist and as an individual. They provide unique guidance and resources to help dance students to become a whole artist. Artists that are fully engaged in spirit, body, and mind, well rounded and culturally aware. 

University in Canada Offering Dance Courses

Canada provides a progressive learning environment where students undergo challenges to discover their potential as artists and become motivated towards their dreams to pursue a dance degree. 

The country is well established for its advanced training in dance, theatre, and music, along with focus dance instructions with a unique access to a wide range of creative and academic opportunities. Set in the educational, historical, and cultural hub of Canada, an exceptional way of teaching to represent the performing Canada’s Arts education’s future. 

Canada has an excellent and impressive and in-depth knowledge of the real-world experience in dance. Instructors and guest artists are as passionate to their students as well as to their crafts. They provide an environment for aspiring dancers to grow into an innovative artist. These universities have outstanding technical skills and exciting coursework.

The university’s dance classes and programs offer courses that will develop your skills through ample amounts of studio time and in-depth instruction. Programs that focus on the particular style of dancing, and you will learn how to combine new techniques towards your forte. 

Dance courses and classes may generally fall in these three major areas of performance : 

Dancing - students will learn different forms of dance from an experienced professional dancer or instructor, including modern dance, ballet, hip hop, jazz, and more.

Vocals - it can be a key element of many performances, so students take courses that will teach them to organize vocals when practising their routines accurately. 

Acting - dancing is not only about copping the right techniques and moves. It includes facial expressions and how you conduct essential character to an overall effect of your performance. Students will learn how to act while dancing. 

Universities and Courses 

  • Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario - Diploma in Dance Performance
  • The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba - Bachelor in Theatre & Film: Dance Program Stream
  • Vancouver Community College, Vancouver British Columbia - Dance Diploma 
  • Concordia University - Bachelor of Fine Arts with Concentration in Temporary Dance
  • Ryerson University - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance - Dance
  • Simon Fraser University - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance 
  • The University of Winnipeg - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film - Dance Major
  • University of Calgary - Bachelor of Arts in Dance
  • Western University, University of Western Ontario - Bachelor in Dance - Minor
  • York University - Ph.D. in Dance Studies/ MFA in Dance/ MA in Dance/ Certificate in Dance Science/ BFA in Dance/ BA in Dance Studies

Dance Performance Opportunity for Students

  • Students Choreography Showcase
  • Mainstage Production
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations 
  • Informal Repertory Showings
  • Elective Class Showings
  • Choreography Workshops 

Full Term Classes

  • Term 1 - 15 weeks
  • Term 2 - 15 weeks
  • Term 3 - 10 weeks
  • Summer Term - 5 weeks 

Canada dance courses prices will reduce when there are holiday closures. 

Multiple Class Discounts 

These are open for students who are in full-term classes

Multiple Class Discounts for 15 weeks term

  • 2 classes - $30 discount
  • 3 classes - $95 discount
  • 4 classes - $120 discount

Multiple Class Discounts for 10 weeks term 

  • 2 classes - $20 discount
  • 3 classes - $63 discount
  • 4 classes - $86 discount

Multiple Class Discount for 5 weeks term

  • 2 classes - $10 discount
  • 3 classes - $32 discount
  • 4 classes - $44 discount

Multiple Class Discounts are only available when classes are taken all together in the same term. 

Summer Dance Programs

Canada provides leading dance summer training. It is ideal for students interested in commercial dance classes along with acting for the camera, tap, jazz,urban dance styles, and hip hop. Summer dance classes are for students with a strong technical background in dance and those who want to develop into contemporary ballet, improvisation, modern dance, and choreography.

Career Opportunities in Dance

Career Opportunities in Dance
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These are some of the ideas of the potential dance degree jobs that you can have after graduation. Some choices are more specific in your dance career options. Some of them may demand additional preparation or education in the form of professional formative exams and courses, graduate studies, and experiential learning. 

These are : 

  • Stage Crew Manager
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Stuntperson
  • Theatre Administrator
  • Non-profit Administrator
  • Performer
  • Producer
  • Special Effects Consultant
  • Media Correspondent
  • Music Industry Consultant
  • Non-profit Administrator
  • Performer
  • Producer
  • Editor/Publisher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Film Researcher/Consultant
  • Fundraiser for the Arts
  • Journalist
  • Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Dance Studio Owner
  • Designer
  • Director
  • Editor/Publisher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Film Researcher/Consultant
  • Fundraiser for the Arts
  • Dance Studio Owner
  • Designer
  • Director
  • Editor/Publisher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Film Researcher/Consultant
  • Choreographer
  • Critic
  • Curator
  • Dance Instructor
  • Dancer
  • Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Acting Coach
  • Actor
  • Art Gallery Director
  • Broadcaster
  • Casting Director


Being familiar in the industry and knowing how to excel in your dance career after receiving your dance degree is essential for future success. University study helps you to prepare for the factors that you will need to enhance and develop to understand your career path. 

Professional associations, organizations, and networks will help you deeply understand and be knowledgeable of the field you have chosen through excellent training. Everytime you dance you become the best  version of yourself.

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