Living in Vancouver you’ve most likely seen movies or shows being filmed or you’ve seen Hollywood actors walking the streets. Vancouver has so many opportunities like these all around the city. It’s exciting to see movies or shows being shot, but it’s more exciting if you're an actor. You are that much closer to living out your dream of getting an acting gig. A lot of actors we’ll either beginner or experienced actors will start to ask themselves if they should take acting classes. The answer to this question should be yes.

Acting classes can be an asset to your career. Acting classes will help you work on acting skills that will give you an edge over the competition. It could be the reason you get a role in a movie or show or get a call back from an audition. Professional actors are always looking to improve and become the best. Acting classes help them exceed that goal. Acting is tough. You are constantly looking to beat out so many other actors. Practicing and perfecting your craft you’ll be the easy choice for any part. The acting class can help you work on several skills such as cold reading, audition techniques, voice acting, memoirs and so many other things. Nobody is the perfect actor but with the help of acting classes, you can get better.

Actors being prepared for a scene.
Actors being prepared for a scene. Source: Kyle Loftus. Pexels.

Benefits of Taking an Acting Class

If you've been debating whether an acting class is right for you, the answer is yes. It's tough being an actor. Everyone is always looking to get ahead and get that part in a film or movie. By taking an acting class you're getting the advantage of more skills under your belt. You'll be enrolling in an acting class that focuses on a certain skill. You'll be able to perfect this skill and ace your next audition. An acting class is also a great way to make connections. Your teacher will have friends in the industry that might be able to help you get hired or at the very least be in the know for an audition coming up. You can also make long-lasting friends in your acting class. During your acting class, you'll be around like-minded people that share the same goals and passion for acting as you do.

Enrolling an acting school will give you more benefits to enrolling for a class. An acting school will teach you everything you need to know about acting from start to finish. A class will only focus on one skill. Acting schools are perfect for new actors. It'll give you the skill set needed to get started. Experienced actors tend to only take acting classes. Usually, there is a skill they need help with so they can enroll in a  class that only focuses on that school. Whatever method of acting class you choose you'll be an asset to anybody looking to hire you. You'll be the easy choice to play a part in.

Find Acting Classes in Vancouver

Vancouver is notorious for having Hollywood movies shot around the city. Movies like X-Men, Deadpool and Planet of the Apes. Vancouver is a great city for anybody looking to pursue a career in acting. You are going to be able to be around movie or film productions as well as theatre. Along with Vancouver having a big scene, there have been numerous world-class acting classes that have shown up around the city. We’ll list the top ones down below.

ActorVan - They are a top acting school in Vancouver. They teach several different acting classes. ActorVan provides a welcoming environment for new actors as well as challenges experienced actors giving everyone a good experience that enters the studio. All of these coaches have made their way onto the big screen and have the teaching experience to help you become the best. ActorVan tailors to more beginners, but everyone can benefit from visiting them.

Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts - They offer numerous options for acting classes. You can enrol in there acting diploma or enrol in part-time classes. They’ve been teaching acting to Vancouver for over 10 years. Over 80% of there students achieve placement on an agent's roster. Their past students have also been featured on numerous shows and movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey, Stranger Things, and 50/50 just to name a few. Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts would be a great start for anybody looking to get started in Acting.

Vancouver Film School - One of Vancouver’s top Film and televisions schools. They have an amazing acting diploma that will give you the skills needed to become a great actor. They’ve had students work on films like Captain Marvel, Spiderman and Game of Thrones. Vancouver film school focuses on providing an exceptional experience while being enrolled. They will support you from the time you sign up right through graduation. You are going to learn from top industry professionals as well as learn everything you need to know to start your career as an actor after graduation.

We always recommended speaking with your teacher beforehand. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the teaching style and you can ask the necessary questions. Most classes will also offer a free session. Again this gives you the chance to experience the class before making that cost commitment. You can also speak with past students to see how they benefited from the class. You don't want to end up paying for an acting class you don't enjoy going too. You want to make sure you're going to benefit from the class. This is why we recommended speaking with your teacher beforehand.

Lots of acting classes to check out in Vancouver.
Lots of acting classes to check out in Vancouver. Source: Brayden Law

Online vs In-Person Acting Classes in Vancouver

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the world’s changing times online classes provide the perfect solution. Online acting classes will offer the same benefits as in-person you just get to learn from the comfort of your own home. Online classes can also be cheaper than traditional classes because the overhead costs of teaching are a lot lower. You would just need a camera and a microphone to get started. A lot of people love the online class experience. You just have to open your laptop and start. You’ll never be late because of your commute. Online classes do take some time to get used too and you won't have that in-person feel, but your online teacher will make the experience easier to transition too.

Superprof - They have 100s of acting tutors in the Vancouver area. Superprof offers classes online and in-person sessions giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn. Their acting tutors have the experience and qualifications to get you to become a better actor effectively and efficiently. They’ve taught so many other students just like you and now it’s your turn.

Actor being filmed on set.
Actor being filmed on set. Source: cottonbro, Pexels

Join an Acting Class Today

Now is the time to join an acting class. Enrolling an acting class is the best thing you’ll for your acting career. It’s an investment that will last you a lifetime. Living in Vancouver you have the perfect opportunity of becoming an actor. You have big Hollywood shows and movies around you. You also have world-class theatre performances. Lastly, you have some of the top acting schools in Canada. Don't wait any longer to pursue your career as an actor.

Interested in learning about acting classes around Canada. Check out acting classes in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, or Toronto. For a completed guide of acting classes check out Acting Classes in Canada.

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