Dancing is one of those human attributes that you can't just do without. And when it's kids pulling off one hell of a move, it's even more enjoyable. Actual music isn't even necessary to dance. You can move your body to any tune in your head.

If your child has been displaying moves at home, whether to music or not, I think it's time you harnessed that inner power and make a better dancer of them. Asides from the chance of being a better dancer, other perks come with dancing, and they include an improvement of body coordination, strength, and flexibility. They also get to enhance their social skills when they enroll in dancing classes.

However, there's a difference between dancing by moving your body to the tune of music and dancing to execute specific moves to perfection. Dancing doesn’t matter if it doesn’t hold appeal like a painting on the wall. So, if you want your kid to be the center of attraction, you need to enroll them in a class.

Learn everything about dance lessons for kids.

There are different classes out there, all of them meant for your kids. However, you need to know where your child would be going before you put them in a class. You will be comfortable knowing that they’re in a suitable class.

We don't know whether to thank Disney for making happy fantasies out of ballet dancing or the elaborate operas that make it such a profound attraction. Regardless of who we owe gratitude to, wouldn't your child love to be the next Little Princess, the next Ballerina? Wouldn't you love to see them move on their tiptoes like they weighed nothing, leap into the air, and twirl endlessly?

Both children and adults can learn ballet dance. Source: Pixabay

There's no doubt of the ballet's classical nature. Seeing your child in her dress and dancing shoes will command no small measure of pride and respect. Also, the dance training hones and improves your child's body coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.

See how to teach kids dance skills.

It also increases their muscle memory as they have to imbibe the workings of several moves to perform them without thinking. These attributes are necessary if your child is to be a successful ballet dancer.

If your child decides to make a career path of ballet dancing, they can go up the ladder when they are aged twelve or older.

Regardless of if they decide to carve career paths out of it or not, your child will not leave a ballet dancing class the same way they came. The benefits are just too exigent.

  • Tap Dancing

This type of dance delineates itself from others by being a dance and a musical instrument simultaneously. With your feet and special shoes fitted with metal taps, you can create musical sounds while dancing.

Do you have a child who has so much energy to burn? Maybe they can play and talk for the whole day and don't seem to understand languages associated with rest? Then, tap dancing could be the perfect class for them. They can burn all that energy into trying to create something beautiful with their feet. With a dance such as this, rhythm and movement is critical.

Your child will learn about harmony and how to move to create such harmony. Their performance also comes into account as there is no dancing without that.

Tap dancing is a fun ride, and a child with the energy to burn will paint the whole place red.

  • Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is like ballet dancing being that they share classical roots. However, the technique is different. This is the kind of dance Cinderella favorites will find familiar. However, there doesn't need to be a mark of familiarity to excel in it. Every child will do remarkably well in it when they learn the techniques involved. Ballroom dancing will enhance your child's social skills and how they act and cohabit with others as it's a dance type that requires a partner.

Ballroom dancers
Ballroom dancing is one of the dance types that requires a partner. Source: Pixabay

With the kind of traction the hip-hop music genre has globally, it would be downright shocking if the dance counterpart weren't just as famous. It's now one of the marks on the scale used to measure how cool a child is. It's also an excellent way to make your child exercise and have fun as hip-hop dance moves are more expressive. Like all dances, it's also got its technique, which involves movement from all the body parts.

Your child can also make a career in hip-hop dancing if it sticks that hard. Otherwise, it could be a whole lot of fun in passing.

  • Jazz Dancing

The hallmark of jazz dancing is the amount of improvisation involved. It's energetic, if not more, than hip-hop dancing. It consists of a lot of movement that a spirited child will match without qualms. One good thing about jazz dancing is that there are not too many techniques in the books, so your child doesn't have to be exact on playing by the books. They can bring in some styles of their own, you know, be themselves while dancing.

  • Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern Dancing

The lyrical or contemporary dancing style involves a lot more thought than others on this list. Every dance skill is subject to interpretation and is part of a larger picture, which is the story the dance intends to portray. It's a fusion of different styles of classical dancing, including ballet. Where there are different types of dancing in one, there's also a multitude of dance techniques.

This type of dance cranks up your child's flexibility, strength, and body coordination. It doesn't just work on their bodies alone; it also works on their minds. It hones and sharpens their concentration as they try to connect every dance step to a related story. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Well, your children are more capable of a lot of stuff than you think they are. Their ability to soar in flying colors in the modern dancing class will amaze you. There are already scores of kids in this dance class, and your child can be one of them.

  • Musical Theater Dancing

This type of dancing is like killing two birds with one stone. If you've seen Hamilton, the 2020 remake that wowed everyone, then you'll be familiar with this. If your child has a flair for acting and dancing, then there's no class better suited than the musical theater dancing class.

They'll get to dance, act, and sing at the same time. Therefore, your kids aren’t just enhancing their strength, flexibility, and coordination. They're also honing their vocal skills and showcasing their talents. In this dance class, there's no excuse for your child not to be the center of the spotlight. There's more than one skill here. If they don't dazzle for the dancing, they will for the acting or singing.

  • Combo Dancing

Even with all the dance classes listed, finding a branch for your child to perch can be pretty tricky. If you've found yourself in a situation like this, you know just how it can be. You don't need anyone telling you. However, combo classes are designed especially for kids who have difficulty finding a dance class.

Combo classes involve more than one dance type – ballet and jazz, for instance, or ballet and tap. Your child can practice all dance types available in the class until they find one that sits better with them.

How To Choose Dance Styles for Your Kids

Sometimes, children are too quick to decide for themselves. From their gut, they know what they want, and they stick with it. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how smart they are. It's a phenomenon. But what happens when your child hits a crossroad and doesn't know which way to go?

If your child doesn't know what dance style to learn, you're at full liberty to help them pick one. But there are things to consider if you don't want your child coming back and whining about being in the wrong class.,,

A child
It's important to evaluate your child's interests and needs before enrolling them for dance lessons. Source: Pixabay

Your child's vitality should be a significant determinant when looking for a suitable dance class. Some dance classes require more physical activity than others. And if your child is the sulky, quiet, and reserved type, energetic dance classes are just not for them.

After you've gauged their vitality, you should consider specifics like how inclined they are to the dance techniques involved in the different dance types. If your child is the spontaneous type, the one who doesn't play by the rules and thinks out of the box very often, then they should try jazz and hip-hop dance classes.

If they have a knack for learning and mimicking dance techniques accurately, they should try the classics since they have a complete dictionary of dance moves and techniques. If they like making emblematic movements or singing, they could try out the contemporary dancing or musical theater dancing classes.

It can be hard trying to find a class for your kid, but it's not impossible. It's also okay to let your child try out different dance classes in the bid to find the right one. It's not a crime to fail on the path to perfection. Do you want the best for your child? It comes with a cost. See how to find the best dance lesson for your child.

Your child will have to pay the price for being a good dancer when they eventually get into a dancing class. You need to play yours by making sure you help them find the right dance type.

Read this article to know how to find dance classes for kids.


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