Where to Find a Nutritionist in Calgary

It’s a common misconception that people think nutritionists are only for athletes, models, and Hollywood stars. While these people do have the need for one, we aren’t that much different from them. 

As humans, we all need to put the right food into our bodies and what better way to know what these are by getting help from a registered professional? Looking and being healthy isn’t just something that only the popular ones have to enjoy.

Even if you’re not a model nor an athlete, you still need to stay healthy and nutritionists can help you stay on track and achieve your personal goals. 

Read on to know more about how a nutritionist can help you and where to find one in Calgary.

How a Nutritionist Can Help You 

Human bodies are quite complex; which is why any profession that has something to do with the body takes longer periods of time to study. No two bodies are the same and for that reason, a lot of things have to be studied and considered. 

One of these professions is nutrition. 

Nutritionists, usually, dedicated 2 to 4 years of their life studying for good reason. Being a nutritionist is no easy feat, considering that people have different underlying medical conditions. But with the knowledge they have, they can help pretty much anybody who comes to them for help. 

Here are ways that nutritionists can help you:

Help with Digestive Problems 

You may not know it, but certain food groups affect your digestive system and, in turn, give you digestive problems. Nutritionists can help you identify which part of your diet causes this problem and can help you create one that will slowly fix it. 

Your nutritionist will also help you create meal plans to work your way around that problem and eventually make it go away, if it can be helped.

Help with Chronic Diseases

Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic diseases, a nutritionist can easily plan a diet that won’t worsen your current condition. In fact, the diet that will be created might help manage your current condition and keep it that way. 

From the food you eat to the portions you have, expect to receive a meal plan that’s just suitable for whatever disease you have. 

Help with Weight Loss 

It’s commonly known that nutritionists can also create meal plans that will help people lose weight. However, what’s even more beneficial about meal plans curated by nutritionists is that it considers the current condition of a patient.

Not only does a nutritionist consider food allergies and intolerances when creating a meal plan, they also make sure that any medical condition won’t be worsened with the diet. 

Help with Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy

Soon-to-be and new mothers should ensure that they’re eating the right food for themselves and their little ones. Getting the right nutrients and eating right can be a little challenging when your cravings are all over the place or when you’re getting little to no sleep at all.

A nutritionist can help these moms get the right nutrients they need through counselling and meal plans. With so many things to remember, nutritionists also offer the extra help needed to make sure you eat everything you need to. 

Helps Understand Product Labels

You may not know it, but understanding product labels is crucial to leading a healthy life. Sometimes, these labels can be quite deceiving which is why nutritionists exist to help people understand these better. 

Not only will you get a guided direction on what you should and should not eat, you’ll also get knowledge on how to read labels to know what’s in your food that you want to purchase.

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Nutrition in Calgary. Source: Stockvault

Nutritionists in Calgary

Just like any other city in Canada, Calgary also has some of the best food in the world that people should try at least once in their life. From grilled cheese to prime rib steaks, it’s bound to wreak havoc in your diet.

With that being said, it can be really easy to forget about your diet and go on eating all the good food in the city. Luckily, nutritionists can help keep you and your diet in check. 

Here are nutritionists in the city that you can check out:

Eatuitive Nutrition

Eatuitve Nutrition houses Evelyn Cheng, a registered dietitian, and Michael Best, fitness advisor. Together, they create a company that doesn’t just focus on eating the right food but also getting the right workout routines fit for you. 

This performance nutrition and weight management centre aims to help clients achieve their health milestones through a health-focused program. So if you’re looking forward to conquering your next mountain climbing trip or just want to stay healthy, this is a place for you

Their approach is science-based and can be done either through face-to-face sessions or virtual conferences. 

They have four different nutrition and fitness programs:

  • Registered dietitian & fitness assessment
  • Body fat percentage & metabolism testing
  • Custom weekly updated meal planner
  • Detailed macronutrient & micronutrient analysis

All of these programs include a baseline testing session wherein body composition and resting metabolic rates are taken. Moreover, you’ll also get a nutrition intensive session with Evelyn Cheng that will give you a custom weekly meal planner and nutrient analysis. 

Lastly, you’ll get a coaching session with Michael Kent so you can stay active. 

If meal plans are what you’re really looking for, then try out Ottawa Integrative Health Centre in Ottawa. They focus on meal plans so you can expect a comprehensive one from this centre.

Health Stand Nutrition 

Valuing peace of mind and collaboration, Health Stand Nutrition is a local consulting firm that lets businesses and individuals have a better life through better eating habits and diets. They also aim to empower people through healthy and joyous relationships with food.

They offer a variety of services including professional speaking engagements, online learning, and workplace nutrition solutions. They also offer consulting services to the food and grocery industry in the aspects of marketing, strategy, and innovation. 

Moreover, their services can be categorized into three: personal nutrition, workplace nutrition, and food industry nutrition. 

Under personal nutrition are the following services: 

  • Persona nutrition
  • Weight loss & emotional eating
  • Eating disorders
  • Digestive issues
  • Sports nutrition
  • Medical issues
  • Meal planning & health prevention
  • Resource mega bank
  • Online courses

If you’re looking for similar courses in Edmonton, check out Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network for more details!

Ignite Nutrition

Ignite Nutrition is a company of digestive disorder dietitians who have gained a following all over the country. These dietitians are well-known for their patient care and are ready to offer their counselling services to anybody who seeks it

Their specialty is offering nutrition-based solutions for common digestive disorders, regardless of age. With that being said, children, teens, young adults, and retirees can seek help from these dietitians. 

They offer the following services: 

  • Adult Nutrition Counselling
  • Pediatric Nutrition Counselling
  • Family Nutrition Counselling
  • Psychology Counselling Services
  • Workplace Wellness & Corporate Nutrition
  • Online Nutrition Courses & Resources
  • Media & Speaking with Andrea Hardy, RD

Vancouver Dietitians in Vancouver also offer similar services. You might want to check them out if you plan to move to this city.

The Downtown Sports Clinics

Founded by Siobhan Duggan and Julie Moylan, The Downtown Sports Clinics aims to give clients the right strategies when it comes to an injury-free life. They also have the mantra, “the patient is the centre of our world.”

In relation to their mantra, they pay special attention to the quality of care they offer to clients and patients. 

In relation to nutrition, one of their programs is nutrition consulting. It’s a consulting service where clients are given proper guidance by a nutritionist as a guide to a healthier and more enjoyable life. 

From this service, clients are given customized plans that consider different physical activities, lifestyle goals, and health concerns. It starts with an interview and proceeds to the creation of dietary recommendations and personalized meal plans.

Moreover, their recent addition is Nutrigenomix, wherein a client’s genetics is used to point out what to eat and what to avoid. All they need is the client’s saliva to find out the necessary information about genetics. 

Clients can request and state their preferences for an even better plan for themselves. So whether it’s for weight loss, digestive concerns, menopause, or other health-related requests, they can surely accommodate it.

Polyclinique Centre-Ville ORL & Spécialités Médicales offers similar services in Montréal wherein several registered nutritionists are part of the team. Check them out when you’re in the city.

Achieving Health and Fitness Goals. Source: Stocksnap

Finding a Nutritionist Near You in Calgary

Sure, there are several institutions and companies that offer their nutritional services. But you might feel like none of these really meet your standards or requirements. Lucky for you, there’s still another way for you to find a suitable nutritionist. 

Through Superprof, you get to see a list of professionals who offer their services—in this case, nutritional services and consultations. Other than their names, you also get to see their pictures and brief descriptions they have for themselves. 

If you want to know more, their rates are also displayed and you also get to see former reviews made by clients. With this information, you get to have an informed decision when you choose the right nutritionist for you. 

What are you waiting for? Find a nutritionist through Superprof today!


The services of a nutritionist aren’t just limited to a specific set of people. At the end of the day, getting the right nutrition is something that everybody should do, even if we don’t really have an audience for it. There are many ways that a nutritionist can help you become healthy and achieve your health goals. Just find the right one for you and you’ll achieve it in no time!

If you’re looking for nutritionists in other cities, check out ones in Toronto.

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