Whether you're an adult learner looking to brush up on your arithmetic, problem-solving math skills or searching for homework maths help for your child, or you study maths and are preparing to sit important maths exams or need a helping hand, the internet is full of useful maths tools for you.

"Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you mine are still greater" Albert Einstein

Are you already taking maths lessons with an online math tutor Toronto?

These days, we find ourselves engrossed in technology, preferring to learn maths through video tutorials and apps on our smartphones. The next level of this kind of learning is online lessons with a one to one tutor!

Online Maths Tutor: All You Need is a Computer and a Webcam

Of course, for distance learning with a private tutor, you'll need a computer with an internet connection, and a webcam with a microphone so you can talk to your tutor.

Your internet bandwidth should be good enough to support this kind of streaming, to avoid buffering or slow file sharing which might waste time during your sessions.

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Having a proper webcam and microphone headset can keep you engaged with your maths tutor
It's worth investing in good equipment to ensure that you make the best use of your time ¦ source: Visualhunt - dgbury

If you're already taking math lessons with an online tutor, you might find it useful to get yourself a headset with a microphone to make communication with your tutor as easy as possible.

These headsets can be bought for around £6-£30 from Amazon and will provide higher quality sound and microphone than those integrated into most PCs, so you can get the most out of your private lessons.

Likewise, if you're regularly taking classes with a private online tutor, you should also think about investing around £20-£50 in a good quality webcam.

Skimping on quality can be counterproductive when it comes to distance learning, which depends on a good level of communication between educator and learner.

So invest in the best to fulfil your potential in understanding triangles, trigonometry, graphing functions, Pythagorean Theorem, quadratic equations, fractions and decimals, long division, algebraic equations and coordinates.

Software to Help You Get the Most out of Your Online Maths Tuition


To give yourself the best chance of success in learning maths online, you need the right equipment!

Skype is a free online communication programme which lets users speak to each other via webcam. It can be installed on a computer or exists as an app that can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone.

All you need to do to start using Skype is sign up with your email address and create a password.

Using Skype via a wifi connection is 100% free

So, if you find a tutor who delivers their lessons via Skype, you can choose to speak to them via audio (like a phone call over the internet) or turn on your webcam if you want to show them your work.

Being able to see your tutor on your screen is the next best thing to real-life in home tutoring services. Your tutor can help you with arithmetic, graphing, algebra, probability, fractions and polynomial equations wherever in the world you both are!

Learning with a private tutor means you can take any maths problem to them, this includes those from school or college.

With Skype, you can drag and drop scanned documents to other users - useful for sharing maths worksheets!

Another big advantage to using Skype for private tutoring is the screen sharing feature, which allows you to show your screen to the other person see your screen if you're working in Microsoft Word, for example.


This free app is popular among smartphone users, who use it to chat using an internet connection rather than phone networks.

It also has many other applications, including being used for online math lessons!

Use programmes such as Skype and WhatsApp to talk to your private tutor and share files
Use IM software to communicate more efficiently with your tutor ¦ source: Visualhunt - arivera

You can use Whatsapp to talk to your tutor and share files, pictures and videos for free, regardless of where in the world you may be.

Although you can use Whatsapp on Mac and Windows PC, you'll need to have the app installed on your smartphone. Make sure that your mobile data plan is big enough to support this too, but if not, you can always connect to a wifi hotspot.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is available if you want to host a video call with your tutor.

Instant message, talk to and see your tutor - just like Skype.

This service can be used via a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Free Software for Learning Maths Online

Maybe you're already aware of the many free, interactive websites dedicated to helping students alongside their studies in school math.

If not, here are a couple of our recommended maths websites which offer free mathematical tools.


GeoGebra brings together algebra, geometry and arithmetic to provide learners with the tools to focus on how mathematical topics are related to each other.

Being able to observe the links between the subjects can be fundamental to a pupil's understanding. This approach allows students to develop a dynamic method to responding to mathematical problems.

Graphic calculator can be pricey, but GeoGebra is completely free to use for all questions relating to calculus and geometry
Use GeoGebra to help you with math questions about integration and differential equations ¦ source: Visualhunt - Internet Archive Book Images

GeoGebra takes a closer look at points on a graph, vectors, segments, straight lines, functions, and cones.

The website provides clever tools which work with variables of a numerical value or in vector notation, find derivatives and integrate polynomial expressions.

It is a well-known and popular tool for those who study maths and even those who work in the field of sciences or engineering.

GeoGebra is a fantastic graphic calculator which helps users get to grips with functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics, and 3D visualisation

This amazing software can be accessed on a computer or downloaded as an app for smartphones and tablets - perfect if you're working through A Level maths test papers and need a graphic calculator handy!

You can also find plenty of helpful video tutorials about how to get the most out of the GeoGebra software on their Youtube channel.


This website offers many useful mathematics calculation softwares including:

  • Calculus equation solvers
  • A graphic calculator for drawing and mapping functions
  • A selection of fun online maths games for kids

Solumaths is aimed at those who study maths in school or at university, providing them with advanced tools for free.

Maths Lessons on Youtube

Many teachers offer free video tutorials on Youtube to help people with their maths.

Some teachers aim to tackle specific topics and approach confusing subjects, while others focus on working through GCSE and A Level exam questions in their math videos.

These YouTuber-teachers cover everything from addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fun math facts to higher level topics such as precalculus, differentiation and integration.

So whether you fancy yourself as a mathematician or would like to revise this way, here are a few YouTuber-teachers you might like:

Mr Barton

Mr Barton caters to students from year 6 to year 13 as well as providing help for teachers, helping them to see the fun side to a subject that is often regarded as boring.

The Youtube channel features a GCSE online question of the week, where maths teacher Mr Barton chooses a tricky question from an OCR, Edexcel, or AQA maths paper and works through a solution step by step.

Mr Barton also has his own website, where topics are organised according to study level and the area of maths, so you can revise specific types of math problems. There are plenty of maths past papers, tips, puzzles, and even maths jokes!

Syed Institute

Just like Mr Barton, the Syed Institute provides its tutorials on its Youtube channel.

This channel provides lessons on specific maths topics as well as solutions to entire maths past papers from various exam boards. Maths videos are sorted into playlists depending on what you're looking for, which makes revision a lot easier.

Youtube is a fantastic way of learning for free through the videos uploaded by teachers
Work through maths questions with the help of maths teachers on Youtube ¦ source: Youtube

So if you've just finished some GCSE or A level maths past papers and want to find the right solutions, this is the channel for you!

UK Maths Teacher and Online Maths Tuition

Ukmathsteacher provides whole video lessons dedicated to specific subjects and qualifications.

The Youtube channel has over 1000 videos to walk you through the kind of maths problems commonly found in maths exam papers from boards such as Edexcel, AQA, MEI, OCR and WJEC, making the channel perfect for exam revision!

Hegarty Maths

Mr Hegarty is another teacher who offers maths help on his Youtube channel, Hegarty Maths.

Content is aimed at KS3 maths, GCSE and A Level students, and is sorted into handy playlists (such as proportion, quadratics, probability and linear equations) so you can easily find the topic you want to work on.

My Hegarty is also keen on sharing his tips on what exam boards are looking for, so you can get used to answering such questions.

The Downside to Studying Maths Online

Even if these many digital math resources are useful for working on maths problems, nothing beats private one to one maths tuition.

Studying in a one on one situation with a competent and qualified tutor by your side can be invaluable when it comes to academic success. Private tutors are able to provide a personalised programme which is tailored to your learning strategies, as they follow your progress every step of the way.

A private tutor can help you overcome mental blocks and obstacles, as well as using your strengths and weaknesses to make sure you have the best chance of success.

There are four major advantages to private tutoring:

  • A reassuring face-to-face relationship between math tutor and tutee
  • Direct communication to express difficulties and solutions
  • Having the full, undivided attention of the tutor (unlike classrooms)
  • A high level of motivation and improved self-esteem

By nature, online private tuition delivered via webcam will always be less effective than face-to-face lessons, as there is still a sense of distance between teacher and pupil.

Nevertheless, this is a fantastic way to connect with a teacher you really like if you can't find one in your area.

However you choose to go about it, finding a private tutor will always be beneficial for the grades and wellbeing of your child!

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