At first glance of Calgary, you notice a couple of things. The beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, the exquisite eateries, friendly people and it’s been named the world’s fifth most liveable city. Calgary is full of life. It’s also home to over 1.4 million people. Aside from the typical things to do in Calgary like hiking or visiting the Calgary Stampede people in Calgary dance. Calgary is home to many dance studios and clubs. They have a number of world-class dance schools such as Evolution of Dance, Summit School of Dance, and Alberta Ballet School. It’s safe to say Calgary dances. 

If you’re not dancing in Calgary you are definitely missing out. Luckily, Calgary has a lot of great dance instructors to help you learn to dance. If you know how to dance you can still benefit from Calgary's dance instructors to learn a new dance style. Everyone can benefit from a dance instructor

Women Dancing Ballet
Women Dancing Ballet. Source: Luis Gallegos Alvarez, Pexels

Dance Classes in Calgary 

Calgary has so many great dance clubs like Cowboys, Hifi Club or the Calgary Dance Club. They are all good places to show off your moves and meet people. Not everyone in Calgary is born naturally good dancers, most people have taken lessons from any one of these dance classes below.

Free House Dance - It is located right in Calgary. They offer classes to all individuals wanting to learn how to dance. They teach classes in ballet, barre, hip hop, jazz, and so many more classes. Free House Dance has a good team of professional dancers that are committed to teaching Calgary how to dance. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly dance studio Free House Dance is a great option. 

Pulse Studio - They focus on teaching Hip hop as well as educating all their students on hip hop culture. Pulse makes everyone feel welcomed. They want to inspire and have their students express their creativity. Pulse Studio has created a great dance community. They have a great team of professional dance instructors that all have a passion for teaching dance.

Superprof - We have 100s of dance instructors ready to teach you how to dance. Our dance instructors have the experience and education to get you ready to hit the dance floor. Supeprof offers online or in-person dance classes giving you the flexibility to take classes on your own time. We welcome all levels of dance experience from zero experience to expert dancers. 

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Benefits of Dancing

Dancing has so many great benefits. Dancing increases physical fitness level, reduces your stress levels, and increases your confidence. Besides so many benefits from dancing it’s also fun. We all love to have fun. Everyone has a good time dancing, even if you're a bad dancer you can still have a great time dancing. Everyone can also receive the same amount of benefits from dancing. This is why dancing is so great. 

Increase Physical Fitness Level - Dancing is very physical. It’s a great way to stay healthy and stay in shape. It’s also good for strengthening joints, bones and muscles. The best part? You don't realize you're getting a good workout in because you're having a good time. 

Reduce Stress Levels - Dancing is a great way to relieve stress after a long day. Dancing releases endorphins throughout the body. These are the feel-good hormones that are responsible for pleasure. Dancing also helps with stress because it takes your mind off things. You can just focus on dancing. 

Increase Confidence - Dancing is a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence. You can feel great when you overcome a new dance move. It gives you that sense of accomplishment, which makes you feel great. You're going to be able to express yourself through your dance. This provides a great outlet.

Have Fun - Dancing is a great way to have fun. Dancing is very social, so it's the perfect way to spend time with friends, family or spouse. We all like to let loose once in a while and not worry about anything and dancing is the perfect way to do this. 

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Have Fun Dancing
Have Fun Dancing. Source: Andre Furtado, Pexels

Who Should Take Dance Classes?

Everyone should take dance classes. Dancing is one of those things that everyone can do. You can be old or young it doesn't matter everyone can dance. If you’ve never danced it’s something you should experience. It’s a great activity you can do with family, friends or people in a club. Dance classes also benefit all levels of experience. Yes, even those who are expert dancers. Experienced dancers can benefit from classes by practicing techniques. You can't just master dancing in one night. It takes years of practicing and working with instructors to perfect dancing. 

Of course, beginners can benefit from dance lessons. It can be hard to walk out on a dance floor and practice, especially if you don't know what your doing, Dance classes give you the chance to learn dance moves and practice. Your dance instructor also gives you confidence. Confidence is a big part of dancing. You need that confidence to be able to let loose and move your body. 

Fitness Dance Classes

Fitness dance classes are becoming increasingly popular. Zumba is the most popular fitness dance class. Zumba is a fitness dance class that’s designed to give you a workout while dancing. Zumba classes play high energy music and the instructor creates a dance to go along with the music. Zumba can help you learn how to dance, but it's more for a workout. Zumba targets the whole body, burning up to 300 calories in the 60-minute class. Zumba shows us how much fun dancing can be. If you’ve ever seen a Zumba class everyone is smiling and you can tell everyone is having a good time. Check out this Zumba class in Calgary below.

Fit for Change - It is located in Calgary and has been offering Zumba classes to the area for over 5 years. Fit for Change dance instructors has experience in other dance styles as well as Zumba. They incorporate their love of dance and fitness into each of their Zumba classes. They offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening making them accessible for anyone that has a busy schedule. 

Warming up for Zumba
Warming up for Zumba. Source: Andrzej Rembowski, Pixaby

Start Dancing in Calgary

Everyone can benefit from taking dance classes in Calgary. Start taking part in Calgary's amazing dance clubs. You just have to make that first step and sign up for dance lessons. It's always important to talk with a dance instructor before signing up with a studio. It gives you a chance to ask questions and get a feel for what the class will be like. Most studios also offer a first-class free so you can try out the class before signing up. Superprof does offer a free session with all its instructors. We want you to feel comfortable. The free session allows you and the instructor to see if you're the right fit for each other.

You can take part in Calgary's dance scene. Imagine having a night out dancing. You'll be having a great time and get all the benefits that dancing offers. You can also feel confident next time you step out on the dance floor. You just have to take that first step and sign up with a dance class.

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