So, you may have tried to pick up some Hindi words and phrases online, with the use of apps or even by listening to podcasts, but perhaps these haven't worked for you. Every learner works differently and gains knowledge at a different pace so, particularly if you're in a hurry to learn a new language, then you may need to turn to lessons with a real-life instructor.

When we say 'real-life', we mean human as opposed to digital!

However, you can still get help from a human personal tutor online, without the need to actually travel to a class. Online learning is one of the most convenient and cheapest options for many students these days, saving precious time and money and meaning that second language lessons can be conducted to fit your lifestyle.

You can opt for online lessons if you can only work in the evenings.
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Learning Hindi Online

Learning Hindi online is, in fact, easier than trying to learn Hindi at school in the UK - simply because few educational establishments offer Indian languages as a subject.

For example, your average public school will offer subjects on the UK curriculum like English, French, Spanish, and German.

With the wide reach of the Internet, however, we have access to a range of courses and tutors originating from all over the world.

Your options for language learning online are to sign up to an online study programme, use online learning materials to educate yourself, or find a private tutor who can motivate and guide you on your language learning journey.

So, where do you start when looking for Hindi lessons? How do you syphon out those free courses from the paid ones? Below we will take a look at online study options, and help you to identify the best path for you.

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Hindi Lessons Online

If you are looking for a course that you can dip in and out of online, then there is no use in going to your local library or college as they will most probably only be advertising courses that take place in your region. Also, think how much more scope you'll have to find an array of courses if you don't restrict yourself to courses in your village or town!

For you digital learners, the best place to start, as usual, is by searching the Internet for suitable lessons.

Firstly, use your search bar to look for online courses, tutors offering online services and more, and once you have a feel for what is out there, then we suggest you sit back and think hard about what it is you want to gain from the experience.

You might like to search for keywords like 'teaching excellence', 'Hindi candidate', 'Hindi for secondary school', 'become bilingual in Hindi', 'diploma in Hindi', 'language pupil', or Hindi grammar and vocabulary workshops'.

Start taking basic Hindi lessons here.

Use your preferred search engine to look for a suitable teacher or course.
The best place to start your search is by browsing the Internet! Photo on VisualHunt

At this point, you should be able to reconsider your reasons for learning Hindi, how quickly you wish to master the language, what sort of timetable you can commit to, how much you can afford to pay, and whether you want one to one tuition (whether by video call or email) or if you are happy to follow a virtual set up and solve problems on your own as you go.

Learn Hindi Online Free

With some resources like DuoLingo, Rocket Languages, Babbel and HindiPod101, you can benefit from some free lessons, with the opportunity to pay for a subscription if you wish to advance further.

There is no better option, as each tool is different to the other and may have features that appeal to some more than others.

HindiPod101 is a podcast-style website which additionally offers you the opportunity to work with and talk to a dedicated online tutor, which could be hugely advantageous to those who respond well to a bit of one-to-one tuition.

All of the above, however, are general language courses which don't necessarily take into consideration your unique circumstances, preferred learning methods or prior knowledge.

Tailored Online Hindi Lessons Don't Come Free

While you can find resources like the above, along with free international blogs offering you mini-tutorials, no teacher is going to be able to offer their full teaching services without some remuneration. Therefore, unless you are lucky enough to know someone who speaks Hindi fluently and is willing to tutor you for no charge at all, or you are able to learn a language swiftly by simply chatting online to a person who has Hindi as their mother tongue, then you will need to accept the fact that you must pay for language lessons.

Learn Hindi Online For A Small Fee

Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet is a website and flexible learning tool which helps new starters to grasp the Hindi language.

Like many online resources, this website allows you to learn around your own schedule, offering you a variety of lessons to pick and choose from to fit your lifestyle. No more rushing around to get to class on time!

You don't have to commit to a whole programme of study all at once either, you can choose to pay for a single class or book an entire course depending on your preference, financial situation, and your goals.

The success of this website is most of all down to its native, experienced Hindi teachers who can offer lively, fun and interesting conversations in their mother tongue language. The interactive lessons make it so that you are never left wondering if a pronunciation or meaning is right!

Finally, the language learning tool allows you to customise your learning experience by creating tailor-made lessons to match your goals and individual priorities.


One of the best ways to find an experienced Hindi tutor is to consult Superprof, a leading platform for tutors and students to connect and form working partnerships. With the use of Superprof's user-friendly website, you can instantly locate tutors offering Hindi language services in your area, as well as those who are able to offer online tuition.

You can find a tutor at Superprof, where there are many experienced teachers who can meet your needs.
A private tutor may be willing to hold group lessons or can provide webinars for varying numbers of pupils. Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg on Visual hunt

Furthermore, you can filter your search to show only native speakers, if you so wish, and can choose which level of education you require (i.e. primary school, college, adult education etc...) or simply which level you believe you are working at (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

The average rate per hour for a Hindi tutor is £11, but prices range from around £5 per lesson to £30 per hour.

Be sure to read about your prospective tutor and take advantage of the one free lesson policy so that you can get a feel for their teaching methods and work out if you think you will get along in a professional student-teacher manner. Remember, the cost does not always reflect the person's experience and qualifications (the cheapest tutors are not necessarily the least successful at teaching learners and the pricier ones are not always the top teachers) but, that said, you do get what you pay for so don't be reluctant to pay for a good tutor and then complain that you haven't learned what you had wanted to!

Just like when you seek quotes for work being done in your house, it is a good idea to pick around three tutors who you are drawn to and give each of them a chance to become your tutor. Be up front and tell them that you are unsure of your decision so that this gives them the opportunity to tell you why you should pick them and how they may be able to help you. It may be that they have a trait or have experienced something that really speaks to you.

It is important to have a good relationship with your tutor so that you look forward to your lessons with positivity instead of dreading each time you come into contact.

If you choose a tutor who does not live nearby, the chances are that they will set you work by sending you documents, and will also schedule some face to face catch ups via Skype or video call to ensure that you benefit from speaking and listening exercises as well as reading and writing work and quizzes.

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A Quick Note For Those Seeking Hindi Teaching Jobs

With very few opportunities to become an elementary school teacher in England with Hindi as your top discipline, many professionals wishing to teach Hindi will often have to turn to online teaching. That said, there is no harm in looking at vacancies for teaching jobs specialising in part-time student teaching of uncommon languages.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider a teaching career as an ESL teacher, enabling you to mix your love for Hindi with English and be an English teacher to native Hindi speakers.

However, if Hindi is the only subject you wish to teach, then you might like to consider teaching abroad. While staffing for the Hindi language is sought after in many countries other than India itself, places like Australia may soon be on the lookout for more accredited and passionate Hindi language teachers in the future.

Keep an eye out for openings at an international school to see what opportunities lie ahead of you.

Finally, if teaching abroad isn't something that particularly appeals to you and you would prefer to stay put in England where you can speak English and a bit of Hindi here and there, then you may wish to set up your own tutoring service or sign up for teaching jobs on online platforms like Superprof and other sites for teachers.

In the meantime, you could look at vacancies for substitute teachers or even return to educate yourself to gain another diploma in a different area of further education.

As a teacher, the Internet can be equally useful for you too! For more information on continuing your teaching career in Hindi, why not try searching keywords such as 'become a teacher of Hindi', 'staffing', 'hiring teaching assistant', 'language academies', 'looking for jobs as a qualified teacher', 'teacher certification', 'education jobs', 'job fair', and 'seeking professional development'.

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