Montréal is a city full of old-fashioned charm and the greatest bilingual city in the world.  Montréal City has the verve of North American and Europe. 

You can spend a wonderful time in the city of  Montréal, Canada since they have celebrations of entertainment and arts as well as music festivals and theatre. If you want to study in a city where there is a mix of world-class culture and cuisine. Then, the best place for you is Montreal.

Studying English in  Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Toronto can be so refreshing for both students and teachers since they can enjoy a special mix of lively urban culture and old European charm. If you're a fan of fashion, food, film, and arts, you will love Montreal as soon as you visit the city.

Discover modern style and old-world architecture with a lot of lush green parks and chic shopping districts. The unique character of the  Montréal city and some Canadian cities such as Calgary was shaped by the English, French, and foreigners from other countries which builds diversity and captivating mix of culture. 

Learning English in  Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is a great pleasure. Montreal's new ILSC & Greystone College are officially open, provided with 26 classrooms, 2 student kitchens, and 2 student lounges. All of these will be provided to students who wish to study in the city, all is set with the beautiful setting of the city and the most popular campus of Montreal which offers English courses and classes such as McGill University.

 Montréal Campus Highlights 

Students can enjoy a modern campus with scenic beauty.  Montréaland some Canadian cities such as Edmonton offer different activities, where students can learn English. 

They also offer unique English programs and courses depending upon the student's needs.

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Tongue

Thai, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Romanian, Italian, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, and especially English. There are plenty of languages to learn.

The main reason why individuals would decide to learn another language may include economic, political, and social reasons. Continue reading and the article will explain these reasons more precisely. 


We are living in a world that has turned into a global village, and numerous individuals are working in the field of finance, trade, and commerce are eager to learn new languages, especially English, for them to have an edge and build deep connections among international companies to have a better economy.


A good example of learning the English language in  Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver for social grounds is when someone meets It's significant other but someone speaks another language that is different from the other person. In order to make connections between them, you need to learn to communicate using the other person's language vice versa.


Due to hardship that many countries have experienced, there are many refugees who have run away from their own country and fled to other countries. Thus, it is the primary reason why learning English and other languages are political. So that refugees can be understood and can speak of the country to where they decided to run off. 

While there are several reasons, it does not mean that learning a new language just to enjoy is not a valid reason, It is still a good reason. It depends upon your sense of adventure and determination.

Set Your Goals 

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Specifically, if you have the idea on how to learn English, you can make speedy progress to English fluency.

Some learners are disappointed since they feel that they can't achieve their desire to have English fluency. And it's not a good feeling. 

Still, they want to do their best to understand and be fluent in English. To make it specific, everyone is not the same. Each person has different weaknesses and strengths, and each person has their own reason for learning English.

In learning another language you need to set specific goals since it will help you to focus on the essential things needed and it will help you to be consistent and motivated.

For instance, if you want to work in the world of commerce in New York City, taking a job will require you to speak English solely. 

And if you are working in your family restaurant that is considered to be a tourist spot and be assigned as a waiter for a day. You need to take orders from English native speakers and serve them food. So even if you are not that interested in learning English, you need to have at least some knowledge of English since it is often used in many other ways.

These two examples of learning English may be different but they both have the motivation to learn the language.

Why Are You Learning English

 There are many reasons why someone decides to learn English. Some for a particular reason, some just love the language, some may be wondering how the language can change their lives, and some just want to reach a specific goal.

Having enough reasons and goals will help you to be motivated to focus on the things that are certainly needed. Without plans and goals, it is hard to reach anything. 

Having a certain goal can be your strong foundation in Learning English. Many people say that they want to learn English so that they can be able to speak and read English, as well as they need it for their career. Yet, It is rare to hear someone babble about having specific goals and plans.

First, a specific goal can give you clear insights into what you want to accomplish in English language learning. It gives you direction and purpose.

Second, a goal with a time frame helps you to work double time. It will let you create a strategy and make awesome progress.

Some learners of the English language only have one month of motivation, and soon they will begin to lose it. Having a certain goal helps you to stay motivated for a long period of time, even if things become hard along the process.

Thus, goal setting is like being motivated to reach a specific English level within a time frame. It will help you make the right decisions on a day to day basis.

Keep in mind that if you focus on a specific goal, it gives you the insurance to make the right decision. 

Courses And Programs in Montreal

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In Montréal City, students are able to build their own English language program that matches your interest and goals.

They offer a language program that is designed to allow you to make progress through the 10 language skill levels. Choose from  Montréal's wide range of English courses and programs and create a schedule for studying with a combination of subjects and themes to match your own perspectives, personal interest, dreams, and goals.

The approach of language schools in Montréal provides maximum flexibility to students.

The English courses and programs may vary depending on the English level of the student. Choose your future, choose your course. Regardless if you want to study Academic English, simply develop your conversational skills, or learn the English language for business and work. Whatever your reasons may be, they will provide the right courses for you.

English Courses 

  • Vocabulary
  • Public Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • The Art Of Public Speaking
  • English Foundation
  • English Communication
  • Discussion Circle
  • English Conversation

Academic And Test Preparation Courses 

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Reading and Vocabulary
  • IELTS Listening and Speaking
  • International English Language Testing System
  • Grammar
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Academic Writing
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Academic Speaking and Listening

Business Language Courses

  • International Business English 1
  • Cafe Work Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Business Presentation
  • Business Interview Skills
  • Business English

Creative And Cultural English

  • People And Place Through Time
  • International Current Events
  • English Through Songs Lyrics And Music
  • English Through Social Media
  • English Through Photography
  • English Through Montreal
  • English Through Food
  • English Tutoring Film And Video
  • English Through Canadian Studies
  • English Through Art
  • Creative English - Story Telling

The language schools in  Montréal offer many language classes that can be obtained with the guidance of expert educators having many years of experience, as well as essential qualifications to support their skills.

As a student, you can make yourself productive if you practise those core skills in English, such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Make a study guide, practise every day, surround yourself with English speaking individuals, communicate with them, don’t let someone break the fire in your motivation to learn more. 

Make a long term goal for yourself, focus on working on that specific goal, and reward yourself after. You’ll see, every hard work and effort will soon pay off. 


Learning the English language in  Montréal might be time-consuming but the learning quality is worthy of all your effort. Acquiring basic English skills should not be too difficult, it should be engaging so that students won't be thinking of giving up their learning.

Be confident and don’t be afraid, we all make mistakes. Surround yourself with people who are willing to offer a helping hand to correct such mistakes, surround yourself with Montreal’s educators, they will bring up the best version of yourself. 

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