You’ve probably heard this way too many times than you’d like but law school in Canada is undeniably hard. The endless readings and cases you have to absorb and familiarize to prepare for the next session are just some of the things you need to do within a day.

And that’s not just for one course, you might have more than 3, all at once. Each course might have their own share of tasks that need a significant amount of time and effort to complete.

But despite all these hardships, this is just what makes law school quite unique. It’s the ideal training ground for people who aspire to become public defenders or lawyers for different kinds of cases.

Without the hardship one encounters in law school, one might never be prepared for the real life battle in court. So all that is just a challenge that you need to overcome before you stand before a judge.

There are still a number of ways to help yourself win these battles. One of them is getting yourself a great law tutor. But how do you exactly find the right one?

In this blog, we’ll discuss all the qualities of a great law tutor that you need to watch out for when scouting for one. Take your time and don’t rush the hunting process! Remember that this will be one of the key things to help you survive on what can only be described as a war between sleep and studies.

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Qualities of A Great Law Tutor

How to Find A Great Law School Tutor in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

In general, great tutors possess similar qualities. This is because these people already know the right attitude towards tutoring to truly help their struggling tutee achieve their academic goals. But even though these qualities are common, they’re not always obvious.

Listed below is a cheat sheet that you can use to identify qualities you would want in your law tutor. It’s crucial that you find these qualities as they can be instrumental in your learning and, eventually, your law school success.

Here’s the list:


There’s a reason why this is at the top of our list of qualities. A tutor has to be flexible at all times—no excuses.

No two students are the same, therefore, each student has his or her own learning preferences and habits. A great tutor is able to adapt to all these without ever showing difficulty or even hesitation because he or she knows it’s what the student needs.

By being flexible enough to meet the needs of the student, he or she is able to hasten the student’s learning progress which is the primary goal of the tutoring sessions—other than the student’s academic goals.

More than just that, the tutor must be flexible enough to understand that even if he or she is used to, it can still be easily adapted and applied as part of the tutoring sessions.

Sense of Urgency

Law school is also quite fast-paced whether you are in Toronto or Calgary and that is a challenge itself. Hence, the tutor must also have a sense of urgency. If he or she sees that the student is no longer progressing, a sense of urgency should be applied to quickly get back on track or risk falling behind.

This is also applicable to times where lapses or frequent mistakes are committed. The tutor must have a strong sense of urgency to address these problems or mistakes before they get out of hand, especially when it’s starting to pile up.

Without the sense of urgency, it might be difficult to keep up especially if you exhibit slower than average progress.

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Top Qualities of a Great Tutor. Source: Pixabay


Although the tutor must have a strong sense of urgency, he or she must also know when to be patient. Granted, each student will have his or her own learning curve and that requires patience from the tutor.

There will be moments wherein you will struggle and it won’t be a pretty sight to see, but the tutor must be patient enough to guide you and help you learn what you need to. This means nudging you towards the right direction constantly, which admittedly can be annoying.

It may seem contradictory to having urgency but it’s actually quite complementary. But as a student, you must also learn how to pick up your pace and willingly accept these helpful steps towards the right direction.

Overall, in order to truly guide and help the student, he or she should be patient enough to wait and help the student pick up his or her own pace.


Your tutor isn’t just a professional you hire to help you; they are also your mentor, your friend, and even your professor, at times. But despite having different roles, your tutor must possess empathy.

Without empathy, they might just as well treat you like a robot and give their own share of deadlines.

Law school will be a tough journey and your tutor definitely knows that. By knowing that, he or he must be empathetic enough to understand your struggles to be able to help win your battles. More often than not, they’ve also gone through it which means that they should be able to relate.

Having empathy also allows them to create the right program and sessions for you and your current struggles. Along with urgency and patience, empathy ensures that they create reasonable sessions that are guaranteed to be helpful.


These tutors might already be lawyers themselves and that can be intimidating towards the student. Sure, they might be great lawyers but they should be humble if they want to become tutors.

That’s why a great tutor is also humble. With humility, he or she won’t put too much pressure on the student thinking that they can take the pressure just as he or she did before. This humility is complemented by empathy that allows them to create a safe and conducive learning space for students.

It’s also necessary for moments when the tutor can absolutely admit that he or she is also struggling to teach the student the right way. This acceptance will make it much easier for both to compromise or just decide to end the sessions as they are not compatible rather than continue an unproductive setup.


Last but not the least, a great tutor has passion. Without passion, all the qualities above won’t be as useful as they should be. Your tutor has to be passionate about what he or she is doing in order to do them all properly.

There’s a huge difference between just being obligated and being passionate about what you do. With passion, they are able to do what is best because they want to. The genuinity of their actions will be one of the reasons why you’ll understand what they’re trying to impart much easily.

It’s also the quality that will make them your number one motivator. The passion that they have will easily rub off on you and you’ll most likely be passionate yourself.

How to Find a Great Law School Tutor

Now that we’ve enumerated some, if not all, the great qualities of a law school tutor, the only question that remains is where do you actually find one?

In Vancouver or Edmonton, there are several tutors available all throughout the city. From lawyers to professors who can offer part-time tutoring services, it’s not all that difficult to find one.

But if you're looking for the fastest way, you can visit Superprof. Superprof is an online tutoring platform that connects you to several tutors in your city or specified area. Tutors from all different kinds of fields can be found here, including law.

Becoming a Lawyer in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

You just simply go to the website, type in the field you want to be tutored for and the area where you want to find a tutor. In no time, you’ll get a list of profiles complete with names, descriptions, and rates.

As an icing on the cake, you’ll also find reviews made by former students. All this information can definitely help you decide which tutor is the best one for you. Once you find a tutor you like, go ahead and book the first session to discuss the necessary details—which is free, by the way.

So, are you ready to find your private law school tutor in Vancouver what about Montréal? Simply visit Superprof today!


There’s no denying just how hard law school actually is but lucky for you there’s a surefire way to help you succeed. That is, to get your own private law school tutor. These tutors are professionals themselves who want to dedicate their time and effort to help struggling students.

To help you find the best tutor, look for the qualities mentioned above in your tutor prospects from Superprof. Those qualities will not only be good for you and your learning, but they’ll also teach you a great lot about how you should be if you decide to become a lawyer yourself.

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