Academic support is a general term for a wide variety of educational strategies available to help students that need it. These choices offer supportive options that can work seamlessly together to  help you overcome challenges not just in your academic life, but also your personal life. The primary aim of academic support is to see that students meet their challenges and overcome them, empowering them to succeed in their academic career with excellence.

If you are struggling with a lot of stress and anxiety, perhaps low self-esteem and motivation because you are unable to achieve your academic goals then it may just be a matter of getting some extra academic support.   If you have been struggling to succeed in your higher education, options are readily available to help you with improving your situation and whatever challenges you may be having. Reaching out early and finding some extra help is essential to helping you feel better and empowering yourself to achieve your academic goals to succeed.

Now a days, help is readily available,  whether in school or out of school programs, or a combination of both, one on one private lessons or online support.   Let's have a look at some of the challenges that you might be facing and the options available to you.

Make education something that you enjoy again rather than stress over.
Seek some advice from a teacher to find out what options are available for you. Photo Source: Unsplash

Which Organisations Can Help Me?

Many students of all ages, find they may need some extra school support at one time or another. Even if you are a good student, school can sometimes be challenging,  or perhaps your retention of a certain subject is low, leaving you unable to achieve your goals and that may leave you stressed and frustrated.   Then extra school support could be the answer and the key to your academic success.

There could be many number of reasons why you are having a difficult time at school, but understanding the cause of your educational challenges is the first step in solving them and a way forward to helping you reach your full academic potential.

There are many options now available to help students receive extra help, but the most common reasons why a student needs academic support  may be as follows:

  1. Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious and Stressed Out

Struggling students who are unable to keep up with the class no matter how hard they work, and cannot seem to keep up  with the workload, eventually falling farther behind.  It's imperative that you persevere with your learning so it's important that you seek some advice first and foremost from your teacher.    Find out what options maybe available for you at your school. It's also essential that you speak to your parents who can help you find a solution.

Struggling with your education can have a very negative impact, not only on your grades but on your overall development, sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. Getting some extra support to meet any learning challenges that you may be having, can make education enjoyable again rather than something depressing and anxiety driven.

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  1. For A Gifted Student

Are you one of those students who find classes boring or not challenging enough, and that your intellectual development has advanced beyond the capabilities of the other kids around you?  Then you should speak to your teachers to find out if you can transfer to a more advanced level. Enhanced programs for Secondary School students that are more challenging can be an option depending on your school,  like the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate  Diploma.

If there are no other options available to you, try contacting private academic support tutor that can provide a myriad of options. They may be able to put together an advanced curriculum that pushes you a bit further and allows you to reach your maximum potential.

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  1. Disability Support for Students

Learning disabilities are quite common, ranging from simple difficulties to much more complex challenges, depending on the individual child. If you have a disability that is restricting your ability to perform at your full potential then your school may have some options available for you to help you with your studies. Many tutors  are also trained and specialised to help with students who have a disabilities.

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  1. Speaking English as a Second Language (ESL and EAL)

Are you failing your classes because you do not understand English well enough? There are a lot of options available to support you in bringing your English level up to a more proficient level.  Ask a teacher at your school if there are any programs available that can assist you.   You can also work with a specialised tutor who can work with you one on one, and can help give you some study tips and keep you encouraged in your lessons.

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  1. Students With Mental Health Issues

If you are struggling with mental health issues while at school,  it s important to reach out and to speak with your teachers and to let them know what your personal challenges are. They will be able to help create a support system for you that can help you to feel safe and well while you are studying

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Quitting school early can be prevented with proper academic support. Find out the optimal age to find a tutor for your young student!

Every student who requires help will be able to receive it
Many students feel that they need extra academic support. Photo Source: Unsplash

Educational Support Options Available

School is meant to be some of the best years of your life, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful at times.  Academic support can provide the support and a wide range of learning strategies to empower the student and get rid of all the confusion, helping to bring clarity and self confidence to help achieve academic excellence.

Here are some academic support options that can help you feel more empowered as a student;

  1. Classroom Support

Peer Support - Peer mentoring works well in a classroom, pairing a weaker student with a stronger student. The mentoring student can help the weaker student understand concepts better, while at the same time revising their own knowledge. Having a peer tutor can also be beneficial on a personal level, opening up peer interaction and friendships.

  1. In School Support

Study groups - Depending on your school, study groups facilitated by a teacher can be a good support system; these small groups may run before or after school as well, or during lunchtime. This can be an excellent way to receive peer support and a fun chance to review material, while learning team building skills and interactions.

  1. Before and After School Support

Before or After-school programs – These programs usually run on the school grounds and are free for students who may need extra help.  They are run in a wide variety of ways, sometimes with an academic support tutor one on one,  a mentoring study group, or a mix of different programs depending on what your school offers, like study skills or exam preparation programs that may be available to you.

  1. Outside School Support

Local authority – Your local municipality or school board will have options available where you can get extra help with your education. They are a great source for finding out what may be available,  in terms of local funding, mentoring places, counselling programs or other options available locally.

 Tutoring services - Tutoring centres are the best places to assist you in finding a private tutor. Finding the perfect tutor for you can lead to an amazing learning experience and private tutoring has many amazing benefits, Students need to be disciplined and collaborate well with their tutor to get the most out of the service, but these academic advisors are committed to their student's successes and academic excellence.

  1. Holiday Support

Summer school and supplemental courses - supplemental instruction during the summer holidays can help the student catch up or reinforce some challenging topics they may have had during the school year.  Summer programs can help those students who have fallen behind,  or even advance others  coming into the academic year well prepared. Some  summer schools may run their program on campus, with either a formal or a flexible program or schedule.

  1. Technological Support

Online tutoring – Studying academic skills online can be advantageous as you work collaboratively with your tutor to maximise your lessons with greater convenience. Working online may involve one to one tutoring, or within small groups.   Students of any age and level can work with a tutor online,  with the only important technical requirement being a fast speed internet connection.

Peer mentoring works well in the classroom
Educational partnership can be most powerful  when  students collaborate. Photo Source: Unsplash

Whether you are looking for a specific solution for your personal academic challenges or support to complement your academic skills, many organisations and options that can support your academic journey are available.

All you need to do is take the first step by following these tips for selecting your tutor.

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