Picture this. You're standing in a room, you hear music playing and you just have to move your body to the beat. It doesn't matter if you're a good dancer or bad dancer we all do this. If you're alone or around other people it doesn't matter. Our bodies just move to the music. We can all dance. We're not all good dancers, but we all can dance. Although if you are a bad dancer you certainly wish you we're a good dancer. Imagine being able to feel confident in your moves and perform dances like salsa, tango or even hip hop. How would that feel? 

Dancing is one of those things we all can enjoy. As the saying goes; we're all a better dancer than the ones sitting down. Living in Vancouver, there's dancing clubs and classes all around us. Even if you don't go out dancing, it's still apart of our life. We dance at weddings, birthdays or just nights out with friends. Now, someone of us don't dance or we get up on that dance floor and try our best, but imagine you could move to the beat or perform a routine in front of people and feel confident about it. Of course, this would be great.

Dancing to Music
Dancing to Music. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

3 Reasons For Taking A Dance Class 

Everyone is going to fall into one of these 3 categories for taking a dance class. Believe me, everyone is going to benefits from taking a dance regardless of their skill. Dance classes offer to give you the ability to practice. You could always practice out in public but that’s easier said than done. It would feel good to practice your dance moves in private and then show the world your talent. Now’s let’s see what category you fall in to.

  1. You’re bad at dancing - some people are just naturally better dancers. I myself am not one of these people. The music comes on and my body becomes awkward and it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure some of you can relate. You want to take a dance class because you want to get better dancing, plain and simple.
  2. You want to learn a new style - one of the great things about learning dance is there are always new styles to learn. You could have mastered dancing one style and now want to learn some new moves. Dance classes are the perfect and safest way to learn a new style of dance.
  3. You’re looking for something new - Maybe you just want to learn something new. Dancing is something everyone can do which makes it such a great hobby to learn and a fun hobby to learn as well. It gives you a chance to meet new people and just have a good time.

Everyone is going to have at least one of these reasons. Either way, a dance class will benefit you. It can be hard to search for dance lessons on Youtube or the internet. Having a dance instructor with you every step of the way ensures your learning the moves properly. 

Dance Classes In Vancouver

Living in Vancouver you have unlimited access to great dancing classes. If you looking for a type of dance class you can definitely find it. If you’re looking for a place to start check out the dance studios listed below. 

IDance Mt Pleasant - They offer dance classes for all levels of dancers from beginners to professionals. IDance offers dance classes in all styles of dance. This includes hip hop, ballet and contemporary. They have been servicing the Vancouver area and are proud to offer dance classes to everyone. From there reviews and photos it truly seems like a community. IDance created a studio that empowers, encourages and enlightens everyone.

Boogaloo Academy - They offer the finest education for all styles of dance. They want everyone to learn to dance. Boogaloo Academy teaches numerous styles such as street and classical dance. They give all students confidence, excellence and help them become great dancers. They believe dance has the power to create change in the world.

Superprof - At Superprof, we have 100s of dance instructors that want to help Vancouver get better at dancing. Our instructors have the experience and education in dance to help everyone. It doesn't matter if you've never danced before or want to learn a new style our instructors have taught others just like you and know how to teach dance.

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Man and Women Dancing
Man and Women Dancing. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Can You Learn to Dance Online?

The simple answer is yes. Dancing is something you can't read about you have to try it. It's like when your learning to ride a bike. You can read and watch videos about riding a bike, but everyone knows the best way to learn is to just start practicing. Online classes are becoming more popular, especially if we look at the Superprof. Most of our tutors do teach from home. Learning how to dance online offers a lot of benefits. For instance, online dance classes are going to be cheaper than paying for an in-person class. 

You can pay a fortune for having private dance lessons, but paying for online dance classes you're going to be able to pay a cheaper rate. There's a lot less overhead costs when it comes to teaching dance online. Another great benefit of learning how to dance online is the flexibility. It can be hard to find the right time to book a session that's convenient for your dance tutor and you or you can't always make it to structured class time. Online tutoring gives you the ability to book a class when the time is more convenient for you. 

Online dance classes also give you privacy. If you're not quite sure you want to practice dance in front of a group of people, online dance classes give you the ability to practice at home where you feel most comfortable. Of course, online dance classes may not be a great fit for everyone, but they do offer a lot of benefits. It's something everyone should try.

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What Dance Style Should You Learn First? 

There are lots of different dance styles from hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, samba, salsa the list goes on and on. So what style of dance should you learn first? That answer should be based on you. Try out a style of dance that interests you. There’s definitely been a movie or show where the characters danced and you thought it looked fun to try. If you find a dance class you enjoy your going to stick with it. You’re going to more likely to show up to practices and keep learning.

On the other hand, ballet is always recommended for beginners. If your serious about learning to dance I highly recommended starting with ballet. Ballet focuses on technique and fundamentals. After learning the basics of ballet you can take the fundamentals and apply them to other styles of dance which can make learning easier

Ballet shoes
Ballet Shoes. Source: Javon Swaby, Pexels

Start Learning To Dance

Vancouver has amazing dance classes you can learn to dance in. Pick your favourite style of dance and start learning. Vancouver has a dance class out there for you whether that's online or in person. You can learn to dance you just have to take that first step and sign up. Imagine being confident on the dance floor. You might fall in love with dance and make it your new favourite hobby. 

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