Deciding to hire an Italian teacher is the perfect choice when starting to learn Italian. Hiring a teacher just means you're going to learn quicker and more efficiently with the Italian language compared to someone that isn't using a tutor. Tutors just make things easier, now you need to find the right tutor. You have a few different options when looking for a tutor. You can work with someone that works in the public or private sector. Both of these teachers have there pros and cons that we will cover below. There are a few steps you need to take in finding the right tutor.

Step 1: Type of Tutor
Step 2: Experience
Step 3: Personable

Do your research when searching for the right teacher.
Do your research when searching for the right teacher. Source: PourquoiPas, Pixabay

Different Options of Italian Tutors

Your first step in finding the best Italian teacher in your area is looking at where you want to be taught. You have the option of in a school or privately. In a school, you're looking at extra circular classes that most schools offer or your looking at getting a degree in Italian. If you choose the private route your looking at tutors.

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Italian Teachers in School

Choosing the school route for learning Italian you automatically learning from a trusted source. It’s an in-depth pathway for you to learn Italian that has been revised and reworked over the years to create a great program. In schools, you're going to be in a classroom setting with a group of students. This is a great way to meet people and you’ll have someone to practice the language with. You also going to be with other people who are beginners in Italian so you’ll feel comfortable. Learning Italian in schools is going to cost more. Extra-circular Italian classes can be an expensive cost with some costing up to $400 a course. If you're looking at going the degree route you're going to be paying upwards of $8000 a year (with a degree program you're getting a full program not just learning the language).

Another disadvantage of learning Italian in schools the teacher has to teach you and so many other students. Your teacher might not be able to accommodate all there students properly. Your teacher is also going to teach everybody the same way. For some people, they're visual learners while others are auditorial learners. The teacher's learning style might not fit yours.

Italian Teachers in the Private Sector

Tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. Italian tutors have the option of teaching in an office, at home or online. They're able to teach students in a group or individualized. Tutoring has so many great benefits. Tutors have the option to pick the learning style that will help their students learn. If something is not working there able to switch up there learning style and find a way that works. You also have the teacher's full attention. Your tutor will be there with you every step of the way. Even in group settings, you can still get this experience because the class sizes are still low compared to the in-school setting. Tutoring also gives you the option to learn when you want. You're going to have more flexibility in learning Italian and you don't have to a set time every week.

The disadvantage of using a private tutor to learn Italian can be the cost. Some tutors that use a building to teach Italian lessons have higher overhead costs and you ended up paying more. Another disadvantage is anybody can advertise as a tutor. You have to look for a tutor that you know is qualified.

Tutor helping a student
Tutor helping a student. Source: cottonbro, Pixabay

Experience In Teaching

A great tutor is someone that has experience in the subject as well as the experience teaching the subject. Someone that knows Italian but hasn't taught it isn’t going to be the right choice. You need someone that knows how to progress people from 0-100 when learning Italian If your friend that speaks Italian is offering to teach you to turn them down. You want to spend your time learning the right way. Working with an Italian teacher means your working with someone that knows how to get you to speak the language.

How do you check experience?
The first step in checking experience is looking at your tutor's profile. Most tutors have a biography listing their skills, education, and experience in teaching. This a good indication at a glance if they're a good tutor. Someone that has very little experience might have cheaper rates but they may not be able to teach as well with someone that has more experience. After all, you are paying to learn Italian. If you end up paying more for an experienced tutor at least you know they know they have the skills to teach you. Paying for the less experienced person you might be wasting your money if they can't help you learn. The next step after looking at there profile is to set up a meeting with them. This is where you can ask questions about there experience and ask how they can teach you. If you don’t feel like they answered your questions well enough don't sign up.

Personable Teacher

We’re not saying you have the look for a teacher you're going to be friends with but you want someone you're going to feel comfortable with. You want to feel comfortable asking questions and speaking up when you need to. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable with them you're going to be missing out by not speaking up. You want to feel good about going to the session overtime. We've all had teachers where we have felt nervous about walking in there class. You wouldn't want to be paying for something you don’t want to go to.

Again you're going to want to meet with your tutor before signing up. This is where you can talk with them and get a feel for what there like. Trust your instincts with this one. If you don’t feel good about it move on to the next one.

Your Teacher Matters

Italian teachers aren't all a one size fits all. Some teachers you'll do better with compared to others. You may not like there teaching style or you don't understand their explanations. This is why it's so important to meet with your tutor beforehand. You don't want to sign up with the first one you see. You want to make sure they have the ability to teach you. The last thing you want to do is be enrolled in a class that you don't like. It's a waste of time and money.

It's enjoyable in learning a new language. It feels great learning something new as well as meeting new people and having a better appreciation for a new culture. You're doing something for yourself that is truly going to benefit you for a lifetime. You're also going to have so many new and exciting experiences. Your teacher is going to play the biggest part in your learning Italian.

Teach. Source: Wokandapix, Pixabay

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