Where to teach Italian? It’s an important question if you're thinking about teaching Italian for a career, but teaching Italian can also be a part-time or casual job the choice is yours. Teaching Italian in Canada you'll have a lot of different opportunities. You can teach Italian privately, online or in a school setting. After getting qualified to teach Italian you’ll have the choice of where and who you want to teach. There are going to be different qualifications needed for depending on where you teach Italian. You should have an idea where you want to teach before getting the qualifications. This way you can follow the right path and not waste any time. In this article we’ll touch base on all the opportunities you can have as an Italian teacher as well as the qualifications that are recommended for each.

Types of Jobs as an Italian Teacher

Thinking about different jobs means you also thinking about where to work for those jobs. Working as an Italian teacher you have a lot of different options for teaching. Each place is going to benefit some more than others. If you're unsure about where to teach Italian you can reach out to local teachers in your area. They would more than happy to explain why they love teaching Italian. You can also job shadow at a local school or language class. It can be a good way to get a feel for what teaching Italian will be like as well as you can gain experience.

Teach Italian Privately - An easy choice for teaching Italian is working privately as a tutor. Working as an Italian tutor means you’ll have your own schedule and be your own boss. Italian tutors have a lot of freedoms working. The entry requirements are also low for being an Italian tutor. You would just need teaching experience and be able to speak Italian to get started. Although tutoring Italian does have a lot of positives there are some negatives. For instance, you have to get your clients. This can be tough getting your first couple of clients. You don't have the guarantee of a consistent schedule with consistent pay. Italian tutoring can be a great option for those looking to be their boss and teach Italian.

Teach Italian in a School - The go-to choice for those looking to teach Italian is in school. Teaching Italian in schools means you’ll have steady pay, a good schedule and job security. The problem can arise with getting a job. Italian teaching jobs can be hard to come by. Grade schools don't typically teach Italian. Working at high school you’ll most likely have to teach another subject and won't be able to focus only on Italian. A great opportunity for teaching Italian in school would be getting a job at your local university or college. You work with students that have a passion for language and you can focus on teaching the thing you love. Working as an Italian teacher in school does have some needed qualifications. You going to at least need a 4-year degree for an entry-level position. Depending on your province you might also need an extra 2 years at teachers' college. Don’t let the negatives get in the way of wanting to teach Italian in school. It can be positive for you.

Teach Italian with Language Classes - Aside from tutoring and teaching Italian in school you can work with your local language classes. The requirement for becoming a teacher has a low entry point. You would at least needed teaching experience and the ability to speak Italian. Teaching Italian here means you would be able to focus on only teaching Italian. You wouldn't have to worry about teaching other subjects or searching for more clients. You’ll have the option of working with individuals or classes or adults or kids. These italic classes are typically more laid back. A lot of students enrolling are looking for a fun hobby to pick up.

Teach Italian Online - Although all the options above offer online learning we wanted online to have its category. Teaching Italian online can a lot of benefits. You can teach Italian anywhere in the world.  You’ll also have more reach to teach people Italian. They could be local to you or across the world. To teach Italian online you're going to need a good internet connection and a good laptop to get started

As you can see there are plenty of job opportunities working as an Italian teacher and you don't have to settle for just one. A good way to gain experience in teaching in a school is working privately. Once you gain enough knowledge of the Italian language you can start offering tutoring services. You'll gain experience working as a teacher which will help build your resume for other Italian jobs.

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Teach Italian online for more freedom.
Teach Italian online for more freedom. Source: Bongkarn Thanyakij, Pexels

What Qualifications Do You Need to Teach Italian in Canada?

Depending on where you want to teach Italian your qualifications are going to be different, but everyone teaching Italian will need teaching experience and be fluent in Italian. It’s not enough to only know Italian to start teaching you to need the teaching experience. Understanding Italian doesn't mean you're going to instantly be good at teaching Italian. Good teachers can inspire, lead and motivate their students. They also have exceptional communication skills. They need to be able to explain the material in a clear and concise manner. The better you are at these two skills the more likely you’ll be able to succeed as an Italian teacher. Being a master in the Italian language will help you answer any question your student will have. You’ll have a better understanding of concepts like grammar and vocabulary. These things will make you a better Italian teacher. Imagine having a science teacher and they didn't understand the concept they're teaching it would be awful. As a teacher, you should know the ins and outs of the subjects in your teaching and know the factors that affect your students

If you are looking for ways to increase your knowledge in Italian or start learning Italian you can work with a Superprof tutor. They have 100s of Italian tutors all over Canada that are ready to help you master the Italian language. They have the experience and knowledge to teach you Italian. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to earn Italian when you want to learn.

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Good teachers know how to communicate well.
Good teachers know how to communicate well. Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Work as an Italian Teacher in Canada

Teaching Italian will lead you to a rewarding job. You could work as an Italian teacher part-time, casually or even turn it into a full-time job. If you're unsure about working as an Italian teacher you should speak with other Italian teachers of all types. They'll have different experiences working in a school, privately or online. You may find the perfect workplace for you. Knowing Italian already is a huge plus, but if you're new to Italian you can start learning today. You could be fluent in Italian is as little as 24 weeks. As you continue to learn you can make connections in the industry and start on the right path working as an Italian teacher.

You're offering your students more opportunities professionally and personally, but you're giving yourself the same thing. To be able to have an impact on a student's life is an incredible experience that not every profession has the chance. You'll love working as an Italian teacher. Find out the setting you want to teach in and start making the right steps towards this incredible profession.

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