Aspiring actors can go through a lot of uncertainty when first starting out. They have to worry about finding work, paying their bills and so many other things. It’s not easy being an actor. There are a lot of people that want to become actors but there a only handful make it as an actor. You want to be able to share your passion with the world but you also need to earn a living. Income is one of the reasons actors stop acting. Aspiring actors will have to overcome these hardships and stay committed to becoming an actor.

Acting is a hard career choice when starting out and so many other successful actors have had the same experiences. They’ve gone through the worry and the unknown. Some famous Canadian actors have gone through hard times and had to overcome their challenges. Learning about other actors' stories is a great way to avoid mistakes as well as find the motivation to continue working at becoming an actor. A great Canadian actor like Kristen Kreuk had to go through challenges to get where she is today. She didn't start at a young age being on screen. She was late to the scene and was still able to make a name for herself.

It can be hard earning a living as an actor. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels
It can be hard earning a living as an actor. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Who is Kirsten Kreuk?

Kristen Kreuk was born in British Columbia, Canada on December 20, 1982. Kristen wasn’t born into fame. Her parents both worked as hardworking individuals as landscape architects. She didn’t even realize she wanted to be an actor until her late teenage years. Most actors have usually been a part of acting since they were young age, but not Kirstin.

In middle school she trained in karate and gymnastics however later in high school she had to stop due to scoliosis. Kirsten at the end of her school year saw a casting call for her high school. She convinced herself to go to the audition. Kristen was still thinking about pursuing an education, but this definitely put the idea in her head. She was hoping to attend in psychology or forensic science at Simon Fraser University but got a call from a casting director for the t.v series Edgemont.

She appeared on Edgemont in 2001 and hired an agent shortly after to help her land the next role. She eventually got the part to be on Snow-White that same year. Kirsten had many roles after her first few parts in the acting world. In 2004 her agent set up an audition for Smallville, which she later got the part for Lang Lang Clark Kent's secret crush. Smallville had a lot of success and that success helped Kristen's acting career immensely. After the show ended she was on several television shows.

Kirsten is well known on t.v. and she’s also been in a few films. Her first movie was Euro Trip. Unforutntualy for Kristen the movie was heavily criticized. After the Euro Trip, she appeared in Partition, Street Fighter, Vampire and a few other films. Kristen didn't have a successful film career like her t.v success. Kristen has started her own production company called Paraviti Creatives Inc. They work on projects with their passion for it. They’ve had their success with several titles.

Kristen Kreuk co-star Tom Welling on Smallville.Actors on stage. Photo credit: xploitme on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
Kristen Kreuk co-star Tom Welling on Smallville. Photo credit: xploitme on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

What Can We Learn From Kristen Kreuk?

There are a lot of actors who have been acting since a young age. This can be discouraging if you want to become an actor in a later year. You can feel like your missing the experience and won't be able to pursue acting. Kristen teaches us that we don't need to know we are destined for the big screen at a young age. We can still have success later in life. Kristen started acting just after high school. She was able to work hard and believe in herself to have the success she has.

Acting has a lot of unknowns, especially when it comes to your roles. Kirsten had a lot of success in t.v shows but wasn't able to have the same success in films. This is not to say she didn't try. Kirsten kept pursuing other movies after Euro Trip and did manage to get on a few other well-known movies. It's good to understand this about Kirsten because your own acting career might have the same unknowns. It teaches us to feel confident in other things about acting. If you're unsuccessful in films you can try in t.v shows. You're not limited to one form of acting. Becoming a great actor is going to take hard work, but you also need to be consistent. Kirsten didn't let one thing define her she's been able to continue pushing to become the best.

Why Should We Look at Past Examples from Actors? 

Understanding someone else’s path can help you understand your own. Every famous person has a biography or a book about their past. It can help motivate those who want to fall in the same footsteps, especially in acting. You may think your alone or nobody understands what your going through, but you can hear someone else story and connect with them. The fact that Kristen Kreuk didn't have the perfect start as an actor. She didn't star at a young age and was still able to make a name for herself.

It’s not only to motivate you when you're looking at past examples but you can learn from them. As a new actor, you're going to make mistakes. There are going to be opportunities you should have said no to, but ones you should have said yes to. There's also going to be things you should have done. Learning about someone's past can help you determine the right path for yourself. It can help you in your career so you can make fewer mistakes.

Every actor has their own journey. Source: Valentin Antonucci, Pexels
Every actor has their own journey. Source: Valentin Antonucci, Pexels

Start Acting Today!

Understanding Kirsten Kreuk will help you in your journey as an actor. Kristen understood her strengths and weakness and was able to have a career in show businesses. She overcomes challenges and has continued to be known as a great Canadian actor. Learning about stories like Kirsten Kreuk can motivate and inspire you to continue pursuing acting. Another thing to consider is acting skills. Acting skills are going to set you apart from the competition.

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