Everyone can dance. I mean it is just moving your body to a beat right? But, let's be honest we know this far from the truth. Everyone that's bad at dancer knows it's hard, but like all things, we can get better. It's like the first time you tried to write. It was messy, unclear, and didn't make sense. Dancing is something that's been around for 1000s of years and it's not going anywhere. Especially living in Montréal. Montréal has a huge dancing scene from dancing parties to festivals. Living Montréal you're around dancing a lot.

Whether you've been dancing for a while now, you just dance at parties/events or you're a bad dancer. Everyone can benefit from hiring a dance instructor. Dancing instructors can help anyone learn new dance moves or pick up a new style of dance. Or for those of you that don't dance, they can help you learn. 

Benefits Of Dancing

Dancing has endless benefits, whether you're looking to meet people, or have a good time, dancing offers it. Dancing is a very social event. Of course, you can turn up the music in your room and dance alone, but for the most part, you're always going to be with other people dancing. Dancing brings together everyone. You don't have to speak the language or have the same background to dance with others. Everyone can communicate through there moves. 

Some of the benefits of dancing include:

Have Fun - Dancing always brings out smiles on people's faces. It's fun to let loose and feel the music. It gives you a chance to have a good time with friends, family or spouse. Just turn the music on and grab a partner.

Well-Being - Dancing is very physical. For anyone that's danced all night or even just jumped up and down. You can feel your heartbeat faster and the sweat on your face. Dancing could be something to keep you in shape.

Meet People - Dancing is a very social event. I've said this numerous times because it's so true. It's a great way to break the ice with someone and it can be a common interest that connects you. 

Stress Relief - Dancing can be a stress relief. You might work long hours, or study hard and you need that stress relief. Dancing releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, that melt that stress away and give you the time to relax

Man and a Women Dancing
Man and a Women Dancing. Source: Markum Zirdum, Pexels.

Dance Classes in Montréal

Montreal has a huge dancing scene which means they have a lot of wonderful dancing facilities. The type of dance class will depend on the style of dance you're looking for. We'll put the most popular ones down below to give you some great places to check out whether your a beginner or just want to learn a new style of dance. 

Dance Studio Montreal - It is located right downtown Montreal and offers dance classes for all ages. They bring a unique and welcoming experience for everyone that enters there club. They offer a range of dance classes like hip-hop, ballet, contemporary and dancing for couples. They have a great staff of professionals dancers that have been teaching Montreal dance for a number of years. 

Les Studio Accento - It is located right in the heart of Montreal and offers numerous dance classes ranging from beginner to expert. Some of these classes include Latin, samba and salsa dancing. They have a team of professional dancers that want to teach people to dance in a new, clean and flexible studio. 

Superprof - We have 100s of different dance instructors in Montreal. Our dance instructors are qualified to teach you how to dance or learn a new dance style if you're already dancing. They've taught students just like you and know the best way to teach. Superprof offers online and in-person instructors giving you the flexibility to take classes when you want. 

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People Dancing on Stage
People Dancing on Stage. Source: Prime Cinematics, Pexels.

Take Your Dance To The Next Step

One of the great reasons for living in Montreal is you have access to world-renown dance facilities. For instance, The School of Contemporary Dance is a leader in the contemporary dance scene. They have over 300 graduates that have made it onto the national and international stages which speak for the level of professionalism, creativity and talent the school provides. They pride themselves in offering the highest level of standards for young talent in Canada. if you want to take your dancing a step further The School of Contemporary Dance would be an option. You could be performing on the world's stages and have a career in dance.

What To Expect For Your First Dance Class?

Everyone is going to be nervous about there first class. This goes for professional dancers to just being a beginner, everyone is going to feel the nerves of walking into a dance studio for the first time. The important thing to remember is everyone is there for the same reason, to dance. Your first-class jitters are completely normal and will go away after your first class. If you don't know what to expect during your first class and it's making you nervous, fear not. 

For your first class bring a change of clothes, a water bottle and a friendly attitude. You're going to want to wear something comfortable. Working out in jeans is always a bad idea and the same goes for dancing. You want to wear something you can have the flexibility and move properly in. The second item, water bottle, is another necessity. It's no doubt you're going to be getting physical. It's not always a guarantee that the dance class has a water fountain. You don't want to be thirsty. Lastly, that friendly attitude, be prepared to meet new people and have a good time. 

Overall, your first dance class will be great. Remember everyone there is having the same thoughts as you. Especially if this is your very first dance class, your going to be with other people who are also in their first class. You just need to let loose and have a good time.

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Have fun dancing
Have Fun Dancing. Source: Wallace Chuck, Pexels

Start Dancing Montréal!

You can finally take that step and become a better dancer or you can finally take that first step and start learning how to dance. Start by hiring a dance instructor either through a class in Montreal or with Superporf. You just have to take that step. Everyone has the ability to learn how to dance better. We can all achieve something if we just put our minds to it. Having a dance instructor ensures you're taking those steps forward to achieve your dancing goals.

Dancing doesn't have to seem so hard. The help from your dance instructor you'll be able to feel confident learning and practicing new styles. Or if you're new to dancing you feel confident about learning under a professional and in a private space. You know the benefits of learning to dance you just have to start! Take that step!

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