Despite being taught in schools, there are still challenges around learning English that have forced parents to get additional help for their kids. For those who want to get supplementary learning for themselves, this is mainly because they’re learning English as a second language.

Regardless of the reasons why supplementary English lessons are needed, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you make that decision.

Moreover, there are many ways to learn English and most of these are already steering away from traditional methods. Although, these also come with their own costs.

If you’re hesitant about pursuing private education, we’ve listed down several reasons that might just convince you to get on with it and master the language. Knowing the key qualities of effective tutors might also help you find the right one for your personal goals.

Here’s everything you need to know about learning English in Canada.

Different Ways to Learn English in Canada

Things You Need to Know About Learning English in Canada. Source: Pixabay

There are numerous ways to learn the English language in Canada. Some are free, while some come at a relative cost. Currently, the two most popular methods in Canada are learning in English language schools or through private tutoring.

Since students tend to study English on its own, more and more courses are tailored to just discuss the basics of the language up to the more advanced levels.

Some notable institutions for English lessons are the following:

University of Ottawa

Known to be the largest bilingual university in the world is located in Ottawa, the University of Ottawa is a campus that speaks both French and English. The institution is an expert in social sciences, engineering and humanities but offers a wide range of programs for different fields.

Currently, the university is offering an English Intensive Program similar to Montréal's where students can improve their English speaking and writing skills. Learning is done through listening, reading, speaking and writing, enriched by socio-cultural activities to understand the Canadian culture. 

Carleton University

Sitting beside the Rideau Canal, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carleton University was opened in 1942 to provide for veterans returning from World War 2. It’s recognized as a leading institution in research and learning.

The university’s Global Academy is currently offering an Intensive English Langauge Training, which is a full-time open-enrollment program. Lessons and work-relevant communication are taught in a total of 23 hours.

Private Tutoring 

A lot of students also consider private tutoring. Not only is it more effective, it’s also quite cost-efficient. More reasons to pursue private English lessons are elaborated below.

The easiest way to start private tutoring is to find professionals who offer such services. One platform that easily connects you to those professionals is Superprof. At this website, you can find profiles complete with rates, descriptions, and reviews left by former students.

Moreover, the first session is always free allowing both the student and tutor to discuss what they need to before actual sessions begin.

You can read more learning options here.

Costs of Learning English in Canada

There are certain costs that come with learning English. Not all methods require the same amount of money, with some being relatively free. However, more formal options tend to cost more than cost-effective alternatives.

To give you an overview, here’s an enumeration of potential costs:

English Language Schools

This learning option is reasonably the most expensive option, considering that it’s comprehensive and more structured than any other educational method.

Depending on the number and frequency of classes, a cost of an English course can be between $200 to $6,000 Toronto. With this price range, you can expect a load of benefits, too. Not only will you get quality and comprehensive lessons, you’ll also be a recognized English speaker.

English Language Schools in Canada. Source: Pixabay

Average Tutoring Costs

In Canada, the average tutor costs $20.17 per hour. This is an average of the wide spectrum of rates, where the lowest end is at $14.46 and the highest at $50.51. The price range is also quite similar to that of the tutors on Superprof in Vancouver. However, on Superprof, at least you get the first session for free.

Free Alternatives

If you really don’t have the budget for English tuition, then you can simply visit a reputable website or YouTube channels that come for free. These resources are not exactly on the same level as school curriculums or private sessions, but they are a cost-effective option.

Plus it’s suitable for those who are just keen on learning certain topics without the official need to learn all the basics and advanced lessons.

Reasons to Pursue Private English Lessons

Although people are becoming more and more open to different educational methods, there are still quite a number of people who prefer the traditional method. It’s not a bad thing but unconventional methods do offer benefits that traditional ones can’t.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider pursuing private English lessons:

Personalized Program 

We all know that the curriculums in schools and courses are tailored to the general needs of students. However, if you have specific needs or have identified personal goals, traditional learning may not be the best method for you.

In tutoring sessions, you can expect your tutor to create a program that’s just right for you. Considering your needs and preference, you might be surprised at just how easy learning is with the program tailored to your learning curve.

Value for Money 

You might think that you’re not learning enough for a 30-minute session but you can rest assured that your tutor has curated the session according to what needs to be learned.

Regardless if you opt for a more affordable tutor or the expensive one, you can guarantee that the tutor only has you in mind when creating the lesson plan for the day.

More Comfortable Learning Environment 

It’s a given that private tutoring sessions are one-on-one, therefore, giving a more focused environment. Contrary to popular belief, such an environment is actually more comfortable because your only audience is your tutor.

Plus you’re not afraid to commit mistakes because nobody will shame you for it. Instead, you’ll be corrected which is even more beneficial for you.

Inclination to the Real World

Since the program is personalized, you can suggest ways and methods that are most likely to be used in the real world than merely theories and concepts. For as long as you are able to communicate this well to your tutor, you’re good to go.

Still not yet convinced? Here are more reasons why you should pursue private lessons.

Qualities Effective English Tutors Have

Once you’ve decided to pursue private tuition, the next step would be to find the right tutor for you. A way to speed up the decision-making process is to identify the key qualities an effective tutor should have.

These are qualities that notable tutors possess and should, therefore, be bare minimum if you want to maximize the money you spend per hour.

The qualities your chosen tutor should have are the following:


Tutoring sessions are personalized sessions which necessitate a lot of thinking and adjusting. A tutor should be open-minded and welcome new ideas that are not necessarily traditional but is preferred by the student.

Being open-minded also allows the tutor to listen to the students’ sentiments and needs whenever challenges arise. Such quality is useful during tough decision-making moments.


Of course, a tutor also has to be patient. Tutoring sessions are usually supplementary lessons for students who are struggling with their current learning methods. However, they could also be primary learning sources.

But whatever the purpose of the tutoring session is, a significant amount of patience should be extended to the student given that they’re learning challenging lessons.

Qualities Private English Tutors Should Have. Source: Pixabay


A tutor should also be honest to the student when the need arises. If he or she sees that the student doesn’t benefit from his or her preferred learning method, he or she should be honest enough for the welfare of the student.

Moreover, it’s going to be necessary especially when corrections are needed to be done. Your tutor has to be honest enough to tell you about your progress in order to help you learn and absorb lessons better.

If you’re also looking into more information about how to find the right tutor for you, better check this out. You’ll find a checklist to help you get started.


There are several things that you should first consider before you actually decide to pursue English education, whether it’s private tutoring or traditional classes. Learning the language may seem a bit more costly than you’d expect but it’s an investment that will keep on giving returns for the succeeding years of your life.

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