Considering that tutoring is a fairly easy career path to get into, more and more people are trying it out which saturates the market. While this is great because you’ll get more options, the sheer number of people available makes it difficult to find the right one for you.

There are just so many things to consider which includes the qualities your tutor must have in order for you to maximize the benefits of tutoring sessions. Plus, you’ll also need to consider rates and availability if you ever want to avoid stressful situations.

But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll discuss all the top qualities that you should find in your tutor and how you can easily hire the right one. Plus, we’ll let you know where to find these tutors without much difficulty—specifically in Vancouver.

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Top Qualities of Effective English Tutors

Tutors also have certain qualities that make them effective and great at what they do. These qualities are not inherent to all those who are in the field, but they can be honed and acquired if the person strives hard.

Given such, these are the qualities that you should be looking for from a tutor. Not only will you have a smooth-flowing session, but you’ll also get your money and time’s worth.

Here are top qualities effective English tutors have:


When it comes to learning, a tutor has to be open-minded since the structure of the learning environment does not necessarily follow that of traditional ones. Being open-minded allows the tutor to listen and hear the needs of the students, no matter how unconventional it is.

Great tutors know how to keep an open mind to all aspects of the session which make it much easier to go on with the program. This is a useful quality when dealing with students who would rather much learn differently than traditionally.


Flexibility is a must for a tutor since times are changing and more students tend to navigate towards more modern learning methods, such as tutoring over video conferences, video games, movies, etc.

A flexible tutor also won’t have a hard time adjusting if he or she meets a student whose needs are quite demanding in certain aspects. However, flexibility should not be confused with forcing a tutor to adapt methods or teach topics he or she is not an expert in.


Along with an open mind, an effective tutor is patient. Patience is necessary not just for teachers but also for tutors. More often than not, tutoring is reinforcing or helping the student learn what they find hard to and this requires a lot of time and practice.

Being patient is essential when the student is evidently struggling or challenged with the current lessons. Each student’s learning curve is different and not everybody can learn as fast as one wants them to. Hence, to be a great tutor, one must be patient.


Of course, you employ a tutor because they’re knowledgeable in the subject or topic you want to learn. Therefore, it’s a requirement that your tutor has sufficient knowledge and is able to teach you easily.

It’s also quite obvious that being knowledgeable doesn’t necessarily mean one can easily tutor someone else. This also requires understanding enough to communicate it thoroughly and clearly to the tutee.

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A tutor also has to be honest when it comes to sessions. He or she is responsible for helping you learn and that also requires honesty about your learning methods and habits. Being honest about your progress is also a given in order to achieve your goals.

Being honest also means that he or she is not an expert in the learning method you prefer or a topic you want to learn. While tutors should generally be experts on fields they state, there are also limitations to take note of.

Personal Preferences for Tutoring

As much as there are common qualities that effective tutors possess, you might also have your own preferences when it comes to the type of tutor that you wish to employ.

It’s crucial that you list down all your preferences in terms of the following:


You should clearly state at the beginning your preferred schedule so your tutor is aware about the frequency of your sessions. Moreover, since your schedule is a basis for your sessions, you should openly state how available you want your tutor to be.

This is something that both of you should agree on and should not be skipped during the initial session.

Tutoring Method

People also have different preferences when it comes to the personality of their tutor. Some prefer strict, rigid tutors to help them become disciplined while others are looking for more flexible and relaxed tutors.

Whatever your preference may be, also make sure that you communicate this with your tutor to avoid future problems. Most disagreements happen because the tutor’s methods do not compliment that of the student’s learning method.

Price Range

No matter how close you might get to your tutor, it still doesn’t change the fact that you pay them for their skills and services. Therefore, you should establish a price range that you’re comfortable with and can pay.

This allows them to think about your financial capabilities should they wish to increase their rate after a certain period of time. This also lets them know about your financial limitations.

How to Find the Right Tutor For You

After you’ve established your personal preferences, it’s now time to look for an English tutor. There are certain steps that you need to take to ensure that you find the right one.

Contact Tutor A Tutor You Can Afford

Before you go off contacting tutors, make sure that the ones you do contact are within your price range. Don’t take the risk of negotiating prices if rates are already blatantly displayed on their profile.

Only contact ones you know you can afford to pay for as long as you need their services. From there, you can narrow down your list and proceed to the next step.

Lay Out Your Cards

Once you contact tutors within your budget, make sure that you’ve settled your personal preferences and have identified your personal goals. You need to clearly communicate to them what it is that you need and what are the best methods for you to learn them.

Your input will be valuable in helping them decide as well if they’re the person who can help you best with your current objective.

Discuss Schedule

Lastly, once you’ve laid down all your cards and have agreed or compromised on certain things, it’s time to discuss the frequency of sessions. This also includes flexibility of cancelling or changing schedules or even postponing them.

This should also be quite upfront during the first talk so that you can find a tutor who can be available for you.

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Finding an English Tutor in Vancouver

With top qualities and a checklist on hand, you’re now set to find an English tutor in Vancouver. You’ve already gotten most of the challenging work out of the way, it’s now time to scroll through some profiles.

There are tons of resources on the internet as to where you can find tutors near your location. One of the easiest and most convenient ones is Superprof. This online platform makes it eas for users to find tutors by just simply asking for location and field of interest.

Once you’ve typed in Vancouver and English, you’ll immediately get a list of profiles. Here you can see that all profiles have pictures, rates, and even reviews made by former students. Along with the qualities and checklist we’ve given, you can now narrow down your search to your top prospects.

Of course, don’t forget to include your own personal preferences—which may be schedule, rates, and other characteristics.

It’s worth noting that the first session you have with your chosen tutor is free, as this will be a time for you to discuss your preferences when it comes to learning methods and even lessons you want to tackle during sessions.

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As the market is already saturated, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the number of tutors available near you. The decision-making can be a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with the qualities that you should find in your tutor.

Luckily, in this list we’ve summarized that your tutor should be -. Moreover, to make your search less time-consuming and challenging, just simply visit Superprof and browse through the list of tutors near you.

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