As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Whether it be a good education, a good job or just being happy. It can be hard to see them go through struggles as they grow older especially in their teens. Often teens are faced with the incredibly difficult decision of deciding on their career.

It’s a big choice deciding on your career and it’s something teens think about as soon as they're in grade 9. They have to decide the career they want to pursue. That career their picking is going to reflect their next couple of years and will dedicate what events will transpire. Teens will have a tough time making a decision. They're still figuring out who they are and now they need to decide what career they want to pursue. As their parent, you were in their shoes once. You had the same feelings and we’re likely looking for answers. Now, is the time to step in and help with your teen's career choice. There are several things you can do to help put them in the right direction.

Offer advice to your teen to help them with their career choice. Source: Sharon Mccutcheon, Pexels
Offer advice to your teen to help them with their career choice. Source: Sharon Mccutcheon, Pexels

Resources to Help Your Teen

Before we get into what you can do as a parent, we think it's important to have your teen be able to reach out to different sources if they need the help. For instance, you may not have the answers for everything but a professional can. There are several resources you give to your teen to help them find the right career path.

Career Counsellors - Career counsellors can help your teen find the right career for them. They have a long list of information about all sorts of careers. You teen can learn more and ask any questions that are a concern. Career counsellors also will help them put the right steps in place to reach their goals.

Guidance Counsellors - They can be another great resource. They are like career counsellors but they can also help with any personal issues. Like maybe they need extra help in school or felt lost or alone. they can help them overcome these challenges. They’ll also be able to work with them in finding the right path and developing the steps needed to succeed.

Supeprof - They are a tutoring platform, but they have tutors in many different areas that are trained in helping teens. Superprof has personal development coaches, life coaches and they offer tutoring sessions for a variety of subjects. Superprof tutors all have the experience and knowledge to help your teen in the best way possible. They have 100s of coaches across Canada. Support also offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn when you want to learn.

As you know your teen can be hard to reach sometimes. They're just at the age. We were all like that at some point around our parents. Having these resources available for them will give them the options if they're looking for career help. You can point them in the right direction.

Career advisor and other professionals can assist your teen in their career choice.
Career advisors and other professionals can assist your teen in their career choice. Source: Gustavo Fring, Pexels

How to Help Your Teen With Careers?

As a parent, what role do you play in helping your teen with their career choices? The answer to that question will vary. Some parents may not see the significance of helping their teens with their career choices, while others want to fully engage. The best answer can be helping your teen decide. They're going to have a lot of questions about careers whether there asking you or not. You can speak with them about your experiences and anything else that will help them in their decision. Here area few things to keep in mind when speaking to your child about careers.

Open Minded - You want your teen to feel like they can share their thoughts and ideas with you. Parents will most likely have their own ideas about what their teen should do, but their teen's ideas may be different. You can bring up your ideas for careers but you can't force them to pursue something and you shouldn't dismiss their ideas. If you're unsure about how to be open-minded with your teen read this article here.

Support - Providing your teen with support in their choices or ideas is beneficial. We always want the best for our teens. If they're struggling or having a hard time in school or deciding on careers, you want them to feel comfortable talking about things with you. Then you can provide support for them.

Communication - Communication goes with everything when talking about careers with your teen. You want them to be able to feel comfortable speaking with you about careers. Even if your teen is not asking about careers you can let them know you are there to help. Communication also means the conversation needs to be equal. You need to be able to your teen and respond accordingly.

Education - Some parents may feel the need to not be involved in their teens' education, but by not being involved you don't know when they need help. It's important to stay up to date on their grades, assignments and projects. If you do notice your teen is struggling in school you can help them improve by assisting them or hiring someone like a tutor to help.

Sharing Experiences - Sharing your experiences with your teen can help them make an informed decision about their career choices. As a parent, you were in their shoes once and you have lots of life experience around your own career choices. Sharing your experiences can really be helpful to your teen.

The key takeaway to helping your teen with their career choice is letting them know you there for them. It's also important when you do have the conversation about careers you'll provide support and be open-minded about their career choices. At the end of the day, you want what's best for your teen.

Be open-minded when listening to your teen talk about careers.
Be open-minded when listening to your teen talk about careers. Source: Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Provide Career Advice For Your Teen

Having a conversation about careers is an important conversation to have with your teen. They may not be asking about careers, but as a teen, it's definitely something they're thinking about. Most teens start thinking about careers in high school. They have to figure out the path for them after high school and deciding on a career is part of the process. You can help them find the right career choice or give them the resources to help them succeed.

If you're unsure of what to say or how to ask you can use a professional to help your teen. There are career advisors, educational guidance counsellors and a number of other services that can assist your teen. They're faced with a big decision of deciding on a profession, as a parent you can help guide them in the right direction and offer support. After all, you were in their shoes once and have lots of life experience to offer. Remember, when having a conversation to keep the things we mentioned above in mind such as being open-minded, understanding, and supportive. Your teen will appreciate your advice.

Giving your teen career advice can bring up some challenges. We have created a number of articles around these topics that help you in offering career advice for your teen. Check these articles out below.



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