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If you are wondering how to communicate in the Portuguese language in this part of the globe, well Portugal and Brazil are two of the most powerful nations since it is where Portuguese is their mother tongue. 

Portugal is the country where Portuguese is their verbal communication. Considering that Brazil has the most numbers of native speakers. 

Even though these countries have the same language spoken, there is some territorial variation in both written and spoken structure. 

Portuguese is more powerful than any other language. It is an excellent choice to learn some dialects before you make your way to learning Portuguese, and Canada is the best place to start your Portuguese language learning journey.

Learning Portuguese For Beginners

Now that you have already decided to make your step in learning Portuguese, well it's great! The most suitable way of learning Portuguese is by committing to a certain goal. Here are some useful pieces of advice to pave your way to fluency.

Be specific with your goals 

One of the most essential parts of learning is planning. You must have a specific objective on why you should be eager to learn Portuguese. 

Such as if you are planning to travel to Brazil or Portugal, you need some knowledge of the language to have smooth travel experience. It will be much easier with hotel check-in and check-outs, tours, asking for help and even ordering food. 

You can Identify the vocabulary and situations, at the same time you can also have a chance to apply for work that requires a Portuguese language speaker or you can move and make a living in a Portuguese speaking countryside.

You just need to have a specific goal, to be more motivated in learning the language in some Canadian cities such as Montreal.

Engage yourself in the culture 

Culture and language always come together. To learn a language is to embrace the culture of the Portuguese people. 

Even if the language might let yourself be exposed to the cuisine, music, literature, cinema, art, and you can even have the familiarity of some concepts that you can't even find in the English language.

However, you can tell that learning Portuguese can contribute to your cultural diversity knowledge, and it presents several opportunities to have a mutual understanding with native speakers of the Portuguese language.

So what is your step as a beginner now? Here are more ideas to help you start in your language learning journey in Canada and some of its cities such as Toronto

Steps For Beginners 

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Finding an interesting podcast 

For example iTunes, it consists of some great collections of the Brazillian region podcast. You just need to browse and you can be able to find topics that you capture your interest in. 

Podcasts are very comfortable since you can listen to it even if you are commuting, in the gym, or even having your coffee break.

You can also learn with a dictionary's help, it's essential to make use of a dictionary every time you encounter unfamiliar Portuguese words and phrases. 

Watch some Portuguese videos 

There are many channels and streaming where you can find Portuguese videos and movies such as Netflix and Youtube. It has video streaming for beginners and intermediate language learners.

Watching some videos will help you in creating conversation real quick.

Reading online books and magazines in Portuguese

Through reading, you can boost your vocabulary, and you can even learn some romantic phrases in Portuguese. 

Make time to learn 

You can be successful in your language learning by taking some time to learn, how much time you can invest, and the time you can allocate. 

When learning basic conversations such as Portuguese phrases that are funny, It takes a long time all by yourself but you can achieve it faster by acquiring and taking some Portuguese lessons with a private teacher in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver.

Focus on speaking

Unlike listening and reading, speaking is the lively part of learning a language. You can engage yourself with Portuguese language-related activity. You can also practise speaking the language in your vicinity when no one is around. 

To make it more effective you can always learn Portuguese online with native speaker tutors from Canada and some Canadian cities such as Calgary.

Cover the basics

For beginners, it is essential to learn basic Portuguese phrases and words such as question words, numbers, months, weeks, days, and simple greetings.

You can try to memorize helpful phrases in the Portuguese language, you can also label those objects in your surroundings or make use of flashcards where you can write Portuguese words and phrases on the other side, while English translator on the other side.

To attain proper conversation level in Portuguese in an instant, you can try some tutoring services in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton.

Taking Portuguese lessons with a private teacher is a great way to practice and develop language skills with a Portuguese speaker tutor.

Finding An Online Portuguese Tutor

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Some people like to learn another language privately, It is understandable since there are many benefits a student can get through learning online. Such as you can choose your schedule even if you have a busy day ahead of you, and you can learn comfortably at home. 

Online courses are eventually cheaper than face to face courses. If you are planning to hire an online tutor in the Portuguese language, I assure you it is worth it. 

Finding an online Portuguese tutor in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa depends on several factors to consider such as the experience level of a tutor, what you want to accomplish from your language lessons, and how long it takes to learn.

If you prefer to learn only the basics of Portuguese, it won't require so much time for tutors to impart that knowledge. And as a result, the lesson cost is lower than the usual learner who needs an intensive Portuguese course for them to learn to speak the language fluently for business.

When finding an online tutor, always make sure to check their tutoring experiences, and don't feel pressured to go beyond your budget. 

Make some research on the tutoring services rates, so that you can be equipped to look for a tutor that can provide you with a' great deal of your money. 

Your Language Experienced Level

Learning to write, read, speak, and listen fluently in the Portuguese language! 

Canada's Portuguese language programs assess many aspects of written and verbal communication, such as refining Portugues skills in conversation, sentence structures, sound patterns, building proficiency and vocabulary.

Students can explore the social and cultural conventions of Portuguese speaking countries, and can have the chance to participate in practical and interactive lessons that are designed to help students advance in their professional and personal development in the language.

On the other hand, you can also find Portuguese tutors in Canada that meet your expectations, you just need to examine yourself about your Portuguese language experience. 

In regards to learning the Portuguese language, here is the most essential skill that you should develop : 

  • Speaking skills
  • Writing skills
  • Reading skills
  • Listening skills 

Some people might find it way too easy to develop their writing and reading skills, while skills in speaking are the last skill you can develop.

If you find yourself struggling to understand and listen to Portuguese well, and you have a hard time communicating in the Portuguese language, then you must focus on finding a language tutor who can help you to develop your skills in pronunciation. 

Find a tutor who can work with you daily and gives you the chance to speak the Portuguese language with them.

Experienced Tutors 

It's obvious to tell that the more experienced the tutor is, the higher the rate. Higher than those tutors who are currently a university student or had recently graduated in Portuguese language courses. This principle is for those Portuguese tutors. 

So it is essential to think of what you like to have as your tutor for you to pay a reasonable cost for the tutoring service provided.

In any case, if you have high experience in the Portuguese language and you consider yourself knowledgeable in speaking the language, but you like to practise more in speaking Portuguese more frequently. You like to learn difficult language aspects, then you should find a tutor with extensive experience in the Portuguese language. 

However, if you are just starting to learn Portuguese, and you assess yourself as an intermediate level, then you need a tutor who only has a few years of Portuguese language teaching experience. It is a great deal in your budget.

You alone can decide on the kind of tutor who can meet your needs and makes your language learning experience less stressful.


When taking a Portuguese lesson in Canada, it means you are required to spend some time learning. Take by heart all the instructions, homework, exercises, and other related learning activities that your Portuguese language tutor will provide. By taking these lessons seriously and earnestly, you are not just developing your skills, it will also help you to become a more responsible person, as well as boosting your self-confidence in the Portuguese language. 

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