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Canada has a solid and well-funded education system, mostly managed provincially. As a result, some parts of the Canadian education system can differ between provinces as well as cities like Vancouver. However, as education is managed by the federal government, the quality of education continues to be consistently high throughout Canada.

Students from other countries as well as their parents pick Canada as a location to study since the academic fees are competitively priced yet deliver for a high standard of living. The quality of living in Canada is one of the highest around the world.

Hiring Private Tutor to Help Prepare for Exam

Exams are considered by a lot of students as the most stressful events in their academic career. They usually exhibit the grade for the whole class and eventually influence the student’s position in other classes. Additionally, exams such as the ACT or SAT determine which school a student will attend especially in cities like Montréal, and exams like the GRE or MCAT can determine someone’s future career opportunities.

With so much at stake, the stress levels of students are at an all-time high. If you’re a student who is experiencing a risky exam, you need to take every possible advantage. Private tutoring offers the chance to remember information quicker, fight test anxiety, and overcome exams with confidence.

If you or your kid is experiencing upsetting results at school, whether in day to day work or in practice tests, all is not lost. There is evidence to prove that a private tutor can assist when it comes to taking essential exams. With tests becoming progressively more necessary as coursework is lessened further and further, getting the help of a private tutor could make a huge difference to results.

Is It A Good Idea to Get a Private Tutor for the ACT and SAT?

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When it comes to the ACT and SAT, having high results means a greater opportunity getting into a university or college in Canadian cities such as Toronto. Even though there are a lot of other vital factors of an undergraduate application, it’s crucial that students do their best on these exams.

Luckily, there’s help. The attention of a private tutor can significantly make all the difference. If you want to hire a personal ACT or SAT tutor, you need to consider the pros and cons first.


Private Tutors Provide Necessary Study Needs

Unlike ACT or SAT preparation classes, private tutors assist students with the aspects that they find difficult. If you get confused by a specific question, your private tutor will determine these weaknesses and work to improve them. Several tutors also provide personalized tips for taking exams more successfully.

Tutor Encourage You

Even though most of your time to study must be spent reviewing previous exams, learning new approaches and answering test questions personally can encourage you more. A tutor can also track your progress.

A tutor that provides homework also holds you responsible for finishing them. So if you find yourself having a hard time studying on your own, choose the best tutor that’s willing to motivate you in any way.

Tutors Help Prepare for Exams

ACT and SAT tutors, whether they work for a test-prep company or privately, have systems to help students in managing their study time. An efficient tutor also helps individual students. To make the most of your private ACT or SAT tutor, take some practice exams to identify what you must work on. Your private tutor will evaluate your preliminary results and come up with a strategy to help you improve.


Hiring a Private Tutor is An Additional Cost

Private Tutors are expensive. Usually, a tutor can cost around $50 to $200 per hour, which can sum up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, depending on your study needs.

For some learners, getting tutoring services can be a worthwhile investment, but the expense of private tutoring can be excessively high for others. If the cost is putting you off, you can consider hiring a private tutor for one or two hyper-focused sessions, which some tutoring companies won’t likely do.

Several private tutors have more manageable schedules. Try talking to your college counsellor in high school also since some schools and universities offer resources for test-taking.

Tutor Can’t Ensure Success

Regardless of what test-taking companies and a lot of private tutors say, they can’t still guarantee a 100% success rate. After all, it’s all up to you. Private tutors can be an excellent option for students who have tried taking the exams and still having a hard time improving.

Private tutors are also perfect for students who are struggling to study on their own. You will need to accept constructive criticisms, implement their feedback, incorporate their methods, and work hard before and during your exam to succeed.

Things To Avoid When Hiring A Tutor For Test Preparation

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Considering getting the help of a tutor to help you with exam preparation? Excellent! But you don’t know where to start yet? Hiring a private tutor to help you with the exam prep might sound easy, but in what way would you know that you are hiring the right one? And what are qualities you should avoid when searching for a private tutor who can transform the way you approach these life-changing tests?

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid to make sure you pick the right one.

Deciding to Have the Cheapest Possible Hire

It’s not bad if you’re on a budget. What’s bad is hiring a private tutor simply because he or she is the cheapest option you found. So, how do you find a fair medium between the success that you want to have and your limited budget?

There are a lot of private tutoring agencies in Canadian cities like Edmonton that you can choose from. You will find several options depending on your demands and priorities. Some plans are excellent if you’re searching for the most comprehensive and advanced tutoring service because it includes tutors who already have at least five years of experience.

There are expert plans that can tutor you for around $50 for an hour, which is suitable if you’re on a tight budget. You can even save more from your expenses if you commit to longer periods. It also lets you have the best of both worlds since you will be taught by tutors who have at least 100 hours of experience in tutoring.

Avoid searching for tutors that offer ridiculously-low rates in exchange for having less dedication to you. Do your research instead and look for the appropriate one for you.

Forgetting to Do Background Research

If you’re from Canadian cities like Calgary, getting a private tutor can be an excellent way to assist you in improving your ACT and SAT results, but you need to consider a lot of things. Do you already have knowledge about the tutor’s background or you’re only hoping that you found the right one?

Learning from an experienced tutor who’s from an agency that has a substantial background in tutoring students for ACT and SAT preparation is different compared to hiring a freelance private tutor. If a tutor is working with a reliable company, it is more guaranteed that they can provide the type of expertise that will cater to all your needs.

If you don’t know anything about the tutor’s background, you may have lesser chances of succeeding. It may result in a decrease in motivation and a huge amount of lost time. That’s why you should focus on the tutor’s accountability when doing background research.

How and why will a private tutor be responsible for your scores or results? Does the tutor have previous experience in tutoring, or does he only want to collect the money without trying to put in the effort to challenge the students or himself?

You can ask these questions to the tutor before hiring them:

  • What makes you an excellent tutor?
  • What makes you an ACT or SAT specialist?
  • Do you make your own lessons?
  • Are you using real exam questions?
  • Do you present the references?
  • Do you provide assignments?
  • What kind of outcomes do your students see?

Not Making Any Preparations

Even though it’s necessary to avoid making these kinds of errors, probably the biggest mistake is not making any essential preparation at all. Getting prepared for exams means taking a long-term method to university entrance exams. Don’t hire a private tutor at the last minute only to help you “cram.”


Some students need more preparation and practice for their exams compared to others, and not all of them will receive the learning that they need inside the class. That’s why hiring a private tutor can make a huge difference. Mostly, parents start to look for a tutor in Canada for at least a year in advance to make sure their kid’s education career is secure.

Prior to the exam, the tutor can teach you in particular exam approaches, work through practice materials, and create test conditions so that you will be able to do a test with the confidence and knowledge that you need to obtain the best possible scores.

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