France is not just a beautiful place for the people who speak French, but for tourists globally. There are several reasons why people want to have a feel of this amazing country. Some come here to explore the many beautiful places, and for others, they come for a romantic experience.

Some desire to come to France to meet new people, explore new places, and even learn the French language. How about getting a Paris experience? That's another reason why you may want to consider a trip to the beautiful country of France. Paris is said to be the richest city globally with such a luxurious lifestyle, expensive jewelry shops, and a lot more. See more facts about France.

France is known for its beautiful serene and environment. Source: Unsplash

While there are several discussions around France and the desire to come and spend some time here, many people don't see the need to carry out research. When traveling to the United Kingdom, United States, or even Canada, you find people running a background check on places to go to and things to do. However, with France, they take what they hear on the face of it. Though great, that isn't the best thing to do, especially when traveling for a particular activity.

There is a lot more about this French-speaking country than the grandiose lifestyle, amazing architecture, and world-class restaurants. You have to take out time to study the average way of life of the French people, how to greet people you meet, and some basic conversation terms.

Most importantly, you should know how to create a good first impression, and that starts with you knowing that the French people value respect. One way they feel respected is to be greeted in French. So, learning basic French greetings before stepping your feet in France is vital, as it will help you create a good and lasting first impression.

To help your France research before planning a trip there from Canada, Superprof provides you with some facts you may not know about France.

Reading about the French culture, you must have come across how much French people love cheese. Yes, and you might be thinking it's a cliché, you're mistaken. Cheese is not just one of the many foods you will find in France; it is their favorite.

Virtually every restaurant here offers high-quality cheese. If you're not a lover of cheese, then you should be bracing up for some discomfort. On the other hand, if you're a cheese lover, then be rest assured that French people love them more!

It is said that there are over 1200 variations of cheese produced in France every year; that's a lot.

  • It is illegal to throw out or burn food in France

Having lived in Canada for a while, you must have heard that it is illegal to give out leftovers. This same rule applies to the United States, where grocery stores are banned from giving out leftover foods, and it doesn't matter whether the food is still in good condition or not.

France takes a different turn from this rule. If you are caught throwing out or burning food in France, you will have to face the wrath of the law, and that is not a good place to be. This full banning of the disposing or burning of illegal food came to effect in 2016.

The people of France are to gather leftovers and make them available to those who are in need. That's more like creating a communal experience in a liberal society.

There are many fun facts about France you should know. Source: Unsplash
  • French people value their sleeping time

If you've ever lived in Canada, you will know that Canadians are very busy people who are always about their business or trying to keep up with an activity. The French people do all of these but not to this degree. While Canadians are all about work, the people of France are in bed getting good sleep.

Getting regular sleep is vital to living a healthy and wealthy life. The people of France understand the value of sleep and sleep for approximately 8 hours a day. A decision to travel to France is a decision to get a lot of sleep.

  • The Eiffel Tower is named after Gustave Eiffel

One of the popular attractions in France is the Eiffel Tower. In your study about France, you must have heard a thing or two about this place. After it was completed, this now popular tower was said to be ugly. Despite all the many bashings of this tower, the man who designed it took all the blame for it. His name is Gustave Eiffel, and the tower was named after him.

He is dead now and does not know that the then ugly Eiffel tower is now one of France's most outstanding sights.

At the beginning of this article, we mention how the French people are respectful. They love to be respected, and one way they do that is through greetings. However, as a newcomer to this region, it is essential that you understand some French language, even if it's just the basic greetings.

Greeting the people of France in a language other than French sounds disrespectful to them and creates an impression of you that is not so good. Besides learning the basic greetings, you should also learn to say "I'm lost" in French. You may need this when navigating through the busy city of France.

  • France isn't a French word

This fact may sound weird, but it is the truth. France is originally a German word that flows from "Frank," meaning "Free." The word "France" was chosen because it is believed that freedom is vital to its progressiveness and excellence.

Ancient buidling
France was a formidable force centuries ago. Source: Unsplash
  • Women in France can now legally wear trousers

For a long while, women in Paris, France, were not allowed to wear trousers as they were dressing like men. Those who have to wear trousers need to seek permission from the police to state why they want to. Upon receipt of this application, the police determine whether or not to grant permission.

For many years, this law was seen as outdated and unfavorable to women. In 2013, the government of France took a bold step to update this law by revoking that clause. Now women in Paris can wear what they want without seeking permission.

  • France invented the concept of a decimal system

The imperial method of measurement appears to be a more popular means of measuring. It uses miles, inches, and Fahrenheit. However, a new system of measurement was developed by France, known as the decimal or metric system.

This decimal system was introduced by Vicar Gabriel Mouton of St. Paul's Church in Lyons, France. Unlike the imperial system, it uses kilometers, centimeters, and Celsius. Knowing this difference will come in handy for you when seeking directions in France.

  • You will find art everywhere in France

One of the many things France is known for is the availability of several museums that house some of its famous arts. Many of the world-renowned art pieces are located in popular museums in France. However, beyond having these museums, you will also notice that there are several art pieces outside the museum.

It appears that whether it is a restaurant, banking hall, or some government-owned institution you're going to, there are several pieces of art there. With France, it's an art galore, and it will interest you to know that some of the best artworks aren't even in the museum.

A classic example is the Lascaux Caves located on the French walls of stones. This piece of art is an expression of what the world was like many years ago. The numerous artworks around France increase its aesthetic appeal and overall excellence.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was born in France

The name Napoleon Bonaparte is a popular name among many scholars. He is regarded as one of the most influential French icons that ever lived. Beyond the many achievements of Napoleon during his lifetime is the beauty of his birthplace - Corsica.

Corsica is located on the luxurious French Island around the Mediterranean Sea. This place reels of sophisticated architecture, water in its purest form, and many colors that spark up the island. If you're planning a romantic vacation to France, Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, should be at the top of your list.

Here are the top 10 facts about France, some of which you might have heard of and others that you're just hearing about for the first time. As a Canadian looking to travel to this beautiful country, it’s vital to know these facts. They will help you relate with the people of France better and ensure that you have a worthwhile stay there.

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