For some reason, we all love hearing music and we all have had at least one instance where we wish we could be playing an instrument. Music is simply amazing and learning to make your music is another amazing talent. The way you can hit any instrument a certain way and it creates a music note and then if you string together more notes you can create something beautiful. Of course, creating something on an instrument is easier said than done. This is especially true for learning to play the drums. 

For drums, it doesn't sound so nice when you're starting, but with a little practice, it goes along way. Starting with lessons is always the best way to start

Playing Drums on Stage
Playing Drums on Stage. Source: Ryan Miguel, Pexels

Why Should You Learn to Play the Drums? 

For some people, they’ve been wanting to play the drums since they were young. They're banging pencils on desks in kindergartner. Now, they want to make some real music. For others, they’ve dreamed of being on stage playing in front of a crowd just rocking out. Lastly, some people may have never even thought about the reasons to play the drum. Regardless of which category you fall into here are 3 good reasons anybody should play the drums.

Physical activity - If you looking for a great way to stay active drums are a great first choice. Drumming burns around 600 calories an hour. Drumming also will build up your arm and shoulder strength. And yes this all from not leaving a chair. It’s possible to have a good time while getting in some physical activity all from doing something you enjoy. 

Entertain people - Creating music always leaves people speechless. If you can sit down and play something you immediately bring joy to others. You could be the person to entertain a crowd, family or a loved one. You can even entertain yourself with the enjoyment of playing.

Cognitive Functions - There have been studies that report playing any musical instrument can improve cognitive functions. This could mean increased memory, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Learning to play the drums is no easy task, but we can guarantee you’ll love doing it. You’ll be able to look back and be glad your able to play. Even the process of learning can be fun. Right now you don't know how to play or you know very little. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to make some beats and see progress. Seeing the progress just makes you want to keep going.

Drumset. Source: Couleur, Pixabay

Why Do You Need Drum Lessons?

Everybody can benefit from drum lessons. From beginner to professionals a drum tutor can help take your drumming skills to the next level along with the so many other benefits. Professional athletes always have a coach. Why does someone at the top of there game need a coach you might ask. It’s because they always want to continuously get better at their sport. The same goes for drummers, you always want to get better. 

Hiring a tutor for your drum lessons can be a great solution for just starting. You may just want to hop on the drum set and start making notes, but this is not the way. Your drum tutor can map out a plan to get you from knowing nothing to being able to create songs. Your drum tutor will be able to assess your strengths and weakness as well. You may be good at creating a rhythm but reading notes may be where you fall short. Your tutor can actively assess your needs and help you learn best. Just think of your tutor as your guide. You just have to show up and put in the effort and your tutor will do the rest. Your tutor will be with you every step of the way. Any questions or problems you run into learning you can immediately get help. 

Altogether your tutor is the best strength you can give yourself when starting. Your tutor is a wealth of knowledge with the ability to get you playing the drums. Wouldn't you want the best opportunity to learning the drums? Of course, you would. 

Why You Shouldn’t Learn Drums Alone?

Living in the age of the internet we can learn almost anything by ourselves. The internet has 1000s of resources on any topic that can help you learn anything. This is why the internet is so great, but this is also the internets biggest problem. With one good resource, there's a 1000 bad resources. This can be impossible to navigate when learning the drums. You won't be able to tell what’s good or bad. Hiring a tutor from the start when learning to play the drums is the best way to learn. 

You don't want to start wrong. Let’s say you start learning wrong from a bad resource online. Then down the road, you learn from a tutor and they say you're playing a note wrong or holding the drum sticks incorrectly. It’s going to be twice as hard to re-learn the proper way. With a tutor can you start off learning the right way. You’ll be setting yourself up for success from the start. The internet can also stop you from learning you may never start. The amount of information online can create fear. You always tend to look for the best way to do something, but you may never find it. This is true for a lot of things. Hiring a tutor you’ll be able to start right away with nothing holding you back.  

Find out more about how to find your ideal drum teacher.

Superprof's Online Tutors

Superprof has 100s of drum tutors in Canada ready to help you learn. Superprof offers lessons in person but mainly focuses online. This means you can learn to play the drums right in your own home. Our drum tutors have spent the years of learning and progressing as drum tutors and now they want to help you. 

Online tutoring can adhere to a lot of people’s needs when looking for a tutor. 3 things that stand out for online tutoring is listed down below. 

  1. Price - The price of an online tutor can be cheaper than traditional in-person tutors. There's no travel or overhead cost required. 
  2. Location - Sometimes there isn't a tutor in your area with online your tutor can be from any part of Canada. 
  3. Scheduling - In-person tutoring can be frustrating to find the perfect time to work with your tutor. Online tutors typically have more flexibility in their schedules which means you can find the perfect time you need. 

You can learn more about superprof tutors and the advantages of online tutoring here. Superprof wants to see all of its students succeed. 

Start Drumming
Start Drumming. musikschule, Pixabay

How to Start Playing the Drums?

You need to make that next step in playing the drums. After reading this article you should be ready to hire a drum tutor. Start by googling Drum lessons near me online or visit the nearest music school. An even simpler method of searching for a tutor is to use Superprof's search bar and type drum lessons. For some added motivation of playing you can hear some of Canada's greatest drummers like Aaron Soloniuk,  Alexandre Erian or Andre Perry. You may even be on that list one day. It’s no longer the time to dream about playing the drum set, now is the time to make its reality. 

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