Deciding to become an Arabic teacher is a bold step to take, especially if Arabic is not your native language. However, there is a big puzzle that many language enthusiasts, including those who are interested in learning Arabic, try to resolve – what price to charge for an Arabic lesson?

If you want to teach the Arabic language in Canada, you might be interested in knowing:

  • Whether there are different rates in each province
  • Whether a teacher should charge less when tutoring kids
  • There are many modalities to be followed before tutoring.
  • Is there an association you should be part of before tutoring in Canada?

This guide will help you find reliable answers to these questions and shed more light on the entire concept of teaching Arabic in Canada.

Everything You Should Know About the Price of Arabic Lessons

The price of Arabic teaching is highly dependent on several factors. From the teacher’s location, the student’s level to the type of lessons to be taught, the price for a lesson varies and changes randomly.

`In Canada, many Arabic teachers combine traditional classroom teaching with online coaching. At the same time, most of these teachers teach part-time to supplement their income from other sources.

Suppose you decide to register with a tutoring agency or an online platform that hires Arabic tutors for students interested in taking Arabic courses at various levels. In that case, you may have to pay a certain percentage of your income per lesson as a fee to the agency.

Such fees can be as much as 20% because the platform is responsible for connecting you to your desired students. In most platforms, an Arabic teacher is mandated to offer their first lessons free as an incentive to help the student get the most from each class. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn more about the modus operandi of the platform you intend tutoring on before anything else.

There are other essential points you need to consider and know before you can fix your rate as an Arabic teacher in Canada. You also need to evaluate each lesson's value before fixing a rate that would be acceptable to the students. Follow these tips to help you determine a possible price.

  • Get information about the price of other teachers in your province

Look around your city or province to get an idea of what others charge per hour of teaching Arabic. If possible, find out from the tutors themselves via online forums and other places where such issues are discussed.

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You need information about the prevailing rates of Arabic lessons in your province.
















What method of teaching do they adopt, and how do they charge their students? You may notice that some charge high rates than the price you have in mind to charge. This shouldn’t bother you. You can also evaluate each lesson's content and their duration to see whether it could be the reason for the high fee.

  • Organise the content of your lesson

It’s essential to evaluate the content of your lesson before offering your service as an Arabic teacher. It is also recommended to teach an area of Arabic that you are highly knowledgeable in to ensure you deliver quality content at all times.

Ensure you evaluate your lesson's content and plan how you will deliver them to the student subsequently. More importantly, ensure each lesson’s content is worth the rate you charge for it. That way, students will see high value in each lesson and easily hire you to teach them Arabic.

  • Create enough value for each lesson

However, you plan to deliver your lesson; it’s vital to ensure each lesson has enough value and created for the user benefit. Remember that students hope to get good value for their money when they hire you for Arabic lessons. If you pack each lesson with more than enough value, you can quickly get your name out there as a competent Arabic teacher and fix your rates as you like without thinking whether it’s too high or too low.

  • Strike a balance

Before you begin teaching Arabic properly as a tutor, ensure your lesson is perceived as less costly and of higher value. That way, you will be able to strike a balance and understand how the mechanism of teaching prices works in your location.

What To Consider Before Fixing Your Rates

Arabic teachers enjoy the flexibility of fixing their prices. But you should know that there are lots of factors that you should consider before you fix your rates in Canada. Let’s explore some of them.

  • The frequency of each Arabic lesson

Many Arabic teachers offer a discounted price for Arabic lessons if they will be teaching the student for several months. Many students take several years to learn the language thoroughly and communicate with it fluently. Therefore, many seek a tutor with whom they can build a relationship over a long period.

Arabic lessons usually take more time to teach than English due to the complexity of the language. If you have classes several times in a week, ensure you talk with the student about other associated costs such as commuting to their residence (for home lessons) or communicating via online platforms. These should influence how you fix the price per lesson.

  • The level of education of the student

It would help if you decided whether you will be tutoring students at elementary school, high school, or university. This should influence your price too. Many students have little knowledge of the Arabic language. They are just looking for a teacher to help them develop their understanding of the language.

You have to decide on the level of the student you can teach Arabic. Source: Unsplash

These students will be easier to teach than those who intend learning from scratch and may not even understand a single word in Arabic. Many teachers charge higher rates for beginner lessons because of the amount of work they would put into each lesson.

  • Teaching style adopted

On average, Arabic lessons pay a median rate of $25 in Canada, which is even cheaper than many other courses such as music and English. Suppose you wish to enroll in a certified tutoring body like Superprof. In that case, you should consider other factors, such as the method of delivering each lesson and whether or not you will be hired outside of your province.

Most teachers offer to teach students in small groups. This should reduce the rate you charge for each lesson. Many students opt for group lessons because they have a low budget. And many teachers choose to teach in groups because it allows them to make more money.

  • Location

Do you intend to teach students in your province or plan to travel if the need arises? It would help if you decided on how far you can go to teach an Arabic course. If you have the chance to travel often, you may decide to increase your rate above-average to cater to the cost of traveling to meet the student and other inconveniences. The cost of transportation is higher in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Facts You Should Know About Arabic Teaching

Before you begin teaching, ensure your academic qualification is in line with the Arabic language. It’s vital to have more experience (usually a few years) about the language than your student. When you offer tutoring to graduate students, ensure you specialise in a specific aspect of the language such as Arabic literature or Arabic dialect. It’s important to let your student know whether you will teach anything different from the modern standard Arabic. If yes, then you could charge a higher rate per hour for each lesson.

If you plan to charge higher than the average price for each Arabic lesson, ensure you pack each lesson with the value that will make the student see reasons to hire you for subsequent lessons. Will you be teaching the conversational vocabulary of the Arabic language? Ensure you explain what the student should expect from each lesson.

As much as it’s essential to identify your target audience and fix the price according to a location in Canada, you should remember that many Arabic teachers fix their rate based on their education level. Suppose you have a degree in Arabic studies and some years of experience teaching the language. In that case, you will find it more palatable to charge a higher than average rate, especially if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, where the costs of tuition are on the high side.

Find out more about how to become an Arabic teacher in Canada.

You may need some resources if you plan to take private Arabic lessons. Source: Unsplash

It’s is also ideal for estimating the number of weeks it will take a beginner to complete Arabic lessons. For instance, if it will take 80 weeks, you could split the learning process into several modules and offer them as packages or give discounts per lesson.

Finally, it would help if you decided whether to focus on private coaching, online lessons, or traditional classroom learning. Also, determine whether you will be teaching the introductory courses in Arabic language or advance lessons for those who already understand Arabic vocabulary to an extent.

In general, you should expect to charge between $15 to $50 per hour for each Arabic lesson, irrespective of how you choose to teach this fantastic language in Canada. And when you eventually fix your price per hour, nothing should stop you!

Get ready to organise your lesson and teach like a pro!

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