In Britain, stress affects about 40% of employees. More and more people are turning to yoga classes to help them relax.

Breathing exercises, stretching, meditation - yoga is generally an excellent means of combating anxiety.

But among the mass of yoga classes offered, how can you choose the perfect yoga teacher?
Who will know how to guide you through this ancient Indian discipline?

Superprof is here to help.

Why Should You Choose a Private Yoga Tutor?

Private tutoring is a growing market in the UK.

Why is that?

The practice of taking private yoga lessons follows a modern trend of individuals helping each other directly.

Even beyond buying and selling used things, today it is also possible to exchange services.

So why not learn yoga from your neighbour? Where are the best classes for yoga near me?

This is basically what Superprof is offering, with a database encompassing hundreds of private tutors scattered throughout the UK. No matter where you are and what you want to learn, you can find a teacher not too far away.

Our base of yoga teachers is already large and growing - ready to teach a yoga class near you for an average of £35.

But why not go to a yoga studio instead?

The main thing is to enjoy your yoga sessions. And what is more boring that forcing yourself to attend classes even if you are feeling off?

With the yogi’s help, private yoga lessons can be adjusted to your calendar. No need to rush off to pick up the kids while desperately trying to hold the Lotus Pose behind the wheel. Choose the time that suits you and avoid unnecessary stress.

Because there is nothing more counterproductive than stressing out over yoga lessons.

How Can You Recognise a Good Yoga Teacher?

Have we convinced you to try a private yoga instructor to help you improve your yoga poses?

Perfect! But how do you know that the yogi you choose is good?

Here is everything you need to know about choosing a proper yoga teacher.

He or she should practice yoga regularly, and not just during their classes. A good yoga instructor practises yoga as often as possible, for his own personal mindfulness. This is the only way a teacher can become better at what they do.

For yoga is not merely physical exercise. Behind the strenuous poses lurks a whole method of meditation for personal betterment. Yoga professors should have already travelled the road themselves in order to be able to impart it to their students.

Frequent personal yoga practise is also proof of how interested your prospective teacher is in their craft. They can teach you theoretical as well as technical elements. This is important if you want to advance on the path of yoga.

Indeed, the history of yoga can be an important key to understanding it and bettering yourself. It helps you understand the ultimate goal of yoga, usually based on personal betterment.

But any good yoga teacher needs to have their students’ safety foremost in their mind. Yoga postures sometimes require a lot of flexibility. Yoga teachers need to be ables to judge their students’ level and avoid asking them to do exercises that can harm them.

Yoga props help ensure student safety.
Yoga teachers should have their students' safety foremost in mind: yoga props such as yoga straps can help less flexible students do the asanas. Photo credit: tarnalberry via Visualhunt

Beyond the physical risks, a good teacher knows how to organise their lessons in a methodical and coherent way. A good warm-up should be the basis of every class along with the proper stretches.

But a good yoga instructor must also know how to correct their students if they are not doing a yoga pose correctly - in a way that is both encouraging and motivating!

But can you profit from private lessons even if you don’t get along with your yoga teacher?

It is impossible to enjoy all the benefits of yoga if you have a bad feeling about the teacher. Choosing your yoga instructor through internet platforms can raise your chances of getting the right yoga teacher for you.

But he or she must also show proof of patience and calm. A good yogi should be capable of adapting to whatever your skill level might be and help their students advance at their own pace while at the same time motivating them to give their best.

But where does this rare flower bloom?

Find the perfect yoga teacher to start yoga class.

Where to Find A Good Private Yoga Instructor

Various websites offer several solutions for finding the perfect yoga teacher.

Finding the right teacher is vital in helping you find the motivation to continue with your lessons. A good feeling about a teacher is the perfect cocktail for making progress in Hatha Yoga or whatever yoga style you decide on.

A good yoga instructor is many things.
The perfect yoga teacher is like a good cocktail: the perfect balance between all the elements. Photo credit: ahmad syahrir via

On the internet

The internet is now an integral part of our daily lives. We use it for shopping, revising for exams, working - but also to find the best yoga classes near you.

There are a lot of platforms like Superprof that let you contact a private tutor. The advantage of our site is that you can look at detailed profiles in which the teachers introduce themselves. All that’s left after that is to choose who you want.

You will find many different types of people on Superprof:

  • Students
  • Retired teachers seeking to keep their hand in
  • Professional yogis at the height of their careers

There is something for everyone. Once you have found someone you like, you can go contact private yoga tutors directly to see if they meet your expectations.

Tip: the comments or voting section on these platforms are a good place to get a feel for a particular teacher.

Search for hot yoga near me in Toronto and find classes near you.

Personal ads

You can also look for a teacher via personal ad sites or messenger boards and forums on the Internet, or good old-fashioned corkboards and lampposts in real life. In town or on campus, look into the windows of smaller shops and on special notice boards.

These ads often offer only a minimum of information - it’s up to you to contact the teacher to learn from them about their training and experience.

Word of mouth

This method is as old as language and as efficient as ever. By asking around, you can get a little nest egg of teacher names along with your friends’ opinions for good or bad.

What Questions Should You Ask a Prospective Yoga Teacher?

To find that rare flower - or at least, the perfect yoga teacher for you - it is essential that you ask the right questions.

Where has he or she trained?

Yoga is a very physical discipline with an aim to self-betterment, but there are no official government-approved certifications. This can be confusing for beginner yoga teachers.

All you need to become a yoga teacher is to practice yoga regularly. Having followed some sort of training course in a plus.

This said, although there is no official certification or rules to calling yourself a “yoga teacher”, a number of yoga institutes offer certified training programmes.

Your prospective teacher may have followed a training course at an acclaimed yoga institute in Britain or Europe. Some offer opportunities abroad to expand their horizons.

The main British yoga institutes are:

Some teachers even decide to go learn yoga in India itself. An excellent choice to become the perfect yogi!

Many yoga teachers study in India.
Having learned yoga in India is considered a badge of quality. Photo credit: terbeck via VisualHunt

Having learned yoga in India is often a badge of quality.

Indeed, India is the cradle of yoga. Though none of the training opportunities there are officially recognised in Europe, they offer excellent training to future yoga teachers, many of them converting from another profession in hopes of self-improvement.

Are you living in London? Try searching yoga classes near me.

How long has he or she been practising?

Being a good teacher takes practice.

Though age does not guarantee a good teacher, experience does.

Get yoga classes Winnipeg here.

Experience is more important than age.
Age is not a sign of skill - but experience can be vital to properly imparting knowledge. Photo credit: Minneapolis Institute of Art via Visual hunt

Yoga needs to be practised regularly. It can take several years to reach the level you need to start teaching it to others. And there are many different types of yoga. It takes years of practise to learn everything there is to know about yoga.

And of course - how much do their yoga lessons cost?

Should You Trust a Self-Taught Yoga Teacher?

Since certification is not manditory in order to call yourself a yoga teacher, you will need to ask your prospective instructor what their training has been up to this point.

A lot of yoga instructors are self-taught. They learn the poses and yoga basics themselves through books or learning videos, outside of educational institutions.

But why would you choose a self-taught yoga instructor?

Many people decide to skip yoga classes or a yoga teacher training and discover yoga by themselves. Very often they used to work in another field entirely and might even still practise while teaching yoga on the side.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, some might work in a health-based branch, which is a definite plus for their students.

Or they might be a student studying something different but related that can enrich the yoga experience.

Don’t forget that self-taught practitioners are truly passionate about they do - a necessary trait for teaching and transmitting that passion.

Learn what to expect from your yoga lessons with our guide to yoga classes.

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