One of the many reasons why people choose to take up certain diploma or degree programs is the job opportunities that await once they finish it. The world of today holds a lot of uncertainties and people just want to make sure they’ll have something to feed them in the future. 

Different degrees lead to different career paths and some just have more options than others. If you’re looking for a stable industry with abundant career opportunities, consider taking up an IT program.

Technology is more important than ever and one of the driving forces is the IT industry. With this stability, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll still have a job years from now—given that you also strive to improve yourself.

Learn more about these job opportunities and the different places where you can study IT in Ottawa.

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Job Opportunities for IT Graduates

As mentioned, the IT industry is one of the most stable industries today given that almost everything is becoming dependent on its developments. More and more people see the need to innovate and incorporate technology into their businesses which increases the demand for IT professionals. 

With that being said, the industry covers a lot of different topics and has a wide range of courses that people can choose to specialize in. But just like in every industry, there’s always a job out there for you. 

So, without further ado, here are the job opportunities that IT graduates have:

Technical Support

The number of information and computer systems in the world has grown and yet there still doesn’t seem to be enough people to monitor and maintain them. This is one of the reasons why technical support professionals are one of the most common jobs. 

These professionals are known as the troubleshooters of the industry and they are highly valuable to any company they work for. The knowledge and skills they have save the company from the worst technical disasters that could lead to huge problems in the long run. 

Although this is usually an entry job, it’s a great way to enter the market and climb the corporate ladder easily. 

Software Developer

A lot of companies are now seeking to put up their own applications, programs, and websites which increases the need for software developers. Going digital is the trend and everybody is riding it. 

IT graduates, given the right knowledge, have plenty of opportunities to become a software developer in different industries. Using the necessary tools, these professionals can either work on their own or with teams in tech companies. 

It mostly requires a degree and training but as long as you show interest and are keen in learning the ropes, there will always be an opportunity for you as a developer. 

Systems Analyst

Given the name analyst, these professionals analyze the current systems and verify what needs to improve, changed, or added. A lot of companies look for systems analysts because they’re afraid to miss out or lack what their customers are looking for. 

These professionals can also act as consultants and train current employees on how to improve or maintain their current system, if they don’t already know that. Most of the time, systems analysts travel—so if you’re a fan of that, this could be the job for you.

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Various Computer Courcanadases and Programs in Ottawa

As the capital city of Canada, the abundance of institutions offering quality education is a given. But Ottawa is not just known for the quality of education it can offer, it’s also known for the quality of living one can experience here. 

A combination of quality education and a great living experience entices a lot of students—and migrants—from all over the world to come and live in this city. 

So if you plan on doing just that, here are the IT programs and courses you can take once you get here: 

University of Ottawa

Known as the largest bilingual university in the world, the University of Ottawa is the one of the top universities in the country and in the world. It’s located at the centre of the capital city, making it accessible to students. 

In relation to it being the largest bilingual school, it’s also the largest law school in the country. It offers more than 450 programs in 10 different faculties and caters to more than 40,000 students each year from all over the globe. 

It places heavy emphasis on transformative learning, effective governance, and a sustained commitment to the community to produce graduates that will be successful in their chosen career paths. 

The university currently offers the following programs related to information technology:

  • Honours BSc in Computer Science
  • Honours BSc in Computer Science, Data Science Option
  • Honours BSc in Computer Science, Management, and Entrepreneurship Option
  • Major in Computer Science
  • BASc in Computer Engineering
  • BASc in Computer Engineering, Engineering Management, and Entrepreneurship Option

LaSalle College of Montréal offers similar courses if you want to study in the francophone city for a different kind of environment. 

Algonquin College

Established in 1967, Algonquin College was named by the First Nations people who were residents of the area. It was formed when the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology and Ontario Vocational Centre merged in 1967. 

The college aims to be a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning. Because of this, the college provides quality education and outstanding student services to its learners. 

Its administration is also highly focused on helping students attain success by providing them strategic partnerships and access to relevant skills training. 

As for their IT related programs, they currently offer a variety of diploma, online, and bachelor’s degree programs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Technology)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Systems Development)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Resource Management)
  • Cisco Networking Administration
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Geographic Information Systems

You can also find similar programs in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. Check the programs out if you want a change in scenery.

Carleton University

Carleton University is known as Canada’s capital university and sits beside an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal. It sits on unceded Algonquin territory and was founded in 1942 to help veterans returning from World War II. 

The university is also quite known for its inclination to innovation in research, learning, and teaching. Classes provide hands-on experience and students have access to student support outside the classroom.  

Graduates from this university are distinguished for having the desire to change the world and becoming entrepreneurs themselves. 

Currently, they have the following programs under the information technology department

  • Network Technology 
  • Information Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science

All of these programs have a co-op work experience which allows them to have industry experience even before they graduate.

If you’re interested in studying in 

Willis College

Willis College was founded in 1866, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in the city. It has been recognized as one of the best colleges in Ottawa and has since been committed to delivering excellent skills training to students. 

The college is also quite suitable for those who want to study in an environment that quickly adapts to industry changes and emerging demands. Despite being quite old, this college doesn’t refrain from innovation and upgrading according to the times. 

It currently offers a couple of information technology programs for students: 

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Network Security Professional
  • Software Developer - Mobile Applications

The Toronto School of Management also offers a diploma program in cyber security. If you want to study in Toronto, better check this one out. 

Learn IT Through Private Tutoring

Another way that you can learn IT in Ottawa is by hiring your own private tutor. These tutors are professionals who have all the experience you’ll need when it comes  to learning the relevant hard and soft skills for your career goals. 

One of the easiest ways to find your own private tutor is through Superprof. This online platform connects you to educators in your area, regardless if you’re in Ottawa, Calgary, or any other city in Canada. 

Learning IT Through Tutoring in Ottawa. Source: Pixabay

Here, you can find a list of profiles along with their descriptions and rates. You can also find reviews made by their former students so you can gauge on what type of tutor they will be with you. 

An advantage of private tutoring is the lessons are tailored according to your learning curve and personal goals. Moreover, you get to negotiate your schedule depending on your availability so it won’t be in conflict with your other appointments. 

Interested in private tutoring? Visit Superprof today!


The stability of any industry is one of the main things that people look out for when they’re deciding on what career to pursue. Not having to worry about whether your knowledge and skills will feed you is one less burden off anybody’s shoulder. 

Now that we’ve established IT as a stable one, be sure to check out the list of IT courses above so you’ll find the right institution for your program or certification course. You might also want to consider tutoring to help you learn better in your classes.

You might also want to study in one of the most livable cities in the country, as well. Check out IT programs in Vancouver!

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