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You’ve probably heard this over and over again but learning the Arabic language is one of the hardest academic journeys in the world—unless you’re a native speaker, of course. 

It has a lot of different dialects and colloquial terms and phrases across various regions that have distinct differences. Moreover, to native English speakers, the alphabet this Semitic language uses is way too different from what we’re used to.

But despite the difficulty, it’s still a language that many seek to master. It may take years, however, but the fulfillment that comes with mastery is something not a lot of achievements can top off. 

So, to make sure that you get that fulfillment and master this beautiful language, opt to find and hire the best Arabic tutor. 

These tutors, whether native speakers or not, will be exactly what you need to get through the tough journey that is learning Arabic. Plus, there are a lot of benefits that come with having your own private tutor.

Curious on what these qualities and benefits are? Read on to know more about them.

First, Know Your Level

Before you even start to look for a tutor, it’s necessary to know just what level you’re on. You might be familiar with a phrase or two, or maybe you’ve stayed in an Arab country for quite some time. 

What you need to do here is to gauge your skill level and see whether you’re an absolute beginner, a bit of an intermediate, or almost an expert. 

Why, you might ask? 

It’s because this is crucial information that your tutor will need to know and what you will use to narrow down your options for tutors. Arabic tutors have specialties; some of them might work better with beginners while some prefer to work with those who have a bit of knowledge.

Some websites or institutions will require you to provide this piece of information to help them match you to the right professional. But if you’re going for private teaching, it’s essential that you choose a private tutor that can understand and work with your level. 

The more compatible his or her abilities are with your current capacity, the more chances you’ll learn much easily during the course of your private program. 

Then, Find a Tutor With These Qualities

Once you’ve gauged your Arabic skill level, it’s time to find the best tutor for you. Regardless of what skill level, great tutors have some qualities in common. They may vary in their delivery, techniques, or personalities, but they will all possess these qualities that make them great. 

Some of these qualities are common for all tutors. But there will be some qualities that are quite specific for Arabic tutors

Here’s a list of qualities that you should look for in Arabic tutors:


As mentioned, this language is one of the most challenging ones to learn in the world. So, tutors have to be reasonably patient when it comes to their tutees. It’s a lot different from what these tutees are used to.

It’s also an essential quality since it may take a while before you get used to the language itself. Without patience, your tutor might lose his or her temper when you’re not as fast as advanced students.

This is the first thing that your tutor must possess so that you can be assured they’re a great one. A way to find out if your prospect tutor is patient is to look at reviews or ask around. More often than not, those who have been in his or her sessions can testify whether he or she is a patient tutor. 

Qualities of a Great Arabic Tutor. Source: Stocksnap


Of course your chosen tutor has to be fluent in the language—or dialect, for that matter. It’s a  bare minimum quality that you need to find in a tutor. He or she must be able to be fluent in your chosen dialect, or Arabic in general.

But fluency isn’t limited to the formal sessions. Your tutor also has to be fluent in terms of casual conversations. Since you’re learning directly from this person, they also have to teach you how to speak as if you’re in the streets of a certain Arab country. 


Don’t take this quality for granted as it is necessary to make sure you have holistic learning. If your chosen tutor is not fluent in your chosen language, it’ll become very difficult to progress in the future.


Your tutor may have multiple tutees at a time and that’s alright, it’s their hustle. But your chosen tutor must be focused during your sessions. Regardless if he or she only one or a hundred tutees, staying focused during sessions is a must. 

If your tutor is focused, it’s going to be evident in how he or she structures your learning program or how he or she handles your sessions. It will be more personalized, more focused on your growth instead of a generic program. 

After all, you hired a private tutor because you want the learning to revolve around your progress, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Versatile—to some extent

No one is alike and the same goes for how we want to learn. Even if you know someone who follows the same study habits as you do, you don’t learn it the same way. With this in mind, your tutor has to be versatile. 

But it should also be considered that different tutors have their strengths and weaknesses. You should first opt for a tutor whose strengths are what you’re looking for in a tutor. 

From here, discover the things that you don’t agree on and decide whether you’ll need versatility from your chosen tutor or find someone else. If you don’t want to look for someone else, then your tutor also has to be versatile considering that you’re compatible. 

Just make sure that you’re also reasonable with your requests, as these people are professionals,  not superhumans. They can be versatile but you also have to know when to adjust yourself.


Let’s face it, some tutors are more rigid in their teaching style. They prefer to let their tutees learn on their own. But in the case of learning the Arabic language, it’s essential that they’re helpful. 

There should be enough time to learn on your own and enough time to be helped when you’re visibly struggling despite your hard work and effort to understand. During these times, your tutor should be absolutely helpful while being patient and understanding. 

It’s going to be tough if you land a tutor who only cares about teaching you what they know instead of helping you actually learn what they teach. So find a tutor that’s helpful, and you’ll be grateful that you did. 

Start Looking for Tutors at Superprof

You now have an idea of what kind private Arabic tutor will suit your personal goals and academic needs. That idea will be useful in helping you narrow down your options since there are a lot of tutors in Canada. 

The only question that remains is where exactly do you find the perfect Arabic tutor in Canada? 

Our quick answer: Superprof. 

Where to Find the Best Arabic Tutors in Canada. Source: Stocksnap

This virtual platform connects individuals to different tutors across the country. Both academic and non-academic tutors can be found here, including Arabic tutors. What’s even more fascinating is that you can narrow down the options according to different areas. 

Here, you can find a list of profiles for professionals who offer private Arabic tutoring sessions. You’ll also find their rates and reviews made by their former students—additional information for your tutor hunt. 

Once you’re able to find the best tutor for you, book the first session which is free, by the way. Discuss everything you need to and assess whether they possess the qualities we’ve listed above. 

If they do, great! If not, don’t get discouraged and continue your search. But we’re quite assured that our tutors are some of the best in the country, you just need to find the one most compatible with you. 

Don’t let another day pass and start looking for a tutor today! 


There’s a reason why so many people are still interested in learning the Arabic language. Sure, it’s difficult, but it’s such a fulfilling task being able to master such an intricate and complex language. 

The academic journey may not be the easiest one out there but there’s a way to make it less difficult: getting a private Arabic tutor. Here, we’ve listed the qualities a great Arabic tutor has. Use it as a guide to find the best tutor for you in Canada.

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