English is probably the most universal language in the entire world, considering that it’s spoken by more than 1.5 billion people. But one thing to note about English is that out of those 1.5 billion, only 360 million have it as their first language.

Therefore, a huge percentage of English speakers aren’t really native speakers and only actually learned English alongside their primary language. One of the main reasons why people try to master the language is globalization.

Somehow, the world is getting more and more connected and the language of that connection is mainly English. If you want to remain competitive in your career, having a great command of the English language is definitely something you should work on.

This is one of the reasons why English is usually taught in schools and why there are many English language schools all over the world. It’s not the hardest language to master, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones out there.

But somehow, there are people who prefer studying English on their own or during private sessions. Well, private sessions actually have its advantages and if you want to have a more focused and specific learning, it’s something you might want to consider.

If you want to know the reasons why you should take private lessons and want to find out where to easily find an English tutor from Montréal to Ottawa, better keep reading.

Reasons to Take Private English Lessons

Reasons Why You Should Take Private English Lessons. Source: Pixabay

You’re probably already too familiar with English, considering that is a language taught in schools. It’s also the language spoken in Hollywood blockbusters that you see in cinemas and TV—even in online videos.

Perhaps, you might even speak and understand a bit of English but not as fluent as native speakers. If you’re reading this article, then obviously you’re interested in taking up private lessons.

In this section, we’ll enumerate all the reasons to convince you to finally book a session and get started on perfecting your English language mastery.

Tailored to Your Preferences and Needs 

Compared to structured lessons in schools and a rigid schedule to follow, private English lessons offer the advantage of learning the English language according to your preferences and needs.

You can freely express your preferences in learning methods with your private tutor without having to worry about anybody else or failing a system designed to cater to a huge number of students. In sessions, both you and your tutor can simply think about your progress and how to proceed from there.

Moreover, your sessions will also depend on your pacing and learning curve. If you learn much faster, then you can expect a faster pacing in lessons. If you learn much slower, then you can expect your weaknesses to be focused and corrected accordingly.

Time and Money are Well-Spent 

There’s no denying that tutoring sessions can be costly compared to group classes or just traditional learning. But every second you dedicate to a session is automatically equivalent to money well-spent.

Sessions are one-on-one, creating a focused environment on you and the lessons you’re about to learn. No second goes to waste as your tutor has properly planned out to maximize even if you only have a 30-minute session for the day.

You can expect that within those 30 minutes, you’ve learned more than you expected and that you are getting your money’s worth.

Private Tutoring Sessions are Tailored to Your Needs. Source: Pixabay

Supplementary Learning to Actual Classes

While private lessons can stand on their own, they can also be supplementary to your actual learning in school. You can take up private lessons to help you learn lessons much faster or to help you keep up with your school’s pacing from Toronto to Vancouver.

In this setup, you can also just focus on your weak points instead of having a broad range of learning. Tutoring can be a way for you to improve your weaknesses without having to fall behind in classes or fail in your exams.

More Comfortable Learning Environment

In relation to the previous points, private sessions can be a more comfortable environment for you to learn English. Since you can freely express how you want to learn the language and your personal goals, you can expect your learning environment to be much more comfortable.

You can also share your sentiments to your tutor without feeling conscious about other people since there are none. You can learn from your mistakes without feeling shameful and you can also boost your self-esteem in confidence throughout these sessions.

Different than Traditional Learning 

Compared to English schools, private tutoring sessions can easily steer away from the common topics taught in school. You can even touch lessons on colloquial conversations or terms used for a more updated and relatable learning lesson.

Perhaps, you can even learn English through your interests, whether it’s movies, books, or hobbies. This is something you can discuss with your chosen tutor for future lessons, as well. The key point here is that private tutoring sessions are more flexible and accommodating for eager students.

Moreover, tutors are not teachers nor are they parents. They are just simply professionals who will help you learn English in a method that’s suitable for you. These people can also be your friends, therefore, creating a more enjoyable environment than your typical classroom setup.

More Inclined to the Real World

Instead of learning lessons you probably won’t find useful in the long run, these professionals help you learn lessons they know you’ll find valuable. If you’re learning for business, expect your tutor to focus on business terms and topics.

If you’re learning to become better in conversations, then expect to be taught the right choice of words during given situations or appropriate sentence structures considering the social event or place.

More often than not, traditional learning is limited to the basics not really allowing students to learn specifics for certain fields. In private tutoring, all of this should be discussed in the first session so they can easily be provided during succeeding ones.

Lesser Distractions 

Given the nature of the sessions, you can expect less distractions compared to a classroom setting. All these can be attributed to learning through your preferred methods, learning about your interests, having a comfortable environment, and having an accommodating tutor.

With all of the characteristics of a private tutoring session combined, it’s most likely that you’ll be hyper-focused and be even more productive despite only learning or an hour or less. And the more frequently you have sessions, the easily you can get into the zone every time.

Where to Find Your Own Private Tutor in Montréal

Now that we’ve listed all the reasons—perhaps even advantages—why you should pursue taking private English lessons in Canada, the only thing that remains is actually finding a tutor. It’s very important that you find one you’re comfortable with to enjoy all the reasons we’ve enumerated above.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a long list of prospects since tutoring is a fairly common job that a lot of professionals often take part-time. It’s a straightforward and simple job that is most beneficial for students who need both supplementary and focused help.

In Montréal, you can easily find one through Superprof.

Superprof is an online platform that connects you to tutors from all fields you can think of—one of them being English. You can easily navigate through the platform, specifying your needs and location for better results.

Here, you can simply put in your location and the field you want help with to find tutors near you. You’ll see a long list of profiles, along with rates, descriptions, and reviews that can help you decide who is the best among the names you see.

Finding a Private English Tutor in Montréal. Source: Pixabay

What’s even more beneficial about this online platform is that the first session is always free, no matter the rate of the tutor. In this session, you can express your personal goals and preferences while also finding a common ground between you and your chosen tutor.

Want to start practicing your English skills today? Visit Superprof!

You can even find tutors in other cities in Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. If you’re looking for tutors in Toronto, better check this out.


As one of the most common languages in the world, more and more people are learning how to speak and write English as if it’s their first language. While there are traditional learning methods, private English sessions are gaining traction for a couple of notable reasons.

Each session is tailored to your needs and you can expect your money and time to be well-spent during each time. You’ll even find that your learning curve and comfort is prioritized during sessions, which make learning much easier and more enjoyable.

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