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Ottawa is the second-largest city in Ontario and fourth in Canada by population. Aside from that, it is also one of the principal advanced technology centres in North America with more than 70,000 high-tech jobs.

As a way to enhance the city’s economy, they are providing high-quality education for their young ones to be able to produce knowledgeable and competitive graduates. These learners will become Ottawa’s next professionals and will give significant contributions to make their economy stronger.

However, because of the high standard educational system of Ottawa,  there are lots of students who are struggling to cope up with their lessons, particularly in Economics. It is where academic assistance and private tutoring are often needed.

Economic Tutoring in Ottawa

Economics is a social science that tackles how people make decisions when it comes to scarcity — these can be family decisions, individual decisions, societal decisions, and or business decisions. In other words, this course covers how people, corporations, and states make a choice regarding the distribution of their capital to sustain their needs and wants.

In addition, these organizations should also make significant decisions on how to adjust and manage economic activities to reach optimal efficiency. With that, you can say that an Economics degree is one of the most crucial courses to take when you reach higher education.

But, despite its difficulty, studying economics can bring a lot of advantages to your life as well as to society. That said, here are some of the benefits you’ll be getting  in majoring economics subject:

  • Majoring Economics provides the preparation for understanding economic problems and issues of extreme importance.
  • A major in Economics provides significant intellectual depth, critical thinking, and an interdisciplinary extent.
  • The Economics major offers you hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Economics courses are great preparation if you want to take up law school.
  • Besides law school, the economics major is also a good preparation if you want to obtain a Masters Degree in Business Administration program or MBA.

To get these benefits you should understand all the necessary lessons of economics as well as its essential areas including macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic theory, international economics, and economic history.

Good thing there are academic assistance and private tutoring available in Ottawa that may help you understand these areas and all the fundamentals of economics. With that said, let’s learn more about the available options for the students to get the academic support they need to pursue a career in economics.

Taking Online Lessons in Economics

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Are you having a hard time grasping your economics lessons at school? If so, you should start looking for academic support that might help you understand inflation, scarcity, production, consumption,  and more in a different approach.

That said, taking online lessons to study the basic areas of economics is one of the great ways to get supplementary lectures in today’s time. In this approach, you can have a chance to get in touch with different tutors around the world even if you’re at home.

With your personal computers or laptops, excellent internet connection, and other necessary tools, you can access the profiles of knowledgeable tutors around Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, and even the mentors outside Canada.

Choose an Online Tutor at Superprof

If you are looking for a great tutor online, Superprof can help you with that. In fact, there are more than 14, 000 economics tutors on their platform who offer services to share their knowledge regarding the different areas of economics.

That said, you can get in touch with tutors who are experts in finance, accounting, macro and microeconomics at A level, and the one who can even help you out with your undergraduate or postgraduate economics degree.

Moreover, almost all the economics tutors at Superprof offer their first session for free, which is a great deal for everyone. However, to choose the one who fits for you, in terms of qualification, prices, reviews, and webcam lessons, you should check the profiles of every tutor listed in this tutoring site.

On top of that, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment that you need for online lessons such as desktop or laptop, high internet connection, headset, web camera, and of course, video conference software.

Private Tutoring Can Be Your Helping Hand

Aside from the university professors and online teachers, a private tutor is also a great helping hand to get through economics courses successfully. They can guide you all the way even in preparing for your examinations and research papers.

Besides teaching on a one-on-one basis, private tutoring also promotes independent learning for their students. In fact, economics tutors will teach you some techniques on how to understand the lessons more easily and will let you do your homework and activities on your own.

However, looking for the right tutor who can teach you the necessary lessons of economics is quite challenging. That said, here are some ways on how to find a great mentor in Ottawa.

Inquire in a Tutoring Agency

If you are looking for a tutor who can guide you to study economics, the primary option you have is to inquire in a tutoring agency. Good thing, there are lots of tutoring agencies not just in Ottawa but also in other Canadian cities such as Montréal and Calgary.

On top of that, the private tutoring organizations in Ottawa are more likely to hire skilled and knowledgeable teachers who have excellent records when it comes to teaching. With that, you can make sure to meet an effective tutor who can give you academic assistance and supplementary lessons.

Ask For Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a trustworthy mentor who can teach you the fundamentals of economics is by asking recommendations from your family, friends, and or the people you know. Perhaps, they know someone who has knowledge about economics or they have someone in mind who is capable of teaching different areas of economics.

Besides that, it is also a great way to ask your classmates or other economics students who are receiving tutoring lessons if their mentors are effective in helping them get academic improvements. If so, you can also get the service of such a tutor because if he or she is effective to them, he or she might also work well with you.

Look Through Web

Busy schedule and upcoming examinations will greatly affect your time in searching for the best tutor in your area. In this case, looking for a private mentor through the web will be your best option. You can simply search for an economics tutor near you using a desktop and internet connection.

The good thing about this approach is it will give you a wider option and provide access to great tutors even from other cities such as in Toronto. However, you should look closely into their profiles to make sure that his or her services are fit for your needs, budget, and schedule.

The Qualities of an Effective Tutor

Ace Your Economics Degree with Asking Assistance From A Qualified Tutor. Source: Pexels.

If you already know where to find the best tutors in your area, you should also have a list of the qualities you are looking for in a mentor. It is essential to make sure that you got the right tutor to help you get through the economics career that you wanted.

That said, here are some of the good qualities an effective tutor must possess in order to help their students learn and cope up with their studies:


An effective mentor must be eager to get the student to his or her targets. If the student fails, the teachers will be the ones who will encourage them to keep trying.

If students feel you're going to give up on them, they will also tend to give up on themselves. A teacher should not be scared of being aggressive because it means keeping the pupil on track. Many students need an additional boost, and watching you put in more time will inspire them to do the same thing.


A good mentor isn't easily irritated. They have to exercise empathy with their students and also recognize that not everyone is taking on those materials easily. In reality, it is most important to be cooperative with the student.

You should be patient and stay cool when the student is anxious. Instead of yelling at them, you should make them feel comfortable and at ease.


Aside from being persistent and patient, a great tutor must also be flexible. He or she must be available during your vacant time and can be able to extend his or her services when your examinations are approaching. It is also important that a mentor has a wide range of knowledge and can teach you the areas of economics that you want to master.

Expert In His or Her Field

Whether you want to master macroeconomics or microeconomics, it is essential to find a tutor that has relevant expertise to the areas that you want to learn. He or she must be able to explain every lesson in the simplest form with confidence and expertise.

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