Let’s say you have a major exam on your horizon; maybe you will soon sit GCSEs or A-Levels, with Geography as one of your chosen subjects.

Naturally, you would want to put forth your best effort in order to attain the highest possible results so you would seek out a private tutor to work with.

That scenario applies if you are an undergraduate careening toward your end of semester exams, as well!

The question is not so much finding a tutor to master geographic concepts with; tutors of that branch of humanities study abound!

Your focus should really be on finding the right tutor for you: one who can work with your learning style; who is knowledgeable about the exam you will soon sit. You need someone who has a proven track record of tutoring success, as evidenced by previous students’ testimonials.

Lastly but of prime consideration: you need someone you can afford.

Your Superprof now takes matters in hand, directing you to sources where you may find tutors with the perfect blend of utility and affordability for any level of tutoring you may need.

Defining Geography Tuition

No need to comb the world to find the best geography tutor!
For test preparation or academic improvement, locating the best tutor just takes some thought! Source: Pixabay Credit: Mojpe

Long gone are the days when geography lessons consisted of memorising countries’ capitals and roughly where they are; today’s geography studies include aspects of its two major branches.

Geography, the mother of all sciences, is broadly divided into human geography and physical geography.

Exams will test your knowledge on both of these facets, so any supplemental instruction you seek must be capable of addressing them.

Another consideration for determining if your tutor is qualified to mentor you is his/her own level of achievement in geographical studies.

Although there are no laws governing the tutoring industry, the firm rule of thumb is that your tutor should be at least one year more advanced in their studies than you are.

So, if you, a GCSE student, have an older sibling who is at university, working on his/her geography degree, s/he is qualified to give you one to one tutoring.

And you, in turn, could earn a bit of pocket money tutoring students who are less advanced than you!

Cost always ends up as the last factor to consider in private tuition but really should be of prime consideration!

Did you know that one in four students across the UK benefits from private tuition, making it a billion-pound a year industry?

Some people will pay for the best whether it is warranted or not.

For instance, concerned parents may hold out for a highly degreed, well-travelled geography tutor with an excellent reputation of helping their students improve their study skills... and pay accordingly.

Does an A-Level candidate need a £70 postdoctoral fellow to coach him prior to exams?

While anyone is certainly entitled to hire any tutor they deem necessary, we recommend finding the best price for your home tutoring needs.

To do so, you must factor in these variables:

  • Level: tuition would logically cost more for higher level students than for those at the younger level

  • Age of the student: the younger the child, the shorter the attention span; KS1 students would benefit from shorter tutoring session, which means lower fees.

  • Purpose: academic support tutoring and homework help are a long-term proposition; tutoring for exam preparation would be of shorter duration

  • Intensity: general support could be provided once a week but if exams are right around the corner, you would probably need more than one session per week.

  • Delivery: online tutoring tends to cost less than face to face tutoring. Also, if the tutor comes to your home, you may have a modest travelling fee added to your tutoring fee.

  • Location: finding a tutor in a big city is easier, but such locations typically mean higher fees.

What About Learning Disabilities?

Autism, dyslexia, ADD... these conditions and others pose challenges to students and those who would teach them.

According to statistics, the number of SEN students in UK primary and secondary schools totals over one million – 14% of the country's student body has special educational needs.

Quite logically, caregivers of such students would want to provide their charges with every possible educational advantage, so engaging a tutor is not out of the question.

The question is, though: is that tutor qualified to meet such a challenge? Does s/he has experience doing so?

If you/your student is learning disabled, when considering a hiring a tutor, you should make his/her ability to work with your learner's specific disability a focus of your interview.

Find out how to discern the cost of geography tutoring – for special needs students, by location and by their level of study!

Finding the right tutor among the many available is like choosing the right door
The point of a tutor search is matching the tutor's abilities with your needs... unlocking the right door, metaphorically speaking! Source: Pixabay Credit: Qimono

How to Find a Tutor to Study Geography

Now that those considerations have been outlined, the search is on!

As mentioned before, tutoring in the UK is a booming business so finding tutoring to master geography concepts, one on one or in a small group, should not be difficult, right?

Consider the wealth of methods a tutor has to advertise his/her services.

You may find fliers posted at your local Tesco, petrol station, library or community centre. You could also scan adverts in your local paper and on websites such as Gumtree or your local Freeads.

The trouble with all of those outlets is that, most likely, you will have no feedback from previous students. There is little room in such notifications to list comments or even qualifications.

Besides, how could you be sure the praise is from someone that person actually tutored?

Select libraries and community centres around the country offer homework help run by qualified tutors.

If your main concern is academic support, you may direct yourself there. Possibly, one of those tutors might be looking for one on one tutoring opportunities!

The trouble there is that geography is not a part of UK schools’ core curriculum; generally, such free help is generally offered in subjects like English or math.

You may hear of an available geography tutor by word of mouth: from talking to your neighbours, other parents or your teacher.

Of all the methods of finding a tutor mentioned so far, this one could prove to be the best because you are getting a personal endorsement from someone you know about that tutor’s skill in teaching.

What if you want a more official presentation of geography courses?

Tutoring services around the country have on staff qualified candidates who are ready to help students achieve academic success in all subjects, including geography.

The advantages here are that the tutors have all been vetted – their credentials have been verified, and they have a stable of clients to prove their worth.

There are downsides to this solution, though.

For one, you will most likely be assigned a tutor rather than interviewing and hiring the one you believe suits your needs best.

Another point is that you may be required to travel to the tutoring agency; some do not permit their employees to travel to clients’ homes.

Finally, the cost of such an appointment would necessarily be higher to cover the facility’s overhead.

There are other options to explore...

Speaking of exploring, discover all the reasons to study geography and the possible career paths.

Study anywhere with your online geography tutor!
The best part of working with an online tutor is that you can learn from anywhere! Source: Pixabay Credit: Cuncon

Geography Courses Online

These days, more and more services are finding their way online and tutoring is one of them.

This is the Information Age when virtually anything from friendship to free tutoring can be found online!

Beware of free tutoring... assure yourself of its quality!

Not only can you find qualified geography tutors online but you can receive instruction via webcam and, in most cases, pay less than if a tutor visited your home once a week!

With online tutoring, nobody needs to be inconvenienced by the weather or traffic; simply boot up your computer at the appointed time and let the learning begin!

All you need for online geography classes is a decent webcam and a quality headset so you can hear exactly what your tutor is saying.

Tutoring companies have made the leap to providing online services, though their costs may still be higher than other entities that have only an online presence.

Of those, you have plenty to choose from, Superprof being an excellent case in point.

Superprof lists more than 2,000 geography tutors; each one being fully qualified and well-versed in their subject material.

You may narrow your search for the best tutor through the search page’s built-in filters so that only those tutors of the level, region, and price range you specify will show.

With Superprof, your price range may be less of a concern seeing as the average rate for one hour of geography lessons is £11!

Furthermore, many Superprof geography tutors offer their first hour of tutoring for free, just to see if you will be well-matched.

Each Superprof profile page details specifics of that particular tutor: their level of education and teaching experience, whether they would tutor online or prefer home tuition – their home or yours...

Best of all, you can see the glowing reviews left by that tutor’s former and current students!

Be it for A-Levels, GCSE, at university or graduate level: private tutoring is a serious investment of time and money, on your part and that of your tutor.

It is best to consider all aspects of engaging a geography tutor so that your student will succeed.

Now discover the many career fields open to those with a geography degree, especially those who have undergone an internship and/or done postgraduate work.

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