We all know that eating well-balanced and healthy meals is a no-brainer for a long life. Obviously leafy greens and colorful fruits are packed with nutrients that even artificial supplements can’t really beat—nothing quite like natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

While we all know this, it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to implement since meal planning can be a real challenge. Assessing what your body needs and knowing the right foods to meet those needs are things that require thorough research and time.

So, why not get someone to do it for you? 

Nutritionists plan meals for a living. In fact, more than just planning for your food intake, they also customize meal plans according to your preferences, underlying conditions, or even your allergies. 

The knowledge they have gives them the ability to help you eat healthily without necessarily taking away the delicious stuff.

Read on to know more about the benefits of employing the services of a nutritionist and where to find one in Montréal.

Benefits of Having a Nutritionist 

You’re probably all too familiar with diets that have gained fame throughout the years—keto, paleo, pescatarian, vegan, etc. Maybe you already have your fair share of trial-and-error and found that these diets don’t necessarily work for you. 

That’s because diets aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Each of us are different from each other and finding the right diet means finding what works best for you, even if it means straying from the framework of common diets. 

With that being said, it could be a challenge especially if we don’t have the sufficient background on food and nutrition. This is why having a nutritionist comes in handy. They take care of these things for you and you only have to follow what they say. 

Here are more benefits to having a nutritionist: 

Plans are Science-Based

Since they’re professionals and have dedicated a significant amount of time to learning everything necessary to be one, you can guarantee that your plans are science-based. You can go about worry-free since there are no significant side effects to your body, other than you achieving your goal. 

Plus they’ll happily explain anything you don’t understand in terms that you will easily understand. After all, their thorough understanding allows them to simplify these terms for non-nutritionists. 

Allergies and Intolerances Are Noted

Making a meal plan can be pretty overwhelming when you have so many things to take note; like, you want to eat healthy but you’re allergic to a few ingredients or can’t really tolerate some spices. It’s reality but it can be a real hassle. 

Luckily, nutritionists just need to ask you what these are and you can expect a plan that completely accounts for these. Of course, they’ll discuss the plan with you and tweak a few parts to your preference but, generally you have nothing to worry about. 

Teamwork is A Given

You can expect teamwork between you and your nutritionist as you both work your way towards achieving your health goals. If you find that certain food groups or ingredients don’t really seem that appetizing for you, they’ll find ways to work around that. 

Moreover, you can also rely on them for motivation and support to commit to your meal plans and to your personal goals. 

Nutritionists in Montréal

Considering that this French city is one of the busiest in Canada, it’s no surprise that you can find several nutritionists in Canada. As more and more residents become conscious about their health, the need for a nutritionist has become quite apparent. 

Listed down below are several food professionals you can find in the city:

Meal plans for digestive health in montreal
Meal Plans for Digestive Health in Montréal. Source: Pixabay

Motive Nutrition

Motive Nutrition started as a blog and eventually became a business that aims to motivate people to eat healthy and make peace with whatever is on their plates. 

The brains behind this business is Vanessa Perrone who has two degrees in human nutrition and significant experience in the field. Her business is operated around the philosophy that life is short, so people should eat well and feel great about their bodies and health

The main service being offered is coaching that focuses on digestive health, women’s health, and an overall peace with food. They have two packages: Eat Well and Live Well. Sessions for these packages can either be done virtually or in-person. 

The Eat Well package is a 1-month package that’s ideal for short-term diet check-ups. For individuals wanting independence in their goal achieving process, you can expect an assessment, 2 follow-up sessions, 1 month of email support, and a nutritional plan. 

On the other hand, the Live Well package is suitable for people seeking or going through lifestyle changes, weight management, digestive problems, and eating disorders. It includes an assessment, 4 follow-up sessions, 3 months of email support, 3 check-ins, and a nutritional plan. 

You can get similar packages with JM Nutrition in Toronto. You get personalized meal plans and consultations with Julie Mancuso.

Équipe Nutrition

Guided by their desire to help people achieve personal health and performance goals, Équipe Nutrition ensures that their team provides excellent service and is updated with the latest food science and research

Moreover, this company has been chosen as a partner of four different universities in the city, including University of Quebec in Montréal.  

As part of their exceptional service, they make sure that meal plans are suitable for a client’s lifestyle and taste preferences. Each consultation is also personalized, depending on what the client prefers

They offer several services, some of which are listed below: 

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Sports Nutrition Programs
  • Eat-Well Program
  • Nutrient Deficiency
  • Vegetarian-Vegan
  • Eating Disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Family Nutrition

More than just the variety of options available, clients can also have consultations in the comforts of their own homes. They offer online consultation services through Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and other online platforms that are convenient for clients

They have more than 30 registered nutritionists on-board, so you can find that suits your needs best! 

Revive Wellness in Edmonton also has similar programs. Check them out if ever you’re in the area.

Clinique Go 

Clinique Go is a company that mainly offers mobile health services for families, workplaces, or retirement homes. They are widely known for their unique approach of being innovative and creative when it comes to creating meal plans for clients. 

Moreover, they take pride in letting people know that their team undergoes continuous training to make sure that skills and knowledge are updated and suitable for current situations. As part of their mission, their services are flexible and tailored to each client’s needs. 

They offer several services for different kinds of concerns. Their Nutrition Homecare Services offer in-home nutritional services in Montréal, Great Montréal, Laval, Longueuil, Monteregie, and North Shore of Montréal. 

Clients can also avail their teleconsultation service for nutrition and other fields. This service only requires a stable internet connection for a video call and any smart device. Once an appointment has been scheduled, all you need to do is wait. 

You can also get consultations over the phone with Ottawa Wellness Centre in Ottawa. But if you’re in the city, you can stop by their store to avail their acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and more services!

Polyclinique Centre-Ville ORL & Spécialités Médicales

Founded in September 2013 by Dr. Issam Saliba - ENT, Polyclinique Centre-Ville ORL & Spécialités Médicales was only initially opened to provide a few medical services to clients. Today, it has expanded to offer services including nutritional needs. 

Their slogan, efficiency and quality of services with a smile, has enabled them to offer services to many grateful patients over the years. They’ve also partnered with several renowned groups to offer better services all in one roof, including Biron Laboratories for Sleep Care and Audioprosthetists for Hearing Aids. 

As one of their specialized services, NutriSimple employs an innovative approach to helping clients achieve their performance goals. This service also has the largest team of nutritionists-dietitians in Quebec who are dedicated to giving optimal nutrition

The service covers several concerns such as attaining a healthy body weight, improving gastrointestinal health, staying in top shape, improving blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and developing healthy eating habits. 

Clients can also expect to receive receipts for insurance and a healthy partnership with the dietitians on-board.

The Downtown Sports Clinics offers similar services in Calgary, where Siobhan Duggan and Julie Moylan make sure to offer you the best programs for different concerns.

nutritional plans for weight loss in montreal
Nutritional Plans for Weight Loss in Montréal. Source: Pixabay

Finding a Nutritionist Near You 

The internet is generally filled with tons of information readily available for you, should you need them. That’s why if you want to find more nutritionists other than the ones listed above, you can easily do so through various search engines and websites.

One of the easiest ways to find more nutritionists is through Superprof. On this website, you can find various lists of profiles for different professions and fields, including nutritionists. Profiles display a person’s name, picture, rate, and short description. 

If you need more information, you can click on a specific person’s profile and see the reviews left by former clients. These pieces of information prove to be quite useful when you’re looking for a good fit. 

What are you waiting for? Use Superprof today to find the best nutritionist for you! Simply type in your location, whether you’re in Montréal, Vancouver, or any other Canadian city and find nutritionists near you.


Not everybody has the luxury of time to do research and create meal plans that will meet all requirements. Sure, there are already-formulated diets available on the internet upon searching, but it doesn’t really mean it’s going to work for you. 

Having your own nutritionist can be really convenient and helpful, especially if you have underlying conditions, allergies, intolerances, or just personal preferences. Find one today in Montréal either through the list above or through Superprof. 

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