German is a great language to learn and it’s only going to get more important in the future. Many employers favour applicants with foreign language skills and the German language is one everyone in Europe should be learning.

Are you a student, working, self-employed, or looking for work?It's time to learn to speak German.

If you want to learn German, there are few better ways than getting private tutorials from a quality educator.

Where can I learn German?
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A quick search will bring up tonnes of results for anyone wanting to learn German online. You think that'd make things easy, right? However, there are so many different people offering you ways to learn the language that you may feel a bit lost. How do you make your mind up?

You first need to look up a few things about German in order to find the solution that will work best for you for learning German!

The Goethe Institut: The German Cultural Institute

The Goethe Institut is based out of Munich but also has a presence in the UK and around the world.

History and Role

Created in 1925, its main goal is to promote German culture and language around the world.

The non-profit organisation built a large network of Goethe centres and lecture halls. There are 2 centres in the UK in London and Glasgow and one centre in Ireland in Dublin.

The Goethe Institut is also home to several German language tests and you can take different types of courses (academic and professional courses) in order to improve your German vocabulary and level.

The Goethe Institut’s German Language Courses

There are plenty of different courses offered by the Goethe Institut for learning German quickly. You have a lot of choice when it comes to different German language courses.

Where are there adult German classes?
Look online for adult German tutorials. (Source: Stephanie)

Depending on your level, you can take lessons on your computer, in a lecture hall, or a mix of both!

Young children can take German A Level preparation courses at a cost of £360.

There are also post-GCSE courses for £365 over a course of 12 weeks.

What about courses for adults?

There are courses that last 8 weeks at a cost of £400 and you can also do an intensive 2-week course for £255 a week.

If you’re preparing for a particular German exam, you can also take courses to get ready for it at the Goethe Institut.

For example, you can prepare for the TestDaF. However, you should remember that the cost of taking the exams isn’t usually included in the price of preparatory courses.

Maybe none of these work for you... You can always head to the institut itself for more information. You could even ask for a personalised quote for private tutorials, for example.

Discover how much German lessons should be with a private tutor.

Academic Support Organisations

Academic support through private tutorials are a great way to learn to a foreign language since you can regularly speak with a German tutor.

Even if you’re not a student, you can always get private tutorials to work on your knowledge of the German language.


If you're taking your first steps into speaking German as a basic learner, you might want to consider Cactus. The company has been around for twenty years and offers every German language course you could possibly think of (as well as courses in other languages).

Check for German classes near me here.

Where can I find German tutorials?
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If you're thinking about doing a German for beginners language course in order to learn some important German words and phrases, they offer both 10-week and 5-week intensive courses.

The 10-week group German courses are available as evening classes in a number of UK cities. The 5-week courses are only available in London and Brighton.


Superprof is a platform that puts students and tutors in contact with one another. Academic support makes up a large part of Superprof's offering.

If you’d like to study German grammar in order to get your degree or just go back over a few conjugations, you can find a tutor on Superprof.

However, adults can find tutors, too. Do you want to get lessons to improve your German speaking or your career prospects? You can with Superprof!

How can I improve my German speaking?
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It’s a simple idea: Once you’ve signed up to Superprof, you just have to choose the rights German tutor. Find the one that meets your expectations, has the right professional experience, and lives in your area.

Your tutor might be a bilingual student, native German speaker, a teacher, or a retired teacher. Make sure you pick the right profile for your needs.

There are no registration fees, you just need to pay the £19 fee to contact a tutor.

German Learning Centres and Language Schools

In addition to German cultural institutes like Goethe, you can also go to language schools or  for German centres for evening classes, for example.

There are also adult night classes organised by local councils for those wanting to learn basic German or study how to speak German fluently. Just check out your local council for more information.

How do you find German tutorials online?
Check for German tutorials online. (Source:

These lessons often take place in a whole variety of different places like community centres, halls, and secondary schools (once their regular students have gone home for the day).

If you’d like to get better at the German language and make some new friends, language lessons at a language school might be just what the doctor ordered.

This also means you’ll be taught by a qualified teacher. However, you can't guarantee that you'll get a native speaker which mightn’t be the best option if you already have an advanced level and just want to refine your speaking.

The cost of these lessons can depend on whether you go to a private organisation or lessons organised by the government as well as the level you’re looking to take.

There are often intensive courses available during the summer.

Find German lessons London (or Bath or Aberdeen) with a native speaker!

On-line German Language Courses

Thanks to the Internet, you can now get German lessons on-line.

There are plenty of sites to learn languages and German is no exception. You can study German phrases and expressions on your phone, too. They generally take an enjoyable approach to learning languages.

You can also keep up to date with your progress. You’ll find german lessons, German grammar resources, interactive activities, on-line dictionaries, etc.

Babbel is one of the most popular language learning references on-line. You can choose a subscription that works for you and grants you access to a number of different services for around £5 a month.

The app is well known and available for both smartphones and tablets and you can use it to get in touch with other German learners. The lessons are broken down into themes like “travelling”, “introducing yourself”, etc.

Altissia is an on-line language learning platform which is a bit more expensive (from around £17 per month). However, it does offer a more personalised approach.

There are also sites that offer free german lessons online if the other sites are out of your budget.
For example,

In terms of free apps, Duolingo is great for those just starting out on their language learning journey. You can study a language for free (there is an ad-free paid version, too) wherever you are.

In addition to German, there are tonnes of other languages (including High Valyrian from Game of Thrones).

German Learning Schools

Would you like to spend time in Germany improving your understanding of the German language? Immersing yourself in German culture and the everyday lives of the natives is a great way to better understand a language.

Is there a better way to learn German than speaking it with native speakers? If you really want to learn German, you should head to a German school in Germany.

There are plenty to choose from.

The universities in Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt offer German language courses for students over the summer.

The Humboldt Institut

The Humboldt Institute also has several centres across Germany offering a huge variety of different courses including: part-time courses, one-on-one intensive courses, and TestDaF preparation courses.

These German lessons can be part of a 2-week course or last much longer. You can take courses that include accommodation and board!

Olesen Tuition

Olesen Tuition offers bespoke German lessons, small group classes and intensive German courses, exam preparation tutorials (GCSE, A-level, IB, Test DaF, Goethe-Institut exams from A1-C2), and in-company German language training in London and online, taught by an Oxford-educated native German tutor with 19 years of teaching experience.

Education First

Why not head off for three or six months (or longer) with a company like EF (Education First). In addition to the courses they offer in the UK, there are plenty of different courses in Germany itself!

Secondary school students, university students, and adults can spend anywhere between 2 weeks and an entire academic year in Germany learning German.

This solution is obviously more costly than some of the others but it does include intensive German lessons in the morning and trips around a real in the afternoon.Studying in Germany as part of an Erasmus programme is also a way to get access to German courses.

There are just so many ways to learn German. You just have to find the organisation or the method that works for you. No more excuses!

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