Why should you learn to speak Russian? Speaking Russian isn't the most popular language in Canadian, but is the 7th most spoken language around the world. Speaking Russian can offer a lot of benefits. Of course, there are your typical benefits to learning a language. These benefits include having more opportunities professionally and personally as well as the chance to earn more money, but learning Russian offers you these benefits and more. Russian is a language that's full of history, culture, literature. To be able to read original work done by famous historians would be incredible. Another benefit of learning Russian is it’s a language that’s all over the world. It’s spoken in over 16 different countries with over 270 million speaking Russian in the world. It wouldn't be uncommon to come across the language.

If you’ve decided to make that first step and learn Russian you're going to need to find the right place to learn. Living in Calgary you're going to have access to a lot of wonderful facilities that offer Russian lessons. It can be nerve-wracking walking into your first Russian class, but you need to think about the reasons you're attending. Walking in nervous is completely normal and after your first few classes, you’ll love going. If you're still unsure if the tutor or teacher is right for you a lot of Russian classes will offer their first session for free. This is a great way to try out the class first before making the cost commitment.

Russian culture is full of great artwork.
Russian culture is full of great artwork. Source: Daria Shevtsova, Pexels

Places to Learn Russian in Calgary

Calgary has one of the smallest Russian populations with only 9,000 people speaking Russian. Calgary's small Russian community doesn't mean they don't have amazing Russian classes. There are lots of places to learn Russian in Calgary. Learning from a teacher can be the best way to learn Russian. After all your teacher will be an expert in Russian and have the years of experience to teach you effectively. Of course, you can learn Russian on your own, but it can be much harder. For instance, the Russian alphabet is very different. Learning on your own brings up a lot of challenges like motivation, practice and pronunciation. These are things your tutor/teacher will be able to help you with.

Language Trainers - They are a popular language school that teachers numerous languages including Russian. They offer classes online or in-person giving you options when learning Russian. Language Trainers prioritize their clients first. This means you can learn anywhere and anytime. They're committed to creating an easy and enjoyable experience with them. All of their teachers are qualified teachers with the experience and knowledge to teach you.

Berlitz Learning Centre - Berlitz is a popular language centre that is known all over Canada and the world. They are a trusted learning center with decades of satisfied clients. They teach numerous languages including Russian, making them a great place to learn Russian in Calgary. Berlitz has its unique teaching method guaranteeing you learn right the first time. They have a full team of qualified teachers ready to help you learn Russian.

Superprof - They have 100s of local tutors all over Calgary that are ready to teach you, Russian. Superprof tutors have spent time teaching so many other students just like you and now it's your turn. They have years of experience and knowledge to teach you the best way. They also offer lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Russian when you want to learn.

Tutors can be a great tool when learning Russian.
Tutors can be a great tool when learning Russian. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Learning Russian By Yourself

We don't recommend learning by yourself. Learning with a tutor is the best way to help you succeed. They can greatly increase your chances of learning Russian. They’ll keep you motivated and dedicated to practicing. Working with tutors means they want to see you succeed. But for those who are unsure if they want to spend the money on a class you can start by learning on your own. Once you feel like you want to continue to learn Russian you can then enrol in a class. This way you're confident you want to learn Russian and don’t have to worry about spending your money right away.

To start learning on your own two great methods are videos and books. There are tons of qualified people on Youtube that offer Russian lessons for free. You can get a feel for what learning Russian will be like and learn a few things. Books are another great option to learn. You can rent books from your local library. Most language books have a step by step guide to teach you. If your local library doesn't have any Russian learning books in stock a lot of times you can ask your librarian to order books for you. A lot of libraries will do this for free.

Using videos and books are a great way to get acquainted with the language. Once you feel comfortable knowing you want to pursue the Russian language you can then hire a teacher or tutor. Your tutor/teacher will be the quickest and most effective way to learn Russian.

Learning Russian will open a lot of opportunities up for yourself.
Learning Russian will open a lot of opportunities up for yourself. Source: Arthur Abdurashitov, Pexels

How to Pick the Best Place to Learn Russian in Calgary?

Picking a place to learn Russian shouldn't only involve you googling Russian places near me and then enrolling in the first one that pops up. You need to think of a few things before enrolling in the class. The main things you should be considered are cost, location and experience. The cost is going to have an effect on your lesson. Group or online sessions are typically cheaper than private sessions. You want to find a class that's right for you, so if the cost is too high you consider enrolling in a group or online session. The next thing to consider is location. Is the class too close to you or is it a far drive? The closer your Russian lessons are to you the more likely you are to consistently attend. If the class is far away you might make excuses, not to go.

The last thing to consider is experience. You want to make sure your teacher has the experience to teach you. Less experienced teachers can be cheaper, but they might not be able to meet your needs effectively. Using a more experienced teacher can be more costly but you're going to be learning from someone that has the experience to teach you. After all, it's your hard-earned money you want to put to good use. Our list above gives you 3 great places to look into when finding Russian lessons. We want you to feel confident enrolling in your next Russian class, so think about these 3 things before joining. A lot of classes will offer their first session for free. This way you try out the class before making that cost commitment. Try out as many places are you like until you feel confident picking the right one to learn Russian.

Start Learning Russian Today

Now is the perfect time to learn Russian in Calgary. If learning Russian is something you've always thought about now is the time to learn. Learning Russian with the help of a tutor or teacher will guarantee you learn the language. You just need to put in the time and effort. The benefits are endless when you learn a second language especially learning Russian. The opportunities are endless when you start learning Russian. Don't wait any longer, start learning Russian in Calgary today!

Every Canadian city has access to great Russian lessons check out Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa to learn more. You even check out Places to Learn Russian in Canada for a complete guide.

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