Becoming an actor isn’t an easy career path. It takes work and a lot of determination to make it as an actor. As a new actor, you’ll have a lot of thoughts of uncertainty, but it’s normal. Being an actor is an exciting career choice and it can just be a tough road to get there. Luckily, people do make it as an actor. There are so many great Canadian actors. It’s always inspiring to hear about different actors' backgrounds and lifestyle choices. For instance, Ryan Reynolds is one of Canada’s best actors. Looking up to people like Ryan Reynolds can provide motivation and inspiration to help you continue to pursue acting

Ryan Reynolds.Photo credit: Movie-Fan on / CC BY-NC-SA
Ryan Reynolds.Photo credit: Movie-Fan on / CC BY-NC-SA

How Ryan Reynolds Got Started?

Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, Canada on October 23, 1976. He used to be a nervous kid and was extremely sensitive. In school, he later found these issues to be assets in school productions. It made him a better actor. At the young age of just 12 years old, he landed his first role. His first role was a Canadian teen drama called Hillside, but then later named Fifteen when it aired it American. The show only aired for 2 years.

After his first role, he struggled to get another big part. He was on a few guest appearances such as X-Files. All while acting Reynolds finished high school. He needed to make ends meet so he attained a job working at a supermarket. In the 1990s Reynolds's friend and him moved to Los Angeles. It took 8 years but Reynolds landed the job of a big television in 1998 on a sitcom called Two Guys and Girl. The show finished in 2001 and Ryan had to make his next effort to get another acting job. In 2002 Ryan starred in National Lampoons Van Wilder. The film did poorly but has been known as a classic

Ryan Reynolds has had his fair share of big roles. He’s starred and appeared in numerous big movies. He's been in movies such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Green Lantern, Deadpool, The Proposal, and Underground 6 just to name a few. 

What to Learn From Ryan Reynolds?

Reynolds understands the hardships actors face. He once talked about having a fear that you’ll never work again. He’s watched people, all sorts of talented actors come and go. He’s grateful he has had a successful career as an actor. Ryan also noticed in the past that he has discipline that’s helped in his career and personal life. He's willing to outwork anybody

Acting seems glamorous when you look at the actors on the big screen, but a lot of people don’t see them before. They don’t see the long days, stressful hours and uncertainty they've faced. If you want to become a successful actor you're going to need to be consistent and put in the work. You need to be like Ryan Reynolds and be able to put in the work. If acting is something you want to pursue it’s something you need to put all your focus in. Ryan Reynolds has been a good example of putting in the work and staying consistent, even putting everything on the line to move to Los Angeles. 

Ryan Reynolds at WonderCon.Photo credit: Doug Kline on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC
Reynolds at WonderCon.Photo credit: Doug Kline on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

Why Should We Look at Past Examples from Actors? 

Understanding someone else’s path can help you understand your own. Every famous person has a biography or a book about their past. It can help motivate those who want to fall in the same footsteps, especially in acting. You may think your alone or nobody understands what your going through, but you can hear someone else story and connect with them. The fact that Ryan Reynolds didn't have the perfect start as an actor and even had to pick up a job at the supermarket to make ends meet can help you with your situation. 

It’s not only to motivate you when you're looking at past examples but you can learn from them. As a new actor, you're going to make mistakes. There are going to be opportunities you should have said no to, but ones you should have said yes to. There's also going to be things you should have done. Learning about someone's past can help you determine the right path for yourself. It can help you in your career so you can make fewer mistakes.

Every actor has that one movie or t.v show they knew they shouldn't have been a part of for Ryan Reynolds this is Green Lantern. He continues to say Green lantern was regretful for his acting career. In 2011 superhero movies were doing amazedly well on the big screen. When the Green Lantern was released to theatres it only managed to gross 219 million. This may seem like a good amount of money but for a superhero movie, it wasn't good. The film didn't make a lot of money and had a lot of disappointing viewers. The film on rotten tomatoes was only liked by 45 percent of its fans.

Even though Green Lantern was a huge failure for Ryan Reynolds he later got over the bad superhero movies when he starred in Deadpool. The film was different than any other superhero movie. It was rated R which is new for superhero movies. The movie grossed over 782 million and even the sequel Deadpool 2 did over 700 million.

Ryan Reynolds speaking at ComicCon.Photo credit: Gage Skidmore on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA
Ryan Reynolds speaking at ComicCon.Photo credit: Gage Skidmore on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

What’s Next for Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds will continue to act. His newest movies are Free Guy and Red notice. Both movies are going to be ones every Ryan Reynolds fan will tune in to see. We're certain Ryan will continue to put out great movies. Everyone loves seeing him in his next film project. Ryan has also taken other interests. He invested in an Aviation Gin, which was recently sold for over 600 million. He has also taken ownership of Mint Mobile. Ryan Reynolds shows his creativity in his movies, but he's also been making advertisements for the companies he took ownership of. The commercials are well thought out and are changing the game. 

Start Acting Today

Reading about Ryan Reynolds's struggles and successes should only motivate you more as an actor. You're going to have your own ups and downs, but it's important to stay consistent.  If acting is a career you want to be successful in you need to put in the effort and have the determination to keep going against all else.

Having the drive to stick with acting is going to help you become a great actor. You're also going to need the acting skills to get those auditions. Hiring an acting coach can be a great way to increase your acting skills and be the best actor you can be. Superprof has 100s of great acting coaches all over Canada. They have the experience and knowledge to teach you acting skills in the best way possible. Superprof also offers acting classes online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn.

There are so many people that set out to be actors that don't end up being successful. Learn from actors like Ryan Reynolds or any other Canadian actor to figure out your own pathway. Ryan Reynolds definitely teaches us to stay committed and don't give up. If you want to become an actor you need to be ready to outwork anyone.

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