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Summer Learning 2021

The 2020-2021 school year will be remembered as one of the weirdest for Canadian students, with schools and classrooms opening and reopening in accordance with public health restrictions. As though living through a pandemic wasn’t stressful enough already, students of all ages had to contend with changing learning environments, physical distancing and tragic news headlines […]

5 June 202111 minutes reading time

How can you homeschool your kids?

The Homeschooling Guide

“Equality has a body: free and compulsory education.” - Victor Hugo Would you like to start teaching your children at home? Perhaps you don’t know where to start... There are a lot of questions surrounding homeschooling and you need to know the advantages and disadvantages and how to do it before you even begin. Fortunately, you’re […]

29 March 20216 minutes reading time

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Language and Literacy Support

Literacy is fundamental to being part of our modern world - we need listening, speaking, reading, writing, and media skills to do everything from checking and writing social media posts to following a recipe. If you have ever gotten an email with grammar or spelling errors, the author’s poor writing skills probably distracted you from […]

27 March 20219 minutes reading time

all about virtual learning

All About Virtual Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual learning a household phrase for almost a year now - no one could have predicted the level of disruption the coronavirus would bring to our daily lives. More than an emergency solution, virtual or online school has become a lifestyle and everyday reality for kids all across Canada. It’s […]

25 February 202110 minutes reading time

Get helpful advice and support for parents to ensure that your child is able to succeed at school.

Read articles on bullying, mental health issues, and how to help your kids that are making the transition from primary school to high school.

Find out how to make the most of school holidays and educational activities to do at home with your child.

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Support Your Child In School

Parent involvement is one of the most critical factors in your child’s school success. Research has shown that the more parents play an active role in their children’s education, the more likely students are to achieve higher and have better behaviour and attendance.  Despite the understanding that parent involvement can make a big difference, it’s […]

20 December 20209 minutes reading time

Your little ones might enjoy the challenge of climbing while building confidence

How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

It would be hard to believe that any parent would not want and actively strive for the best where their children are concerned. We don’t mean the right school or the right social contacts though that does play a part – perhaps too large a part in our status-driven society. Nor do we think a […]

10 July 20207 minutes reading time