Studying any topic or curriculum, in general, will always have its challenges or setbacks. Geniuses may have it easy and will tread a relatively bright path, but for most of us who have normal brains, our learning path may be a little bumpy or rough.

This is especially true when it comes to studying law in Canada. If there’s another thing as hard as literally saving a person’s life, it’s defending it.

Law school has always been perceived as a challenging journey, mainly because there’s a lot of laws you need to familiarize with and a thousand cases you have to understand and absorb. Although not all lawyers work the same, they still go through the same paths.

In Edmonton, there are several notable law schools that aspiring lawyers study in just like Toronto. These law schools are known to be a little challenging, so, if you’re an aspiring lawyer, read on to know more about the challenges of becoming one.

Like what they say, it’s best to come prepared to any battle, even if you know you’d most likely win—after all, that’s the goal, right?

Also, continue reading to know how you can make your law studies much easier and where to find these magical hands for help.

Challenges of Becoming a Lawyer

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You might be wondering why you have to read all about these challenges. No, we’re not scaring you. In fact, we’re preparing you for the battle that you’re about to face.

Studying to become a lawyer is, by no means, a no-brainer. You’ll probably stay up all night reading and learning everything you can before the next recitation happens whether you be in Toronto or Calgary. But don’t fret, by reading everything you can about the challenges you’ll potentially face, you can prepare your mind, soul, and body for the inevitable.

So, without further ado, here are the common challenges law students face:

Millions of Words

Okay, it may not seem quite as serious but when we say you’ll be seeing a lot of words, we really do mean it. In law school, the only time you’re not reading is when you’re sleeping—but even then, you might still dream about reading.

You’ll get mountains of law books that you might be obligated to bring to school or to anywhere you study and that’s just the start of it. Cover to cover, you’ll finish these books one semester at a time. You’ll write down or recite everything you can remember and repeat until you graduate.

If you’re not used to lots of reading, you better buckle up and prepare to get glasses because you might need them in the long run.

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Countless Facts and Details

There’s a reason why you need to read through all those words. That’s because you need to understand and absorb the entirety of each article to make sense of the facts and details. You might be surprised at just how detail-oriented your professors will be during your first recitation experience.

With so many cases to read at hand, all the things you absorb might become jumbled and messy if you don’t stay organized and ahead of yourself.

Be sure to establish great reading and study habits before you even enter law school. It’s an unspoken rule, but great study habits will definitely propel you one semester after the other.

Challenging Cases

You will encounter cases whether your in Toronto or Vancouver. More than that, you’ll probably get way too many of them than you’d like. But that’s only part of the job; in the real world, you’ll hear about injustices as if they’re the newest song in town getting played on repeat.

These cases will make you question but remember that that’s the point of why you’re studying to become one.

When you become a lawyer, you’ll fight against these injustices and might even become the subject of the cases you’re reading—in a positive way.

Immeasurable Pressure

On top of reading a hundred thousand words each night, you’ll also feel immense pressure. From your professor, to your classmates, and even just from your deliverables. In a way, you can’t really measure just how much pressure you’ll feel every morning you wake up.

If you were a bit relaxed during your undergraduate years, your first law school year might be too overwhelming for you. Compared to undergraduate classes, you’ll never feel the urge to just skip class or readings because it’s absolutely terrifying to start falling behind.

Everyday is a battle but it’s you who gets to decide if you win or lose.

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Never Ending Cycles

Whether you like it or not, rest will become a luxury. If you feel like you’ve rested way too much and have already fallen behind your schedule, you’re definitely right. In law school, it’s one case after the other.

You’ll have recitations everyday and exams quite frequently, and you’ll probably feel exhausted in just the first few weeks of school. Somehow, rest seems like a foreign word.

But at least, when you finally get to rest during school breaks, it will feel too euphoric and rewarding.

Until the next cycle of readings, recitations, and exams begin again. Law school is just a repeat of all these things until you graduate and practice law for real, but then again, you might also have a cycle of similar activities.

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Ways to Make Law Studies Easier

The challenges enumerated above may have already caused your hands to shake or sweat. Again, those are just to help you prepare your mind and body for what’s about to come.

Moreover, there are still countless ways to make your studies much easier—believe it or not. You don’t always have to depend on your own for your studies. Sometimes, external help can really push you forward by a mile.

One of these is by asking your seniors for study notes—if they’re willing. You might think that this is just a trivial form of help and it won’t really make a difference, but it does in more ways than one.

These notes are helpful, especially with all the key points listed down and essential parts of laws being highlighted. These notes can also be your study guides as to what is important and what is not.

Another way to make your law school life much easier is to look for a law tutor. Law tutors work differently from professors. They won’t give the same amount of pressure you already get from school. Instead, they’ll help you move forward.

These law tutors will take note of what you’re struggling in and make sure that you learn everything you need to, through your own methods. If you’re not as good as other students, you might consider getting one as they’ll help you get the most out of your learning.

Moreover, they’ll teach you techniques for you to learn better and they’ll also share their experiences to help you understand the cases better. These professionals are willing to share their first-hand experience to whoever wants to take it.

The only question that remains is where do you find yourself a law tutor in Edmonton? A quick answer would be Superprof.


At Superprof, you’ll find tutors for all kinds of subjects and fields. This online platform is thriving with professionals who are eager to help struggling students—especially law students.

Plus, it’s an easy site to navigate through. You just simply type in the field you need help with and your current location. It won’t take a few seconds to see a list of tutors near you.

You’re guaranteed that the law tutors you find on this platform have valuable experience that’s useful for you and your learning. Moreover, you’ll also find that they’ll have accommodating learning methods to help you pass your subjects.

At first glance, Superprof tutors already have their names, rates, and short descriptions for themselves. These pieces of information are made available to help you decide on who’s the best tutor for you.

Not only that, you’ll also have more information to help you decide if a certain law tutor is for you. Reviews made by former students can also be found on their profiles so aspiring tutees can have an idea of what a certain tutor is like.

If you’re comfortable with a tutor’s rate and feel like you’ll have a productive tutor-student relationship, contact them to get started with your first session—which is free, by the way.

Excited to find one? Visit Superprof today!

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Law school is definitely one of the most challenging curriculums out there. It’s no easy feat defending lives in front of a judge and that requires a lot of studying and sleepless nights. The challenges you face as a law student are just part of the norm and can be mitigated with great study habits and discipline.

Asking for study notes is just one way to make your workload lighter. If you plan to hire a tutor, better do it through Superprof. You’ll find a great tutor in no time.

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