There’s no denying that learning English necessitates spending money. As a language that’s probably spoken in all parts of the world, people are bound to learn it and it’s definitely going to be a bit costly.

Some people even pay a significant amount of money just to pass examinations to certify that they can speak English fluently and clearly. But as common as that scenario is, some learning methods are not all that expensive.

You can even find some for free—hint: the Internet.

However, if you’re looking for a formal learning structure or an academic recognition, you can expect to have choices that fit well into your price range. In Toronto, aspiring English learners have several options—most of which are dependent on just how much they’re willing to spend.

Read on to know more about the costs of English language schools, private tutoring in Canada, private tutors on Superprof and alternatives to costly English tuition.

Standard Costs of English Language Schools

Learning the English Language in Toronto. Source: Pixabay

The costs of learning English in language schools are often quite high which is why many students don’t really opt for this. However, these schools charge quite the sum of money mainly because they already have it all together in one English course.

In Toronto, there are several English language schools to choose from.

Language Studies International

Language Studies International is a wide network of schools in several key countries in the world including Canada, English, USA, and New Zealand. It’s one of the leading institutions in the world for its expertists and has many partner schools in Spain, Italy, Panama, etc.

Its branch in Toronto offers more than 10 courses on the English language with some spanning 11 weeks, and some for as long as 52 weeks. While the costs of the courses generally depend on the number of classes per week and the type of classes, classes here cost from $269 to $6,583. 

International Language Academy of Canada

The International Language Academy of Canada is one of the most awarded language schools in the world, with its recent award being the Top Choice for language school in the Greater Toronto Area in 2020.

English courses at this award-winning institution range from 2 weeks to 52 weeks, depending on the number of classes. Moreover, the courses are also offered according to age group and type of learning outcomes.

Prices range from $426 to $2,450. Premium classes cost much higher than standard ones, especially with those labelled platinum, gold, etc.

Eurocentres Toronto 

Located at the heart of the entertainment district in Toronto, Eurocentres Toronto is a language school that fosters cultural exchange similar to Ottawa not just through its lessons but also by its surroundings.

The school currently offers both one-on-one lessons and group classes. The price range varies according to the length of the classes and depth of the program. The costs start from $305 to as high as $5,000.

Costs of Learning English in English Language Schools in Toronto. Source: Pixabay

Average Costs of Tutors in Canada

Tutoring is one of the most common career paths in Canada, considering that anybody can become a tutor—even an A+ Level university student. For as long as you have knowledge and that you are able to teach that knowledge well, you can become a valuable tutor. The cost of a tutor can range greatly from Toronto to Montréal

In Toronto, the average hourly pay is around $20.17. It can go as low as $14.46 and as high as $50.51 depending on the expertise of the said tutor.

Student Tutors

For the most part, it’s worth noting that student tutors often cost less since they’re still students. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from availing their services as they are pretty much flexible.

These students have tutoring as a part-time job and of course, prefer to cater those who are younger than them, as it can be pretty weird teaching professionals with several degrees. But if you don’t mind being taught by a student, try employing one and see how it can be advantageous for you.

Professional Tutors

For those who want a more knowledgeable and established professional to tutor them, expect to pay the higher end of the spectrum since you’re going to pay for the years that these professionals have on their resume.

There are plenty of companies that have their in-house tutors. You can freely browse the internet and call their hotlines in order to be introduced to a tutor.

Price Range of Tutors on Superprof 

Another alternative that aspiring English learners have is by looking through the list of English tutors on Superprof. These tutors are not employed by any company and are just offering their services along with their resume and background.

Here you can find tutors from all sorts of backgrounds, whether undergraduate degrees or full-time English language teachers in established schools. These tutors also readily display their rates on their profile along with some brief description to help you choose the right one for you.

In Toronto alone, you already have over 5427 tutors in various fields, with a number of them offering English tutoring services.

On the platform, the range of the hourly pay starts as low as $15/hour, usually university students, to as high as $50/hour for those who have extensive background on teaching English.

An advantage of getting a tutor on Superprof is that the first lesson is always free. You can talk and discuss your preferences and personal goals without having to worry about paying for it. Moreover, you’ll also have an idea of what the sessions will be like given the reviews left by former students.

Alternatives You Might Want to Consider

If you’re really not able to spend much on English classes or courses, the internet is a gold mine for those who are willing to scavenge the depths of it. But there are more obvious resources that you can opt to utilize.


You’re already familiar with YouTube and the millions of videos available on the platform. This platform doesn’t just cater to entertainment videos, but you’d be surprised at the sheer number of tutorials here.

You can visit English Class 101’s channel and find videos on different lessons and useful topics. You can also look for lessons in your native language, if English is not your first. Also try subscribing to Go Natural English to get updates on recent videos for English learners.

If you’re looking for a teacher who’s been doing this for years, better visit English with Jennifer. She’s been a teacher for more than 10 years now, so she really knows her ropes.

What’s great about this resource is that the videos are usually free; you’ll only need to patiently skip ads to watch the entire video.

English Websites 

Free websites usually cater to a younger audience such as kids. However, there is also a website for ESL students that usually gives out quizzes and activities in both purely English and a bilingual option.

Activities for ESL Students don't offer much but it’s a great way to start. EngVid has thousands of free English videos on different lessons.

Self-Learning Program

Google is a key partner when it comes to self-learning. It’s a huge resource where you can get just about anything, starting with a curriculum. Once you get your hands on an English curriculum, you can then look for free lessons on the internet—whether in word or video format.

A way to also learn for yourself is to try and speak the language or just simply have conversations with a native English speaker to catch how they use their words and terms. They say application teaches you faster than theories, so give that method a try.

A disadvantage of this self-learning is that you’re not always going to be productive nor are you going to find lessons that will be thorough enough to teach you. But at least you have something to learn from than nothing, right?

Things to Note

While it’s great that there are free alternatives from Toronto to Vancouver, it might be a little more costly in terms of time and labor. You’d need to organize your own learning program and set up your own classroom in order to maximize your learning.

However, if you’re dedicated and diligent enough, this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing English education.

Self-Learning the English Language in Toronto. Source: Pixabay


Learning English is notoriously known to be costly. It’s a language that’s spoken everywhere and somehow, costs are just usually high. Fortunately, Toronto is filled with a myriad of options—whether learning it in school or through tutoring.

For some, there are also interesting alternatives that don’t have to cost money at all—except for the internet connection bills and electricity though. By simply watching videos on YouTube or visiting websites, you can learn English without spending much.

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