Living in Ottawa you have access to a lot of wonderful things. Ottawa is full of opportunities and things to do.  Dance is one of those things. Dance is all over Ottawa. There are tons of dance clubs and studios that are always full of people. Dance is definitely something people in Ottawa do well. Dance can be a great hobby and the perfect skill to learn. You can start to take advantage of the wonderful dancing studios or clubs in Ottawa by learning how to dance. You can join in on what so many others are doing in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Source: Splash of Rain, Pexels

Why Should You Learn To Dance? 

If you ever danced at a wedding or been out to an event and you’ve danced you know how much fun it is. Even if you haven't danced at these events, isn’t there a part of you that always wants to stand up and dance along. Dancing releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, so you're always going to have a good time dancing. It’s the perfect way to spend a night out with friends, family or spouse. Dancing is also very physical. It makes for a great way to burn calories without even realizing it. It’s a great way to stay healthy and stay fit. The average person can burn up to 300 calories or more an hour by dancing. That definitely beats going for a run or using the exercise bike. You're also going to be strengthening your bones and joints just by dancing.  If that isn't enough reasons for you to learn how to dance read these benefits.

More Benefits to Dancing

  1. Better Social Skills
  2. More Confidence
  3. Stress relief
  4. Improve Cognitive Function
  5. Boosts your mood

Why Are You A Bad Dancer?

Everyone can dance, but why are some people just better dancers than others? The easy answer is that a person that's a better dancer has been taking lessons, but what if they haven't been? For you to dance well you have to be confident. This isn’t always easy for everyone, especially if you're somewhere you don't know a lot of people. When you're not confident you tense up and then you really can't move your body. Being confident your body stays loose and you can move better. You just need to get out there and have a good time. If you think you're a bad dancer you're going to dance poorly. Next time your out on that dance floor just believe you're able to move well to a beat. You'll definitely start to loosen up and your dancing will get better. 

Dancing is great because you can be a bad dancer and still be having a great time. As long as you're out there dancing and not caring about how others view you, you’ll be having a great time. Being a bad dancer isn't the end all be all, but taking dance classes will definitely help you become a better dancer. Living in Ottawa you have the perfect opportunity to get better at dancing. 

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People Dancing
People Dancing. Source: Gabriel Santos Fotographia, Pexels

Dance Classes In Ottawa

Ottawa has a lot of places you can learn to dance. There’s definitely a studio out there for you that can teach you how to dance. Of course, if you are a beginner you should look for beginner classes. You wouldn't want to be walking into a professional ballet class. Always check out the studio beforehand as well. You want to make sure the place is right for you. If you're a beginner wanting to learn how to dance, you're going to want to make sure you feel comfortable with the instructor. If you're someone that has the dancing experience and you want to look for a studio that can better help your abilities in dance. It’s important you feel confident in your instructors. Most studios should offer the first class free, so take advantage of these. 

Check out these places below for beginners or expert classes. 

Art Motion Dance Studio - It is located right downtown Ottawa and is fairly new to the area. They offer a number of different classes such as Latin, ballroom, salsa, hip hop, contemporary and wedding lessons. They also have a ballroom fit class to make your dance lesson is a little more sweaty. Art Motion has a great team of professional dance instructors that are ready to teach you how to dance Ottawa.

Arthur Murray Dance Ottawa - It is located right near downtown Ottawa making them accessible for anyone living in Ottawa. Arthur Murray is a premier ballroom dancing studio offering classes in salsa, tango, swing, foxtrot country-western and many more ballroom dancing styles. They have a team of dance professionals that all have a passion for dance. You can be ready for any dance floor when you learn with Arthur Murray. 

National Capital Dance - It is located right downtown and is one of Ottawa's leading dance schools. They focus on teaching young people ballet but do offer recreational dance to all ages. They have a number of classes in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and hip hop. They provide a welcoming atmosphere for everyone that steps through there door. 

Superprof - We have 100s of different tutors in the Ottawa area ready to teach you how to dance or teach you a new style of dance. Our instructors have worked with a number of students from beginners to experts and now they want to teach you. All of our instructors have the experience and education to teach you in the best way. With Superprof you can learn online or in-person giving you the flexibility to learn to dance on your own time. 

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Man Break-dancing
Man Break-dancing. Source: Mike, Pexels

Where To Dance In Ottawa?

If you’re looking to get out more and practice dancing, Ottawa has the opportunities. Ottawa has numerous clubs and meetup groups that all revolve around dancing. Dancing can turn into a great new hobby. It’s fun, physical and a great way to meet new people. You may be thinking you just don’t dance enough to take lessons to get better, but living in Ottawa you have access to so many opportunities to dance. 

Dancing Groups in Ottawa

  • Partner Dance Group
  • Confidance 
  • Dance and Lattes

These 3 meet up groups would be the perfect way to practice dancing, especially when you're taking lessons. You’ll be able to feel confident in your abilities to be comfortable moving to a beat. These groups are for all experience levels. They welcome everyone; to someone that has never danced or to someone that has been dancing for years.

Start Dancing Ottawa

Start taking advantage of what so many other people living in Ottawa are doing. Start by looking into the dance classes above and start learning to dance. You can finally feel confident on the dance floor. You may even be surprised, dancing might turn into your favourite hobby or it may even turn into a career. The possibilities are endless when you sign up for that dance class. 

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