Compared to how it was a century ago, students are now presented with various options to pursue higher education. 

Learning more about your passion and interests is no longer limited to sitting inside a classroom on an armchair; sometimes, you can even do it in the comforts of your own home. Plus, some options let you study at your own convenient time. 

The world has indeed come to a highly convenient age where people with lesser time in their hands have more options in getting a college degree or even just a certification course. We’re no longer confined by the rules that learning only happens inside a school. 

If you’re one of the students who want to explore your options for studying geographya highly important course in today’s worldin Canada, then read on to know more about the available ones in the country.

Studying in Universities and Colleges

University classroom
University is a great place to study geography. Source: Unsplash

Canada is quite famous for having some of the best cities in the world to live in. From security to overall quality of life and cost of studying, it’s quite possible that people have, at least once, thought about moving to this ideal country. 

It’s not just about the quality of, though; if you want to pursue higher studies, the country is also home to hundreds of world-renowned universities and colleges

Students from all over the globe opt to study in this country because it simply has top-tier education guaranteed to make you learn everything you need to for your future Geography career. It’s also worth noting that these institutions have state-of-the-art facilities and exciting activities. 

But a downside to having plenty of options is that it can be pretty hard to narrow down and choose the best one for you. 

So, in this section, we’ll list down some of the best universities and colleges in the country for geography. Mind you, these are based on QS World rankings for 2020.

University of British Columbia

According to QS World Rankings, the University of British Columbia ranked as #1 in Canada for having the best geography program in the country. It also ranked #7 in the entire world. Bagging these top spots surely justifies how excellent their program is!

This university is located in Vancouver and offers the following courses:

  • BA in Human Geography
  • BA in Environment and Sustainability
  • BSc in Geographical Sciences
  • BSc in Atmospheric Science
  • Minor in Urban Studies
  • Minor in GIS & Geographical Computation

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto follows closely at rank #11 in the entire world. The university’s geography program was founded in 1935 and is available in its three campuses at the St. George Campus, the Mississauga Campus, and the Scarborough Campus. 

Some of the programs offered are: 

  • Human Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Physical and Environmental Geography

McGill University

Moving up from its previous spot, McGill University is now at #28 in the entire world. The department offers bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. levels of education. The courses they offered are as follows:

  • BA Geography
  • BSc Geography
  • BASc Geography (Interfaculty)
  • BASc Sustainability

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University ranks somewhere in between 51-100, according to the QS World Rankings. Quite known for its dynamic integration of innovative education, this university offers the following geography programs:

  • BSc in Physical Science
  • BA in Human Geography
  • BSc in Business and Geography
  • BSc in Geographic Information Science

Online Geography Courses


You’ve probably heard about open universities or “distance learning”, as what it popularly referred to nowadays. 

What it generally means is that instead of frequenting actual schools and institutions for classes, you can simply do that wherever you are for as long as you have internet and a device for classes. 

In comparison to the traditional way of learning in physical classrooms, this method of learning gained traction over the years—especially with those who have busier schedules than normal. 

The convenience of taking up online courses is that sometimes, you don’t really need to work in a strict schedule; you can just simply do it in your own free time. But of course, you have to consider the deadlines set by the course. 

However, not all online courses are designed as such. Some online courses are totally dependent on the students’ free time while some courses have specified schedules for sessions and learning. 

But regardless of these differences, online classes can still be quite convenient compared to traditional learning in schools. 

There are a couple of online geography programs or courses in Canada. Some of them are listed down below:

Queen’s University

Listed as one of the top universities in the country, Queen’s University significantly offers both traditional and distance learning options for geography. The upside to this option is that you can have regular contact with your professor and other students in class—simulating a real classroom. 

A course they offer online is human geography, geography, and planning and urban life. They also have an online certification course on Global Action and Engagement. 

University of British Columbia

This university seems to have it all together in one institution. Not only do they offer traditional learning, they also have distance learning options for their courses. 

One of these courses is the GEOG 350 which is an introduction to Urban Geography. Through this course, students will learn about the spatial structure of the city, social areas, urban trends, and public policies. 

Tutoring Classes with a Geographer 

Studying in a university or taking up online geography courses are just some common options that people have; but it’s not everything there is to studying. 

You could also choose to take tutoring classes with a geographer. 

Indeed this is the road less travelled. However, before you turn this idea down, let’s brush up on some of the benefits of tutoring sessions. 

Tutoring sessions are designed for a one-on-one learning environment. Tutors only focus on the progress and learning materials of one student and the student gets to learn through a method that fits his or her learning curve the best. 

Aside from a private, personalized learning program, this type of learning method is also quite flexible and dependent on the student’s progress. There’s no external pressure when it comes to passing or failing a subject and lessons can always be discussed if it was too challenging to absorb. 

No need to worry about falling behind, unless you and your tutor discussed milestones and timelines at the beginning of your sessions. 

If you want to learn more about specific concepts and ideas, you can freely do so once you communicate it with your tutor. Tutoring sessions have the freedom to focus on specific topics that pique your interest. 

Geography is a particularly challenging course, since it has all the branches and sub-branches. So, a tutor might be the answer to your academic prayers. 

But this learning option can also be supplementary to either online classes, university classes, or even your full-time job. There are no restrictions as to who gets to have tutors. As long as you want to learn, then you can find a tutor for yourself. 

Now the only question that remains is, where do you actually find one?

Without a doubt, every city has at least one geographer willing to give tutoring sessions if you just know where to look. But to cut to the chase, the easiest way to find one is through Superprof. This virtual platform connects you to tutors near your location in just a matter of minutes. 

Just simply type in your location and a list will appear in seconds. In this list, you’ll find tutors with different specialties and foci, along with their rates and descriptions. Reviews made by former students also conveniently tell you what kind of tutor someone is, first-hand. 

So, ready to find a tutor for you? Go visit Superprof and find one today!


Now that we have various reasons to pursue geography, it is also now convenient for us to choose how we can study geography, the decision now lies on what method is more convenient and conducive for your learning. 

If you prefer to live the university life and pursue a degree, then opt for university. If you have less time on your hands and want to learn at home, then freely choose among online courses. But if you need supplementary knowledge or want to focus on specific topics, find a tutor!

Whatever it is that you choose, ensure that it’s the best method for you and your future career. Make wise decisions for your future self!

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