“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

With Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, dynamic yoga, and traditional yoga, there are tonnes of different types of yoga and something for everyone. However, you might want to share the benefits of yoga with your family and children. Similarly, you can also use them as an opportunity to spend time together.

Many people value the time spent together with their family. Yoga could be time spent together as a family since yoga for families is very similar to traditional yoga but adapted to both adults and children.

Family yoga workshops are popping up everywhere meaning that you’ll have an opportunity to work on asanas, relaxation, and breathing exercises together.

But how much will this all cost?

Let’s have a look at the cost of family yoga sessions.

Paying for More Than Two

On paper, family yoga sessions are a great idea. However, you need to think about the cost of hiring a yoga instructor. Helping your child to let go is good but you’ll have to find sessions at a price that works for everyone.

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How much does yoga in pairs cost?
Generally, a lesson for two won't cost double that of a lesson for one. (Source: sergeitokmakov)

A family yoga session is usually just for two, a parent and a child and it’s rare to find a session with four to six people in it. If both parents want to participate, they may need to do a session each.

A yoga session for two is usually more expensive than a session for one person but while it is more expensive in total, it tends to be cheaper per person. The cost of a session for two isn’t usually double the cost of a session for one.

Since the parent and child are at different levels, the cost of the latter will usually be cheaper as children usually have a lower level. Furthermore, there are workshops where you can pay for the whole year which is a big expenditure but works out cheaper per session than paying for each one.

Yoga is available for everyone.

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Sliding Scales for Family Yoga

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll pay less per person per hour if there are two of you. When it comes to yoga as a family, there are places you can benefit from decreased prices. It can be hard to let go if you like you’re being ripped off!

How do you save money on yoga sessions?
The more sessions you book at once, the less you could end up paying. (Source: KelvinStuttard)

For example, if a usual yoga session costs £30, you might be able to find a session for a parent and a child for £35. This means it might be worthwhile bringing your son or daughter along to a yoga session and soon you’ll have them a veritable little yogi.

The sliding scale will apply to classic yoga sessions, too. Usually, the more you pay for, the less you’ll pay, which means people of all ages can enjoy yoga. Of course, rates can vary according to a multitude of other factors.

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Family Yoga: Rates in London

There are plenty of places where you can do yoga in the capital and work on asanas and relaxing. The average cost of a private yoga tutor in London is £41 per hour.

How much do yoga lessons cost in London?
Like most other things, yoga sessions in London are more expensive than elsewhere in the country. (Source: Free-Photos)

Of course, as we mentioned, most yoga tutors won’t charge double for having a parent and a child in a session. London, like with almost everything else, tends to be more expensive than elsewhere in the country. In some cases, a lot more expensive. That said, there are several ways you can do yoga with your kids: yoga clubs, private tutors, yoga workshops.

Yoga clubs and workshops tend to charge less than private tutors because they’re teaching several students at once. You can find yoga group lessons in workshops and studios for less than the cost of private yoga tutorials. However, they will need the lessons to be paid for upfront in some cases.

You need to ensure that the yoga lessons are affordable. Improving your mind, body, and spirit comes at a cost. This is a cost that’s much lower outside of the capital.

The yoga practice is designed to help your body and mind but it's much easier to let go if you're not worrying about how much you're paying to learn these yoga postures!

Discover the benefits of family yoga sessions.

Family Yoga: Rates around the UK

Like many services and activities, family yoga tends to be cheaper outside of London than within it. That said, a few quid can make all the difference when it comes to taking up a new hobby. For a parent-child yoga class, you’ll also pay less outside of London.

Of course, there’s less choice available outside of the capital so in some cases, you’ll have to pay more just on account of the supply and demand. Have a look around for yoga tutors and workshops where you live.

There are plenty of yoga tutors all over the country who’ll teach you how to relax and recentre. If you can’t travel to lessons, private yoga tutorials are a great way to enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Anyone can do yoga from almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’re 1 or 100, you can still benefit from yoga therapy, work on yoga poses and generally, there’s something for almost every budget.

There's gentle yoga for the older members of the family, prenatal yoga for those who are expecting, Vinyasa yoga, which is the most common type of yoga, and yin yoga, to name a few.


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Family Yoga: Online Rates

Finally, if you can’t find a way to do yoga at home with a private tutor or in a workshop that pleases you, you can always get online private yoga tutorials. For example, on Superprof, you can be taught how to do yoga via webcam from a tutor anywhere else in the world.

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How much do family yoga sessions cost online?
If you can't find anywhere to do yoga in the local area, check for family yoga sessions online. (Source: hamonazaryan1)

This is a good way to spend some time as a family with a few enjoyable yoga poses during the school holidays, for example. Generally, online yoga tutorials are cheaper than face-to-face ones as the tutor doesn’t have to travel to you and can schedule more tutorials per week. Several online private yoga tutors will offer several lessons for a discount if you pay for them all at once.

As you’ll have understood, a family yoga session is more expensive than a session for one person but not by a lot. This means you can get more affordable yoga sessions by doing your asanas, pranayama, and meditation with your children.

The cost will vary depending on where you are, who’s offering the classes, and the type of class you’re getting. The more sessions you pay for at once, the cheaper you can get them. Online can also be a cheaper way to learn about yoga and enjoy the benefits this ancient practice can have your mind, body, and spirit. On top of all that, it’s a great way to improve the bond with your children. Good luck!

After all, online yoga teachers don't have to worry about travelling to each class and can also schedule way more sessions in a week thanks to all the time they save by not travelling to their students or a yoga studio. Since they have fewer outgoings and can schedule more sessions than a traditional yoga teacher, they don't have to charge as much.

Whether you're looking for Ashtanga yoga, power yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Hatha yoga. hot yoga, or specific yoga styles for beginners, you can find private yoga classes from the talented private yoga instructors on Superprof.

There are different types of tutorials available and different yogis may offer one of several types. Similarly, you could also do yoga teacher training and teach the kids yourself about the yoga philosophy. The three main types of private tutorials available from the private tutors on Superprof are face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each type comes with its pros and cons and the one that's right for you and your family will come down to how you like to learn, what your budget is, and what your goals are.

Don't forget that many of the tutors on Superprof also offer the first lesson for free. You can try out a few different options and see who you get along with, whose teaching style you like, and even discuss what you want out of your family yoga sessions. After all, what's right for some may not be right for others and it's very difficult to relax and find your centre if you don't get along with your yoga instructor!

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