Most people don’t know that there are actually different kinds of lawyers and different laws from Toronto to Calgary. While all these lawyers study and go through similar experiences in law school, they’ll eventually pursue different specialties that help them stand out in their chosen fields. 

If you’re not familiar with these types of lawyers, you’d be surprised at just how varied this field is! Of course, they’ll be familiar with the general processes since they studied the same subjects back in law school, but these lawyers will be experts of specific areas. 

Going to a divorce lawyer won’t bear any fruit if you’re looking for help in criminal law. The most that they can do is refer you to a lawyer with that specialty in your area whether it be Ottawa or Edmonton. 

But you’re probably reading this post because you’re an aspiring lawyer and you want to have an idea of the different types of lawyers. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the lawyers you’ll find in Canada

Plus, you’ll be getting additional information on where you can find a law tutor once you start your studies. Read on to know more. 

Different Types of Lawyers

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Law school doesn’t focus on one course or subject. Each semester, you’ll get different and new courses, with some a continuation of the previous ones. 

This is already an indicator that while all lawyers must know these basics, they can choose the type of law practice they’ll pursue. It’s actually quite varied and no two practices are exactly alike. 

Each lawyer has pretty obvious job descriptions because of their titles. Listed below are the law practices pursued in the country From Edmonton to Ottawa:

Civil Litigation

Probably the most “general” type of lawyer is civil litigation lawyers. These lawyers usually handle all sorts of litigation cases that are non-criminal. Most cases that these lawyers take up are breach of contracts or rental issues. 

Although quite general, these lawyers don’t always take up the cases they’re presented with. Sometimes, people think their case is suitable for civil litigation, but these lawyers may refer you to other types of lawyers they see fit. 

Family Lawyer

Chances are, your family has one. These lawyers, as per their title, handle all sorts of domestic cases and family issues. From prenuptial agreements to child custody, these lawyers are focused on whatever is covered on family law. 

These lawyers are savvy on cases such as divorce. Sometimes, these lawyers will do their best to make amends with the other party; however, if truly irreconcilable, the lawyer will eventually push for court and defend their client to the end. 

Corporate Lawyer 

Corporate Lawyers are also known as business lawyers. Every huge business in the world has their own corporate lawyer that they keep on a payroll for crucial events. A business lawyer covers everything under business laws. 

But there are two more corporate lawyer subtypes. The first subtype is a business transactional lawyer. This lawyer, from the word transactional, only handles transactions relating to negotiations, deals, and employment agreements. 

The second subtype is the business litigation lawyer. This is the lawyer that businesses need when it’s being sued or it’s facing cases for violations of contracts or other agreements. 

However, these subtypes can always merge into one. It really depends on the lawyer, but most of the time, these two subtypes rarely do the job of the other for uniformity.

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Labor Lawyer

As the name indicates, labor lawyers handle everything related to the rights of laborers. Usually, the cases that labor lawyers deal with are issues associated with compensation, insurance, and compliance with laws. 

Pretty similar to corporate lawyers, there are also two subtypes of labor lawyers. The first being a transactional labor lawyer who handles employment documents, drafts, and other transactions related to employment. 

The other one, litigation labor lawyer, goes to court and argues if a business violates or does not follow the terms in the contract or laws relating to employment. 

Both lawyers have the capability to do the tasks of the other, but most prefer to stay within their field and just focus on what they specialize in.

Traffic Lawyer

As trivial as the job may seem, these lawyers usually have plenty of clients on a daily basis. A lot of people violate traffic rules and often need to go to court for them. But these lawyers can stand on your behalf and fight these charges. 

These lawyers will also give legal advice on your cases, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, you can hire these lawyers to fight your DUI cases. 

Tax Lawyers

Tax lawyers help both businesses and individuals file their tax returns and comply with the laws. Contrary to popular belief, these lawyers aren’t just hired by huge companies. A few individuals also make sure they have one in case any problems arise. 

While not all tax lawyers go to court, some of them have experiences wherein they need to defend their client in case audits find something shady in the documents and the client potentially faces jail time. 

More often than not, you’ll find these lawyers in tax departments of huge corporations.

Criminal Lawyers

Like what you see in TV shows, criminal lawyers are the ones you often see in court defending those who are accused of committing crimes. Regardless if the person really did the crime or not, these lawyers work to prove their innocence, lower their sentence, or prevent them from getting imprisoned. 

Criminal lawyers aren’t limited to the big crimes, though. These lawyers handle cases from DUIs to murder or assault. It mostly depends on the lawyer on what cases he or she would like to handle. 

The tasks of these lawyers are often crucial in helping their clients; getting their clients groomed for court is just one of the things they need to do to ensure they don’t lose.

Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s not the most popular type but it’s quite common as many people get in accidents or injure themselves. Personal injury lawyers specifically deal with these types of cases and they usually get compensated through a percentage they help you recover in court. 

Some common cases that personal injury lawyers take up are car accidents, misdiagnosis from doctors, bad prescription drug side effects, or injuries caused by faulty products. 

Where to Find a Law Tutor in Toronto

With all those types of lawyers enumerated above, you might now be wondering what type of lawyer you want to be once you finish law school. This can be a tough decision and might take a while before you really narrow it down. 

So before you make that big step, you might want to consider looking for a law tutor to help you make that decision. Your law tutor can make an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and suggest a field you want, but ultimately that decision falls upon your shoulders. 

On the other hand, your law tutor won’t just act as someone to guide you towards the right type for you. They’ll also provide supplementary help before and after you’ve chosen the field you want to pursue.

These tutors help you overcome academic challenges by making personalized learning sessions that perfectly fit your learning preferences and strengths. They’ll also make sure that you are motivated and ready for your classes, considering the immense pressure law school brings.

Where to Find a Law Tutor in Toronto. Source: Pixabay

Moreover, they’ll also help you develop great study habits that will be useful not just in your student life but also your work life. 

So, you might ask, where can you find one? 

Just simply visit Superprof! This online platform connects you to law tutors near your location. You’ll see a list of profiles complete with their names, descriptions, and reviews made by former students. 

You’ll also get to have the first session with your chosen tutor for free! 

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Law school doesn't limit the options you have on what fields you can pursue after graduation. In fact, in Vancouver, there are several common law practices that you can choose from in order to be a successful lawyer. 

From civil litigation lawyers to tax lawyers, each job description is complex and is very specific to the laws and field these lawyers chose to pursue. While they have the general knowledge for other types, most of these lawyers stick to their chosen path—rarely do you see crossovers in this field. 

If you’re not yet sure on what type of lawyer you want to be, you can hire your own personal law tutor and get a helpful assessment. Moreover, once you’ve chosen, your tutor can also guide you towards your chosen path by strengthening your skills and knowledge in the respective fields. 

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