Promotions and salary increases are job aspects that employees look forward to each year. Not only does a rise in rank and additional income prove to be beneficial in one’s current financial and social situation, but it also guarantees a brighter future for his or her career.

So, in order to increase the chances of being a candidate for promotions, one has to excel and prove that he or she has what the company needs. Hence, this necessitates constantly improving your skills and becoming an even more indispensable  asset. 

This is particularly true for the It industry. Developments happen everyday and what was trend a month ago may no longer be relevant by the next year. Therefore, IT professionals need to keep up and keep learning as they go. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of continuously upgrading your IT skills and the different institutions in Montréal to help you do just that. 

Advantages of Continuously Upgrading Your IT Skills

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Improving yourself has always been beneficial. If there was ever a time it wasn’t, maybe it was because you chose the wrong things to improve on. 

As for IT professionals, the things that they mainly need to constantly upgrade are the skills needed for their job. Although, there’s also nothing to lose to learn skills that have yet to catch traction.

But in general, this industry is very much skill-based thus the need to continuously learn new things. To convince you to develop this habit, listed below are the top advantages of learning new skills regularly. 

Increased Professional Competitiveness

It may seem like a huge expense, considering that classes don’t come cheap. But instead of seeing it as an expense, look at it as an investment for you and your career. 

Learning new skills doesn’t just add more pages to your resume, it also increases your professional value in the eyes of employers. To them, employing a person who is knowledgeable about a lot of things will become useful. 

And with an increased professional value, you get to negotiate your salary and benefits when the time comes. So, allot some budget for these skills and be on your merry way towards a higher salary range. 

Increased Productivity and Self-Confidence

This advantage is quite related to the previous one. The increase in productive and self-confidence increases your professional value. But that also means that you’ll be seeing an increase in your personal value as well. 

For the IT industry, the improvement or upgrading of skills doesn’t necessarily mean completely different skills. More often than not, it’s just the understanding of the developments in specific fields and adding better ones on top of the current skill set. 

But regardless of this, this upgrade definitely leads to an increase in productivity and self-confidence. Tasks may become easier with these new knowledge which may lead to an increase in confidence to finish projects or tasks. 

Increased Career Opportunities

As a result of the increase in productivity, self-confidence, and competitiveness, your skills will serve as keys to new doors you couldn’t open before. You’ll be transported to a different corporate level and you’ll have more options than before. 

The more career opportunities you have, the easier it is to climb the corporate ladder and rich the top spot in no time.

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IT Courses You Can Find in Montréal

The city of Montréal is known for the international events that it hosts each year. But there’s more to this francophone city than just these anticipated events. 

The city is packed with world-renowned institutions that attract students from all over the globe. Each institution caters to different fields and programs in different industries and offers state-of-the-art facilities that make them worth every dollar spent. 

So if you’re an IT aspirant or professional looking to study in this city, here are some of the institutions you might want to consider. 

McGill University - School of Continuing Studies

McGill University is known to be one of the leading universities in Canada—especially in Montréal. It has earned its reputation as a leader in continuing education because of its innovative programs, engaging professors, and diverse student community. 

There are no restrictions to whoever can study at this university which makes it an ideal option for professionals, employees, employers, and lifelong learners. The variety of learners also make this university a great place to learn real-life experiences beyond the curriculum. 

This institution recognizes the need to offer daytime, evening, and weekend courses to accommodate the busy schedules of professionals.

Currently they offer different kinds of IT courses similar to Edmonton. They have a Certificate on Computers and Information Technology where learners get to discover the exciting opportunities through interactive learning. 

Their Diploma on Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence allows learners to acquire the relevant skills to help them adapt to the ever-changing market. Topics will cover education in digital marketing and the world of online business. 

You can also opt to get a Professional Development Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning. Here you can learn about machine learning, data mining, data management, data visualization, and application of statistical analysis. 

Concordia University - Continuing Education

Offering distinct opportunities to their students, Concordia Continuing Education is best known for their motto, “Your Training Ground for Life”. The quality of education is based on giving   students better personal, professional, and organizational growth 

This university also invites professionals to share their experiences and skills to provide students with trendsetting training and valuable knowledge sources. 

Currently, the institution offers several certificate courses and diploma programs in the field of information technology. Check out some of the courses in list below: 

  • Big Data 
  • Big Data Systems Management 
  • Cyber Resilience 
  • Data Science 
  • Java Applications Development 
  • Programming Fundamentals with Java
  • PHP/ MySQL Applications Development
  • Web Development 
  • Server Side Apps & Services Development with Java

The University of Toronto also offers certificate courses similar to Concordia’s. If you want to study in the huge city of Toronto, better check the institution out. 

Montréal College of Information Technology 

Delivering job-ready programs to students, the Montréal College of Information Technology provides quality higher learning for students. The college has state-of-art-technologies and experienced instructors to provide quality education. 

It was founded in 2006 and has since produced more than 5,000 graduates who immediately found employment after graduation. 

The school also provides assistance to students who are still unsure of what program to pursue in college. If there’s one thing about this institution, it’s that they’re highly supportive all throughout a student’s life—even during career placement. 

They currently have three kinds of diploma programs: Fast Track, International Students Program, and Standard Program. Under the fast track program are the following diplomas: 

  • Networking and Technical Support
  • Specialization - Programmer Analyst (Full Stack Java Developer)
  • Specialization - Programmer Analyst (Web App Development)
  • Web Development and Digital Marketing

Some of the programs under the international students program are the following:

  • Business Intelligence and Visualization Analyst
  • Business Intelligence and Visualization Analyst (Big Data Developer)
  • Business Analyst of Information Technology
  • Web Development and Digital Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Software Testing
  • Computer Science Technician (Programmer Analyst)

LaSalle College of Montréal

The LaSalle College of Montréal was founded by Jean-Paul Morin in 1959. It’s a subsidized private post-secondary educational institution that provides professional, college, and pre-university training. 

It’s also known as the largest bilingual college in North America, located right at the heart of Montréal. It has five specialty schools, one of them being Business and Technologies. It’s an international school that provides dynamic and complete training. 

Moreover, close collaboration with several industries are achieved through practical training.

Here are the following programs offered at this school:

  • Computer Science Technology - Programming
  • Computer Science Technology - Network and Security Management
  • Specialization in Business Intelligence
  • Mobile and Web Application Development for Mobile Devices in Information Technology
  • Network Management (Cisco and Management)
  • Information Technology Programmer-Analyst
  • Computer Science Technology 

Similar courses can be found at Douglas College in Vancouver. If you want to study in this livable city, best to learn more about what the college has to offer. 

SuperProf Private IT Tutors

If you absolutely want a fast and easy way to learn, you might want to consider finding a tutor on Superprof. This is an online digital platform wherein you can learn different courses and coding languages from professionals who have real-life experiences.

On the website, you’ll see the list of professionals near you and relevant information such as their description, rates, and reviews made by former students. All these will help you find the most suitable tutor for you. 

Through this option, you get to decide on your schedule and the things that you want to learn. Moreover, you also get to have your first session for free to talk about your goals and what you expect from sessions. 

So if you want a more flexible and convenient way to learn IT, start looking for your tutors in Montréal today!

You can also find Superprof tutors in Calgary

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Constantly upgrading your skills should be a habit that all people should cultivate, especially IT professionals. It’s a habit that bears fruit a lot of opportunities, both in one’s personal and professional life. 

If you’re an IT professional looking to improve your skills or learn completely different ones, run through the list above and choose the best method to learn. 

You might also want to study in the capital city, Ottawa! Surely, you’ll find tons of job opportunities there as well. 

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