Biology is a topic that attracts students of all ages and walks of life. Whether you are a small child examining the movements of a caterpillar, a university student studying for an exam in animal behaviour, or a retiree strolling through a botanical garden, the study of biology is rewarding and fascinating. 

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In Edmonton, various schools and organizations offer learning pathways and courses that enable all inquiring minds to learn more about the life sciences. Interested in molecular and cell biology? Want to work in the biomedical field and discover cures for viruses and disease? Curious about all the badgers making Edmonton their habitat? From the degree programs to professional certificates, Edmonton has plenty of options for students looking for career and educational pathways in Biology. Let’s take a closer look at what the city has to offer!

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Why Should You Study Biology?

A study of biology entails learning about the most basic elements of life on Earth, examining the connections between living and non-living things, and the variety of organisms large and microscopic. Biology covers everything from neuroscience and genetics to climate change and animal behaviour, just to name a few.

The extensive breadth of biology as a discipline also makes it foundational for numerous careers. Biology courses and credits are often prerequisite for programs and careers in scientific research, laboratory work, medicine, education, sports, and more. If you are an adult student looking for a new career path, or a secondary school student trying to determine which subjects to take, it is important to know that a study of biology can open up lots of professional options.

research bacteria in a biology program
The study of biology encompasses all things microscopic. Source: Pixabay

The Best Places to Study Biology in Edmonton

As Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton bustles with activity and a growing, diverse population. Studying here is exciting thanks to its fun festivals and lively restaurant scene. The city is also home to various universities, colleges, and schools. Being in a major energy producing region, Edmonton’s schools are unique with classes that focus on protecting and understanding the area’s ecosystems, which are impacted regularly by industry. And let’s not forget how passionate locals are about wildlife and conservation.

The program and school you select will depend on your level of study and the career you plan to pursue. We hope you find our guide helpful!

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Get your High School Biology Credit

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Learn about all forms of life in a Biology program. Source: Pixabay

While adult students may balk at the possibility of returning to high school, Edmonton students will be pleased to find good options for obtaining the much needed credits required to get into the college or university of their dreams. 

The Centre High Campus of Edmonton Public School offers one great option for adult students. Partnered with post secondary schools like the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and MacEwan University, Centre High Campus offers a unique program that allows students to get the credentials they need to pursue higher learning or complete a high school diploma. Students can also check out Metro Continuing Education to get biology credits in the evenings or on the weekends, a must for students who are already in the workforce. International students should also have a look at NorQuest College, which offers plenty of options for academic upgrading and bridging into post-secondary studies.

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Find a Certificate or Diploma Program from a College

Edmonton has college diploma and certificate programs that can connect you to careers in areas like environmental management and health sciences. Getting into any college program will likely require a High School diploma and Biology credits, so make sure you have your courses checked before you apply.

So why choose a college program if you are interested in biology? College programs can accelerate your entry into the job market if you are looking to get your career started, and may even give you the certification you require to practice a profession. Many programs are even designed for Bachelor of Science graduates - so make sure you check out the options colleges offer!

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The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is a polytechnical school offering diplomas in biological sciences technology: environmental monitoring assessment, conservation biology, and laboratory research. NAIT’s Health and Life Sciences department also has programs in the areas of medical care, animal care, and dentistry. Another great college to check out is NorQuest college, where you can find programs that train you for a supporting role in the medical and veterinary fields. 

Take a University Level Biology Program

research biology in universities
Study biology in a university setting. Source: Pixabay

Edmonton is home to universities that are recognized across Canada for excellence in teaching and research. The University of Alberta is a top school offering undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education courses in the biological sciences. If you are interested in becoming a science teacher, you will find programs that combine the study of biology with pedagogy. 

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Concordia University of Edmonton is another institution with great Biology programs, especially for those who are passionate about conservation and the environment. You can get a Bachelor of Science that combines a focus in Environmental Science, or emphasize studies in Cellular and Molecular Biology or Integrative Biology. Check out their website for their course offerings in intriguing topics like virology, conservation, plant physiology, human anatomy, microbiology, and Field Ecology in Alberta.

Edmonton’s MacEwan University and King’s University also have degree offerings in biology: make sure you weigh all your options before sending off your applications!

Study Biology Online through Open Courses

Science enthusiasts may find it worthwhile to consider massive open online courses (MOOCs) if a degree or diploma is not required. The world’s highest ranking schools - MIT, Harvard and even local institutions like the University of Alberta - offer free courses open to anyone. Some MOOCs you might find are:

  • Biology Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience
  • Principles of Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Animal Behaviour

These classes allow you to move at your own pace and enable you to experience learning at a top school without the hassles of assignments and tests.You can even get a certificate to verify completion, for a reasonable fee.

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Find a Private Biology Tutor at Superprof

Whether you are a high school student or grad school bound, getting a private tutor on your side can make a critical difference. Private biology tutors can personalize learning according to your needs, and sites like Superprof make it easy to find the right teacher for you. You can find tutors that are well-read and knowledgeable in anything from molecular biology to ecology, and they can help you review for a course or provide feedback on your assignments.

In a tutorial learning environment, you will find a perfect supplement to the “one size fits all” instruction offered in large group classes. The right tutor on your team can help you move forward in your studies and push you to the next level. Imagine the benefits of taking a Marine Science course with a tutor that has already taken a similar course, or has even majored in the topic. With a tutor, you can feel more confident when the next test pops up, and have the advantage of having an extra set of eyes to proofread your work so you can improve.

Check out Superprof and find a knowledgeable science tutor that can work with your schedule and learning needs.

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