Dancing is one of those things you don’t necessarily have to be good at to have fun. You can be the worst dancer on the floor and still have a good time. That’s what makes dancing so great! But, let’s be honest here it feels better when you know how to dance. Dancing makes for a fun night with friends, a romantic night with a spouse or just something you do at certain events like weddings. Lucky for you Toronto has so many great dancing events you can visit. For instance, the Dance Cave is a great place to check out or Lula Lounge if you’re into salsa dancing. Both these places would make for great nights out. 

But what if you don’t know how to dance? Or you don’t feel comfortable on that dance floor? It can be hard to go out and practice in a public setting. It would be easier to practice behind closed doors. Along with Toronto’s many dance clubs they have just as many dance studios to practice in. You can learn with professional dance instructors and gain confidence in the class before you step outside. 

Showing Expression Through Dance
Showing Expression Through Dance. Source: Wellington Cunha, Pexels

5 Reasons To Dance 

1. Great Exercise - Dancing is very physical, but the best part is you don’t feel like your exercising because you’re having so much fun. Dancing involves constantly moving. If you don’t like the gym or running dancing would a fun way to get your exercise in.

2. Meet New People - Dancing is social. Of course, you can dance in your kitchen alone, but most of the time you’re with other people. Especially at dancing clubs, dancing into a conversation is a great icebreaker. You’ll be able to interact with other dancers alike.

3. Feel Better - Living in Toronto you're on the go and busy. Dancing can be your way to de-stress after a long day and a good way to blow off some steam. Dancing releases endorphins in the brain which overall increases your mood.

4. Improved Coordination - Without being said, you need coordination to dance better. Coordination is definitely something that can be improved. The more you practice and get better at dancing you’ll see improved coordination. Overall you’ll have better control over your body. 

5. Improved Health - As mentioned above dancing is very physical, your not only just getting a good workout in there are so many other health benefits as well. With dancing, you’re going to be increasing your cardiovascular and strengthening joints all from just dancing. 

These 5 benefits of dancing are the only the beginning. Once you start dancing you’ll experience all of these benefits and many more. You just have to go out there and start dancing. 

Do You Feel Awkward dancing? 

Can you not seem to learn rhythm or just feel awkward on the dance floor? You’re not alone. A big part of dancing is confidence. If you just feel awkward on the dance floor you’ll tense up and if you’re already a bad dancer things just get worse for you. Believe me, I can speak from first-hand experience about this. It’s not a great feeling. This is why hiring a dance instructor can be a great way to learn how to dance. You can learn with a professional dancer in the comfort of your own home or in a private class. You’ll be able to gain confidence in your abilities before you branch out and step out in public.  

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Ballerina Dancing
Ballerina Dancing. Source: Gabriel Santos, Pexels.

Different Styles to Learn

There are so many different styles of dances to learn. There’s hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, tap the list goes on and on. You don’t have to learn all of them if you are new to dancing you can start with the basics and then work on different styles of dance. Or if you have been doing a certain style of dance, its always good to learn new styles. If you’re unsure about what style to learn to check out the list below for the 3 most common types.

Ballet - Ballet is known to teach the fundamentals of dancing, which makes it a great start for any beginner. Ballet is used to tell a story and focuses on technique and perfection. Ballet is performed usually with classical music. 

Contemporary - Contemporary dancing is almost like a mix of different dance styles. There’s jazz, modern, and ballet mixed in. Contemporary is about connecting the mind and body. It can be known to be very creative for the dancer. You can dance contemporary to any style of music.

Jazz - Jazz is known to upbeat and fun. Jazz music is very upbeat and the dancing relates to that exactly. Jazz is a great way to express yourself and just let loose, You can really let your personality take over when performing jazz dancing. The dancing is usually quick, so you’re always moving. 

Any 3 of these style of dancing would be a great option for beginners. As mentioned above, ballet is amazing for all beginners. It truly focuses on the fundamentals which can translate to other areas of dance. 

Dance Classes In Toronto

If you do want to take that first step, literally, and start practicing or learn a new dance style if you’ve already mastered one Toronto offers a lot of world-class facilities. Everyone is going to have their preferences when it comes to classes. If you feel more comfortable practicing alone with your instructor you're going to have to pay more for personal sessions. The next class type is group classes. This would be great if you want to make new friends and break out of your comfort zone. Plus, classes are a bit cheaper in a group setting. Lastly, online dance tutoring is becoming popular. You’ll get the freedom to practice anywhere or in the comfort of your own home. Online tutoring can also be a cheaper alternative to personal sessions, which gives it a huge benefit.

Dance Life X -  There located right downtown Toronto and offer one of the largest dance facilities in Toronto. They offer a number off different classes like Hip Hop, Ballet, and Latin. They even offer lessons for social dancing (for couples or groups). Dance Life X makes beginners feel welcomed as soon as they step in the door. They have a team of professionals dancers that want to make you better at dancing. 

Underground Dance Centre - It is located near downtown Toronto and was voted best dance classes by BlogTo. They have over 400 positive reviews online. Underground dance centre offers a number of different classes like contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. They’ve redefined the dancing experience and welcome you to join them. 

City Dance Corps - It is another world-class dance facilities just like the others listed above. City Dance Cops want to get you moving. They offer a number of different classes like hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and heels. City Dance Corps has a full team of qualified professionals dancers that can teach anyone how to dance or get better at dancing. 

Superprof - We offer a number of different dance tutors in the Toronto area. Whether your new to the scene or want to learn a new style of dance Superprof has a tutor for you. All of our tutors have the experience and qualifications to get you dancing. We have your first class free to see if we're a good fit for you. Whether you want to learn ballet, hip hop or any other dance style we have a tutor for you. 

All of these dance classes above would a great place to try out. Most places will offer a free session to see if the class is the right fit for you. It’s always a good idea to try outclasses before signing up directly. Don’t just try out one, try out them all pick your favourite one. 

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Two Girls Dancing
Two Girls Dancing. Source: cottonbro, Pexels

Start moving, Start Dancing

Today could be the day you sign up for dance class and finally be ready to step onto the dance floor confidently. Or if your already a good dancer and you want to get better and learn the styles of dance, now is the time. You can feel confident learning with any of the dance instructors above. Are you ready to take that first step? 

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