Our world is continually changing and hyper-connected. Learning a foreign language can bring immense benefits and help you to stay informed in a fast-changing world. More so, it fosters professional and personal growth in all ramifications.

If you have discovered the need to learn a second language, we would like to say “congratulations.” But how do you know the one that is worth investing your time in, especially now that time is a highly valuable resource and needs to be allotted to only productive ventures?

We aren’t trying to say that learning some languages aren’t worth your time, but the needs of every student differ.

Therefore, it’s vital to evaluate your needs and circumstance to enable you figure out the specific language that will benefit you the most at this time.

Arabic is a rich language that is honored among different nations of the world. Its history is complex; it is spoken by more than 2 billion people globally and represents the lingua franca of the Arab world. It’s the official language of countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, UAE, Iraq and Syria. See how long it may take to learn Arabic in Montreal.

The world of Arabic is broad and involves different paths. Source: Unsplash

Arabic courses are available in many colleges and universities across Canada. There are many reasons why you should dive deep into the Arabic world and learn this superb language. Let’s explore some of them.

Why Learn Arabic

If you can speak and write Arabic fluently, your language skills are highly valued in places where the knowledge of Arab is in high demand. Below are some reasons why you should consider learning Arabic.

  • There is a high demand for Arabic speakers globally

In many places in Canada, some jobs are most suitable for Arabic speakers irrespective of their qualification. You could avail yourself of such jobs if you are a fluent Arabic speaker in Canada.

  • Learning Arabic is necessary for understanding Islam

Culture, language and religion are intertwined together. If you are keen to know more about Islamic beliefs and traditions, then, knowledge of Arabic is highly recommended. You can’t learn one of them without the other. Arabic is the language of the Islamic religion which is considered as the largest religion in the world after the Christian religion. Read about where you can find affordable Arabic lessons in Toronto.

  • Explore Arabic speaking countries easily

If you have itchy feet and love adventure, then, you should seriously consider studying Arabic. Travelling opens the gateway to many opportunities, and if you could communicate in Arabic fluently, then, you are in for a real deal, especially in countries where Arabic is their primary language.

  • Become an Arabic tutor

All over the world, Arabic tutors earn fair pay and some even heck a living out of it  they do it as a full-time job. If you decide to pursue a career in Arabic teaching and make it a life-long commitment, be assured that you aren’t going to regret your decision.

The possibilities you have with this career option is limitless.  Arabic tutors earn good average salaries as many of them combine online tutoring on prominent sites such as Superprof with traditional lessons in a college or university. Whichever route you take, always know that your language skills will always be in high demand anywhere.

  • The Arabic language is beautiful

it is mostly said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may think something is beautiful, but another person may think otherwise. The Arabic language is not an exception. Arabic is the language of the Quran and the foundational language on which the Islamic religion is built. To the Muslim faithful, Arabic is a beautiful language.

While speaking the language, you can easily switch between words effortlessly. The language is mathematically structured in a manner that makes it easy to learn the basics.

Another way the Arabic language is beautiful is poetry. Arabic poetry has a special musical rhythm. Many Arabic language learners fall in love with its magical tones and understand the basics easily. Indeed, Arabic is beautiful.

How Can You Learn The Arabic Language?

Arabic is a complex language for many learners because of its diction and the way certain words are pronounced, which are entirely different from English. This is not to say that you can’t learn the language successfully, but to aid your learning process and ensure you don’t waste your time to master sentence construction and other aspects of learning a new language, you need just four things. They are time, dedication, resources and a competent Arabic tutor.

people walking
You can not learn Arabic by watching movies alone. Source:Unsplash

It’s impossible to learn the language by watching movies that uphold the Islamic religion or reading novels written in Arabic and English. That is why we recommend you hire a private tutor that will teach you all you need to know about the language and help you as you take baby steps, crawl, walk and finally begin to run.

Now that you know what Arabic learning entails, you are probably ready to dive in and begin this exciting journey of learning a unique language like Arabic. Let’s explore where you can learn the language across Canada. Discover how you can learn Arabic in Calgary.

Arabic Lessons in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and ranked as the fourth largest city in North America. It’s a highly bilingual city, which means it welcomes people from all races, religion, and languages. Little wonder why the Arabic language is one of the most popular languages in the city with its speakers running into millions after the English language. It has the highest recorded population of immigrants and a gross GDP per capital of approximately $58,000. With a gross population of more than 3 million citizens, there are many places to learn Arabic in this beautiful city. Some of these places include:

  • University

The University of Toronto offer courses in the Arabic language for all levels. So whether you are learning to break the ice at your workplace, give yourself an edge as you tour different Arabic speaking nations, or help you learn more about the Arabic religion – Islam. You will find various courses that would help you learn easily.

The Arabic courses at the University of Toronto can help you fill your language needs irrespective of your area of interest.

  • Language institutes

Many language institutes in Toronto are established to aid your journey as you take steps to learn a second language. A good example is the institute of the Language of the Quran based in Toronto, Canada. The school uses videos, books and classes to teach students the Quran’s language from the basics to advance levels.

  • Online Arabic lessons

If you choose to take online lessons for Arabic studies, you will find a plethora of options available in Toronto. One popular online platform for a variety of languages, including Arabic is Superprof. You can easily find many qualified Arabic tutors for online lessons at an affordable cost.

Arabic lessons in Edmonton

Learn the Arabic language in Canada’s most linguistically diverse city - Edmonton. Every year the city welcomes hundreds of immigrants from different nationals, culture and background. According to the 2016 Census, more than 23,000 people are speaking this language.

  • Take Arabic lessons at Language Trainers

You can easily sign up for Arabic courses with this school online. Their teaching style is flexible, affordable and their lessons are suitable for students with no previous knowledge of Arabic. See where you should start from in learning Arabic.

  • Learn Arabic at the University Of Alberta

The university offer bachelors degree program (BA) in Middle East Studies. The courses are meant for students who want to explore the career opportunities, language and culture of the Middle East, which is predominantly Arabic. However, the school requires that a student must have basic knowledge of Arabic before enrolling for its degree program.

Arabic lessons in Vancouver

Located in the Mainland axis of British Columbia, Vancouver is a modern city that attracts millions of tourists every year. And as such, one should expect it to have many options for Arabic lessons.

  • Learn Arabic lessons online in Vancouver

The majority of Arabic studies you would find in Vancouver are online lessons that are designed to suit the busy lifestyle of many of its citizens. Many platforms offer online tutoring to those who are interested in taking Arabic lessons at any stage. One of them is Superprof – the world’s best online tutoring platform.

  • Take Arabic lessons at International House Vancouver

This is a famous Arabic school in Vancouver. They teach in groups and also organise private classes for both children and adults. The school focuses on building a strong foundational knowledge of modern Arabic so you can easily converse with native speakers.

Arabic lessons in Montreal

If you are searching for Arabic lessons near me in Montreal, you should worry less because you have more than enough options on your plate already. Whether you want to hire an online tutor or you prefer to commute to classes when needed, there are many schools you can enroll in and begin learning almost immediately.

Montreal is one of the easiest places to learn a second language. Source:Unsplash
  • Learn Arabic at Multi-Language Café

This school is located at various coffee shops across Quebec, including Montreal. The school teaches students the Arabic language online and offline in small groups to enable proper concentration. Courses range from beginner to advance levels.

Discover more options for learning Arabic.

  • Concordia University

The Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics of the Concordia’s University offer minor certification programs in the Arabic language. However, you must meet the school’s admission requirements to become eligible for the program.

Learning a new language is not difficult if you can take the first step. Irrespective of your location in Canada, you can enroll for an Arabic lesson and begin this exciting journey.

Discover Arabic lessons in Edmonton.


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