Canadians are known for a couple of things. We love our Tim Hortons. We love our hockey. We have winter all year round according to other countries. We may even ride the occasional polar bear to school. We’re also known for speaking French. French has been part of Canada ever since we’ve become a country. Its culture and language have become prominent all over parts of Canada.

We’ve heard the language and a lot of us even took a class. We start learning French at a young age but many of us don’t continue learning. We either don’t see the value from it. We get de-motivated or simply just didn’t like our teachers. We were forced to learn it as kids and we’ve haven’t thought about it since. But, we bet this isn’t true for everyone.

We have all been around the language. Whether we were standing in line at Tim Hortons, enjoying a night out, or just walking down the street. All of us have applied to jobs and seen “bilingual considered in the asset”. All of us have heard learning French would further our careers. In these moments we wished we understood French or that we could put it on our resume. It’s not too late to learn. Those moments when you were young when you hated sitting in French class. We know these bad moments learning French don’t have to stay bad moments.

We all know the benefits of learning French. These benefits are endless. It doesn’t matter where you live in Canada. The ability to know French is going to enhance your life and expand your career. Living in Canada’s capital imagine the benefits of knowing our second official language. Think of the advantage you would have. Or visiting Toronto and being able to partake in the exciting French festivals. Where ever you are located in Canada there are numerous places to be a part of the French community. Now is the best time to Learn.

Explore Canada
Explore Canada. Source: Andre Furtado, Pexels

Learn French in Montreal

Montreal is known for being the most bilingual city in Canada with 58% of its population speaking both French and English. It can be hard living here if you only know English. Living in Montreal does make it the perfect place to learn French because you can take what you’ve learned in the classroom and immediately apply it to the real world.

Montreal offers tons of French courses from beginner to advanced. A great place to start looking is at the Commission scholar de Montreal. They take in more than 10,000 adults each year to learn French. They truly want to help people integrate into the French Community. It would be amazing to experience the French Community in Montreal and experience the culture.

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Learn French in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s busiest cities and extremely diverse. It can be hard to set yourself apart from the crowd when applying to jobs. Learning French can be the solution. Toronto also has some amazing French festivals and events you would get to experience. If that’s not enough to start learning French in Toronto it can be a great way to mix up your busy schedules.

Toronto offers numerous French courses around the city. A lot of places are easily located on a subway station route, which we know is a huge plus. A good place to start is Alliance Francaise. Alliance is known for its great course all around Canada. They have qualified instructors that truly want to help you understand the French Language.

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Metro Station
Metro Station. Source: Margerretta, Pexels

Learn French in Edmonton

Edmonton is surrounded by French culture. They have 4 municipalities around Edmonton that are officially bilingual. Even 1 in 5 Albertans' main language is French. If you’re living in Edmonton, you can’t get away from French. You’ve at one point in your life heard French and we’re guessing you thought to yourself I wish I could speak it. The ability to understand French especially living in a place where you're surrounded by the language can open more opportunities, not to mention the other benefits speaking French can do for you.

A great place to start learning is the University of Alberta. They offer all different classes starting from French 1 (for beginners) to French 5 (for advanced). They focus on conversion skills, as well as reading and writing in French. They run classes throughout the year, which makes them convenient for anybody looking to start soon.

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Learn French in Ottawa

Living in Canada’s capital city, you know the benefits of speaking French. Almost all of the job positions are looking for someone bilingual. This is great for our Francophone neighbours living in Ottawa. But if you don’t speak French this can make it hard when looking for a job. Ottawa also has some amazing French Festivals. One that stands out is the Franco-Ontarian Festival. Every year this event has become increasingly popular and highlights the French community.

If you’re looking for a place to get started try Alliance Francaise We have noted them previously throughout this article, but they're a wonderful place for anybody looking to start learning French. They have highly qualified instructors that share a passion for teaching the language. There most popular class is a 7-8-week part-time period, that would be a great start for anybody looking to get started.

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Learn French in Vancouver

Vancouver has a prominent French community. If you live in Vancouver I'm sure you have heard the language on the sky train or even just walking downtown. Plus, Vancouver has so many French festivals that happen each year it's hard to miss. One of their biggest events is the Vancouver French Film Festival.  It happens every year and it's 10 days of movie greatness. This event truly brings the French community together.

If you're looking to get started learning French in Vancouver a great place to start with is Learn French. They're located right downtown making it accessible for anybody in the area. The focus on teaching beginners French but also offer classes to more experienced French speakers. They have a full team of dedicated teachers that share a passion for the French language.

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Learn French in Calgary

15 percent of Calgary's population is French. That means there's 15 percent of Calgary you haven't gotten to experience yet. Having a prominent French community around you when you're trying to learn French is going to give you a huge advantage. You're going to be able to practice your new skill every day.

To start learning French in Calgary check out the University of Calgary. They have 7 different levels of French courses and you don't have to be a student to enroll. Most people do start at level 1 and progress through each level. You can also join different levels of classes if you have experience speaking French. The university would a great place start to learning French.

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Learn French in Surrey

Surrey offers a lot of great French classes in the area. For some of you, you've been considering learning French for a while. Now is the time to finally sign up for a French class. Surrey has tons of support groups that are full of people willing to help you get better at speaking French.

A great place to get started learning French is Association Francophone de Surrey. They offer lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced French speakers. They focus on getting you to speak French quickly. They have class one night a week making it flexible for anybody's busy schedule.

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It truly is amazing to be able to speak French in Canada. We’ve listed the benefits and have given you the opportunities. Please reach out to any of these places and begin your new adventure into the French Language.

If you’re not located around any of these cities, there is probably a French class close to you. We want everyone to have the ability to speak French. Another option would be hiring a tutor through Superprof. We offer 1000s of different French tutors around Canada. They offer in-person or online sessions, so it doesn’t matter where you are located. We also offer a free session with each of the tutors. This ensures both the tutor and you are a good fit for each other.

You’re Not Forced to Learn French

You’re an adult now, you make your own decisions. Looking back at younger self in that old French classroom, we promise it won’t be like that.  You’re no longer forced to do things you don’t like and you are more aware of good opportunities. Learning is French is a good opportunity. Just imagine the possibilities. You could be working or travelling abroad, making more money, experience more things and have more cultural appreciation.

Travel. Source: Andre Furtado, Pexels

Start Learning French!

“Pour chaque langue Que l’on parle, on vit une nouvelle vie. Celui qui ne connaît qu’une seule langue ne vit qu’une seule fois.” This was a quote by a French proverb. We think it’s very fitting. It means You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once. We sometimes think the world is a small place. A lot of the times we see the world from one perspective. It’s incredible when you start learning a second language. You start to see the world differently. It makes you experience things differently. Most of us have lived in Canada our whole life and have only seen it from our English speaking community, but what if you started seeing it from a French-speaking community. There’s a whole side of Canada you haven’t seen yet. Canada just got bigger.

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