For so long, people have perceived healthy meal plans and diets to be void of the delicious, mouth-watering tastes only junk foods can provide. 

We’ve been conditioned to think that healthy meals should only be about fruits, veggies, and everything not part of the junk food group. So it’s only high time that this be changed and be transformed into something different. 

As the Canada advances, so does the world of food and nutrition. Gone are the days when we were limited to just the leafy greens and beans we couldn’t even pretend to gulp down. 

There are ways to still get that oh-so mouth-watering taste from junk foods without necessarily using the bad stuff. And of course, getting a healthier and much more delicious meal plan would always be much easier if you employ the services of a nutritionist. 

Read on to know more about how you can indulge while still being on the road to good health and general wellness and who you can seek for help from in Toronto.

Junk Food Healthy Substitutes

Indeed, the world is filled with creative minds that have worked their way around discovering how to make the healthy stuff actually good. Much experimenting and innovation have been done in the world of food that even the worst junk food already has its alternatives. 

Think of healthy chips, burgers, meat, etc. 

Listed down below are some of the junk foods and their healthy alternatives. Prepare to be surprised—and hungry—as we run through some of the foods you wouldn’t really expect would have a healthier alternative. 

Kale Chips for Potato Chips 

The all-time favorite potato chips even have their healthy alternatives, one of which are kale chips. The crunch and saltiness—even the oiliness—you get from potato chips can easily be carried onto kale chips but in a much healthier way. 

For a significantly lesser amount of fats, kale chips can be a great alternative or even substitute for the traditional potato chips. Flavors and other seasonings can easily be added as kale is a versatile ingredient. Just deep fry them and you’re good to go. 

Frozen Yogurt instead of Ice Cream

Instead of reaching for that sugar-packed tub of ice cream, look for a natural, fruity yogurt or a greek one that you can customize with fresh, frozen, or dried fruits. 

You can even get frozen yogurt and have it topped off with granola, nuts, or anything you like mixing with yogurt. This can be a great alternative to ice cream since you can have it cold or chilled.

Opt for Banana Pancakes 

If there’s one thing about banana pancakes, it’s definitely much more delicious than ordinary pancakes—not to mention, much healthier! To add to that goodness, it’s also pretty easy to make with only just 2 ingredients, banana and eggs. 

If you like to add texture, you can mix in oats and create your own banana oat pancakes for that healthy morning fix. 

Nutritionists in Toronto

Considering that Toronto is a huge city, it’s bound to be filled with restaurants left and right. It’s only right that there are hundreds of food options for such a huge population. And of course, with so many food options, there’s no guarantee that you’ll remain on the right path towards a healthy body. 

But worry not, you can seek the help of a nutritionist to keep you on track. These professionals not only plan your meals for you, but make sure you get everything you need to achieve your health goals. Who knows, maybe they’ll include a cheat day, right? 

Here are some nutritionists you can find in Toronto. 

JM Nutrition 

Opened in 2006, JM Nutrition is the fruit of Julie Mancuso’s labor after working for 15 years as a counselor, consultant, writer, speaker, and health advocate. This company offers personalized nutrition counselling and consulting services for anyone who seeks it. 

While the specialty of this company is for weight loss, Julie also helps her clients improve their digestive health. Her uplifting and supportive personality has made so many clients come back for more and attracted the curious ones into availing her services.

JM Nutrition offers the following services: one-time counsel (no meal plan), one-time counsel (with personalized meal plan), 4-session package (with personalized meal plan), and 8-session package (with personalized meal plan). 

Each session is inclusive of a detailed analysis of your personal eating habits and specific goals by a registered nutritionist. They’ll also give you specific food recommendations, with respective brand names.

Motive Nutrition in Montréal offers similar packages, where you get personalized plans and check-ups with Vanessa Perrone.

Build My Body Beautiful 

If your personal goal is to become fit and healthy, then Build My Body Beautiful is the right place for you. Not only are you going to get the right meal plan for you, you’ll also get the body of your dreams. 

This company was founded by Ana Plenter who is an award-winning fitness competitor and personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is certified in many different fields which makes her quite reliable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 

They offer nutrition and custom diet plans where professionals make sure you have an easy-to-follow and balanced plan to follow. They also make sure you avoid empty calories and that all food that gets into your mouth is calorie efficient

Their package includes an initial assessment, 2 follow-up sessions, a customized diet plan, a corporate health insurance plan, and unlimited email and phone support for when you need extra help. 

Check out Ottawa Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic for similar services in Ottawa. They also create diet plans according to your dietary needs and restrictions.

Sarah Goldstein Nutrition

Putting up her own private practice, Sarah Goldstein is a holistic nutritionist based in her hometown, Toronto. What inspired her to put up her own company, Sarah Goldstein Nutrition, is food’s ability to promote overall wellness. 

Her company is a multi-faceted company where they offer various services and educational workshops for its clients and community. What sets her company apart is that it’s driven by her general food philosophy that is simple, practical, and compassionate. 

Given that, clients can expect that her meal plans won’t be as complicated as science projects or mathematical problems. They offer nutrition coaching, meal planning, and workplace wellness. 

Nutrition Coaching allows clients to have a one-on-one coaching with Sarah wherein they get to work on personal health goals together at the client’s pace. Moreover, the coaching sessions will totally depend on what style the client prefers. 

Another service they offer is meal planning wherein the meal plans are customized for you and your family because let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to follow a strict diet when you’re the only one, right? The meal plan incorporates adequate nutrition for your loved ones, as well. 

Check out Eatutive Nutrition in Calgary for similar services, if you’re looking for one in that city. 

Ciara Foy 

Ciara Foy put up her own private practice because she wants people to understand their health by helping them prioritize their internal life and create room for personal care. Her services have reached as far as Morocco, Africa, and Scotland. 

Moreover, she also has a popular e-book, BodyRock.Tv, that provides healthful advice to communities online. 

She has different programs offered at different times. Currently, her programs are The Empowered Feminine Collective and VIP Empowered: Life & Nutrition Coaching. You can also book a 15-minute appointment and discuss a few topics related to:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Gut Health & Digestive Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Optimal Fertility 
  • Food Allergies
  • PCOS
  • Weight Loss
  • Life Coaching

Make sure to visit her website and check out the different programs she offers from time to time. 

You can also check out nutritionists in Vancouver.

Kyle Byron

Kyle Byron was a personal trainer for 10 years and has worked in hospitals, clinics, and fitness centres before putting up his own private practice. Today, he has helped over 2,500 clients since he started. 

He also has a registered dietician on-board who can create customized meal plans just for you. So while you’re achieving your fitness goals, you also get to achieve your diet goals. After all, a workout is useless if you’re not eating right. 

What sets this private practice apart is that it has online or virtual programs that you can easily book off the website. Once you avail their services, you’ll get a personal coach for all your meals where macros are customized and preferences are considered. 

Whether it’s a vegan diet or paleo, you can expect a meal plan where each meal is delightful and exciting.

If you’re also looking for vegan options in Edmonton, you might want to start with Nourished by Bri. This company places heavy emphasis on plant-based choices.

Meal Plans from Nutritionists
Meal Plans from Nutritionists. Sources: Stocksnap

Find a Nutritionist Near You 

Finding the right nutritionist isn’t just limited to the list of companies and organizations we created above. Sometimes, finding the right nutritionist for you can be as easy as browsing through a website. 

One such website is Superprof. At this online tutoring platform, you get to access a list of registered nutritionists within the area you specify. Plus, you also get to see their rates, descriptions, expertise, and even reviews left by former students. 

So if you want an easy way to find the most compatible nutritionist for your plans and goals, try checking out the list of tutors on board. 


Indeed, people are becoming more and more creative with how they become healthy. It’s not just all about eating enough greens, but it’s also about knowing alternatives to our all-time favorite junk foods. 

With the help of nutritionists, staying on track won’t be as hard. So find a nutritionist today from the list or through Superprof and be one step closer to achieving your personal health goals!

You can also check out nutritionists at Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Edmonton.


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