Education has always been important to society. In the simplest sense, landing a job generally requires years of learning that only studying in schools can provide most of the time.

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However, some of the challenging parts about learning new things in school are one, we’re not always at par with the curriculum’s pacing or, two, we want to know more and stay ahead of the game. While those things can be solved on your own, sometimes people opt to work with something else.

And by working with something else, we mean private tutoring.

Over the years, the stigma that surrounds private tutoring has changed and thankfully, it’s no longer perceived as a help for those who are a bit slower than the average person.

Tutoring is now seen as one of the ways to help both children and adults learn better outside the four walls of the classroom and practice what they’ve learned with a private tutor who is focused on their progress and improvements.

In this article, we’ll be talking about what you need to know about tutoring and how to find the right tutor for you in Canada.

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How Tutoring Helps

Sometimes, kids and adults don’t always have the same pace as the teacher. These individuals have their own way of understanding things and it might not always be parallel with how the teacher does it.

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No matter how willing the student is, if the teaching style is not compatible with how they want to learn, they will never learn fully. This is where tutoring comes in. There are several reasons why tutoring has become popular with both kids and adults.

It can help people in a lot of ways and the results have been gratifying. Its popularity has risen over the years simply because it really delivers and people believe in that.

In this section, we’ll run through all the ways that tutoring can help a seeking student:

One-on-One Instruction

Private tutoring, obviously, is a one-one-one session between the tutor and the student. Compared to classrooms, the tutor is focused on the student and can help him/her accordingly.

Progress Monitoring

With the tutor’s focus on the student, it’s easier to track the progress and see where the student still needs to improve and where he or she has already improved. Close monitoring of such details will help both tutor and student base the direction of their work together.

Improved Study Habits

Tutoring will be able to help the students develop great study habits, even after school hours. The tutor will create exercises and activities that will help the student understand the lesson better and this will, in turn, create great study habits.

Improved Academic Performance

Needless to say that with improved study habits, the student will also have great academic performance. The student is also then more guided and has a better understanding of the topics they have on hand.

But as much as we’d like to assure that all these will be visible during and after the tutoring sessions, it’s still up to the student to decide on whether or not the tutor will help him or her. Ultimately, the student should also adjust to how the sessions should be. He or she should have the willingness to learn.

Tutoring in Canada

The education system in Canada is considered to be one of the best in the world. In fact, Educanada has listed several reasons why people should choose to study in Canada and one of them is that you get to be taught by the best and brightest ones.

The same also applies for tutoring. Private tutors here are top performers from their field, which explains the high salary grade. You’re paying for their ability and the assurance that they will be able to help you or your kid.

Parents in Canada find a tutor and spend a lot just to let their kids take tutoring classes. For these parents, they see it as a great investment for their education and future. These classes help boost their academic performance and, somehow, guarantee better results for future school exams.

In Canada, there are several ways that you can get tutoring. Here are just some of them:

Peer Tutoring

Several public schools all over the country offer a peer tutoring program. This is a program where those who are willing to volunteer will be able to help students with their classes.

As an example, Edmonton public schools have a study-buddy program that gives certificates for volunteers who want extra recognition in their resumes. Students don’t have to pay to avail these services but they will need to set a schedule.

Private Tutoring

There are also various centres all over the country that offer private tutoring. These tutors are professionals who have been tutoring for years.

Backed with their degrees and experience, these professionals assure you that their sessions will assess rooms for improvement and works towards that progress. This can be quite costly, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Online Tutoring

The online tutoring Canada has works the same with private tutoring - the only difference is the use of technology.

And since technology has proved to be useful, there are also several companies that offer online tutoring services. No need to meet up physically, just set a date and the tutoring session can simply happen through a video call.

While all of these are private tutoring in their own ways, each being one-on-one, the tutoring Canada offers is still very much varied and flexible for preferences. It’s then up to you to find the best method for you.

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Finding the Right Tutor

With all those reasons, it’s impossible that you haven’t Googled the words “tutoring near me” yet. Lucky for you, Canada is packed with professional tutors from various schools and organizations.

From Toronto to Ottawa to Montréal to Edmonton, it’s easy to look up private tutoring services and skim through a long list of companies and organizations. You can also look through various reviews from specific websites like Glassdoor to do background checks on these organizations and verify their credibility.

Sometimes, you can even just ask the school or your friends for recommendations - easy as that.

But more than just reading comparing the different services near you, it’s also important to look into the characteristics these tutors should have. Since this is a long-term relationship, it’s important that you have the right one.

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Finding the right tutor is crucial to achieving the goal of better academic performance. Working with the right tutor not only makes sessions easier, but will also make it feel less like additional classes and more of supplementary learning.

So, here are a couple of things that you should consider when you’re looking for the best tutor:


When looking for a tutor, it’s necessary to look into their experience and expertise. You might want to ask on how experienced are they in tutoring specific ages, how they can use their education to help, etc.

Knowing how good they are is important because this lets you know how well-versed they are in the subjects that you will pay them to tutor. Ultimately, they should have sufficient knowledge for the sessions.


As much as expertise is important, the tutor’s personality also matters. The tutor-student relationship plays a big role in how the student learns and the tutor must be able to relate with the student easily.

Sessions will span over a few months and there has to be a great student-tutor relationship for you to see results. Ask them how they handle certain conflicts or situations you can think of.

In general, the tutor has to be patient, understanding, and flexible. All these traits are necessary for the tutor to be able to deal with any kind of situation - foreseen or unforeseen.


And of course, continuity is also a big factor. We can’t deny that you might spend a lot for the best tutor you can find - so stay well within the limits.

Make sure that the service you’re willing to accept is within your budget or your price range. Don’t go beyond it because continuity is important. Only look for private tutors within your budget to ensure that there won’t be disruptions.

It’s not difficult to find a tutor if you know what you’re looking for. What’s important is that you set your budget and you are firm on the characteristics that you want to see in your tutor. Remember that this will be a long-term setup and investment for the future.

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There’s no denying that tutoring does help the student perform better academically. More and more people choose to take tutoring services because it’s also an investment for the future. Not only that, the country is packed with options.

From public school tutoring programs to non-profit organization tutoring services, it’s not really that challenging to find one that matches your budget. Now, you just need to decide on what kind of service you want and who the right tutor is for you.

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