Language is the best way to understand the culture of a people or group. It gives you an idea of the background of the people. Learning a new language will open doors and remove barriers to communication.

In a fast-moving world, we depend on a variety of sources for communication. It assists us to develop understanding between cultures. Learning, and understanding a foreign language brings numerous opportunities for personal growth.

For those who wish to learn a foreign language, the process of selecting the right one to devote your time to learning is a crucial decision. The Arabic language is an interesting, complicated language. It comes from a rich historical background. It is worth your time because of the many opportunities it provides to its learners.

Arabic is among the oldest languages in the world. Some English words have their roots deep in Arabic. There are different dialects and styles to the Arabic language. With a complex historical background, it is a language spoken in many countries of the world. and Canada.

Arabic comprises of four dialects. There are variations of Arabic spoken in Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia. Many believe that the Arabic language comes from the Semitic group of languages.

The language is also spoken with slight variation in Turkish, Persian, and Kashmiri. The Arabic language dates back to the period before the formation of Islam.

How to Learn the Arabic Language in Calgary

If you live in Calgary, you will discover many ways to learn the Arabic language. We shall discuss a few of them below.

  • University of Calgary

The school offers continuing education to its students. The school focus is on conversation, alongside reading, and writing of the Arabic language. Here, a student will have the opportunity to acquire simple communication skills in a variety of contexts using the language. To ensure that students have comprehensive knowledge of the language, fundamental information about Arabic culture, tradition is taught.

The university offer many courses in Arabic for beginners. Source: Unsplash

Those who complete the courses successfully will have the ability to do the following in Arabic:

  1. Introduce themselves, greet, and bid farewells to friends in Arabic.
  2. Ask questions, respond to questions in Arabic
  3. Shop, order food in restaurants using Arabic.
  4. Describe events, and people using the Arabic language.
  • Language schools

Besides the university, the Arabic language can be learned through a language school. In Calgary, several language schools offer comprehensive teaching of the Arabic language. These schools have a welcoming environment for the qualitative learning of Arabic through modern teaching techniques.

There are different programs for adults, children, native speakers who want to improve their knowledge, and non-speakers. Courses in these schools are organized in such a way to ensure that the teaching process is not rushed. There are foundation classes for children and non-speakers and advanced classes for native speakers.

Sufficient attention is given to every student to ensure they grasp the language as fast as they can. The use of stories, songs, poems, and drama to aid textbooks makes the entire process engaging for students. Learn more about language schools in Toronto.

  • Online classes

The consistent rise in technology has brought changes to the way we live. Almost all aspects of our lives are affected by technology, and the teaching process is no different from other aspects. In Calgary, the Arabic language can be learned online.

You don't have to be an expert in using technology to get started with online classes. All you need to have is a computer, or mobile device, and an internet connection. Many native speakers are licensed to tutor you in this multilingual city.

Woman on a ship
With Superprof, you can take language lessons from anywhere in the world. Source: Unsplash

Hire a private tutor

Getting a private tutor to teach you Arabic is not difficult in Calgary. There are lots of tutors who are available for you to select. The advantages of hiring a private tutor are similar to those of online classes.

Hence, you have the luxury to choose your classes. Decide where you want the classes to take place too. Hiring a private tutor also allows you to learn at your own pace. Close monitoring by your teacher is another advantage.

When you want to hire a private tutor, there is only one place for you – Superprof. Students, workers, anyone who wants to learn the Arabic language can hire a tutor.

Why You Should Trust Superprof Tutors

If experience is a factor for you, you will find more than enough tutors with vast experience and any years of teaching the Arabic language in Calgary. Here are some reasons why many trust Superprof tutors.

  1. Verified reviews

It is not easy to trust web ratings these days. Therefore, people prefer to check reviews. Once you open the Superprof website, you will see the reviews posted by students in the middle of the page.

These reviews can be verified, so you can know what teacher to hire based on the number of positive reviews they have.

  1. Select your level

The advantage of this option is that you will be taught according to your understanding of the language. It makes the language easier to comprehend. It also makes the teacher have access to the kind of students they can tutor correctly.

  1. Affordable price

Over 90% of teachers on the platform offer first-class teaching at a price of less than $20 per lesson. Therefore, they offer one of the cheapest rates in the city. Therefore, it is easy to pay for your lessons and still get top-notch teaching.

  1. Flexibility

You can fix your lesson times after discussing it with your tutor. You can also discuss your availability, explain your needs, pay them directly, and more from your inbox.

  1. Opportunity to discover new experiences

With the robust platform that is designed to enhance user experience, you have unrestricted access to any language coach that suits your needs. It allows you to discover an incredible new world of opportunities. Read more about hiring a teacher in Edmonton.

How to Cope with Challenges as You Learn

Arabic is complex for most people, especially if your native language is English. However, the learning process can be more straightforward if you take the following steps and apply them gradually as you progress from one learning stage to another.

  • Master the alphabet

To master the letters of the Arabic alphabet, you should start by downloading an alphabet chart. Afterward, practice it as often as possible. You can spend 15 minutes each day in a letter. To download the alphabet chart, visit the website of universities in Calgary.

  • Take note of the form of letters change

Letter in the Arabic language changes their form in words. However, it depends on their position in the word. For example, the way a letter sounds at the beginning at the beginning of a word is different from how it may sound if it was in the middle, or at the end.

An Android phone
You can learn the basic of Arabic language using a language learning app. Source: Unsplash















Download language learning apps on your mobile devices

You can easily download language learning applications that will teach the basics to users. Android and iPhone users can download Arabic learning applications from their stores. Some of these applications are free, while some need you to pay before you can use them. The free ones may not be as good as the paid ones, but they can give you a quick start to learning Arabic.

The Benefits of Learning Arabic Language

When you want to consider a foreign language to learn, Arabic should be your choice. These are the reasons why you should choose this language to learn among other options available to you.

  • It brings opportunities for trade and commerce.

The gulf region is a vital player in the world’s economy. There are 22 Arab countries in this region, and they offer an excellent opportunity for business and trade. There are many businesses in the Arab world.

For example, areas like construction, telecommunication, and tourism are significant sectors for business and trade. When you master the Arabic language, you can relate with the locals easily. Hence you will have more opportunities to work in the region.

  • It helps foster peace and religious tolerance

Learning Arabic will make it easier to understand the world's second most popular religion - Islam.  Understanding Islam will foster peace between you and Muslims. Therefore, it will promote peaceful co-existence between you and those who practice Islam.

The Arabic language is not difficult to learn, and if you eventually learn how to communicate fluently using the language, you will enjoy many opportunities when you visit countries where the language is their official dialect.

Even in Calgary, you will enjoy a plethora of opportunities if you live in Islamic communities or work in an organisation where the knowledge of Arabic is held in high esteem. The language is simple to learn and it’s one of the oldest languages in the world. To understand the Arabic language in Calgary, you can explore the options we have discussed in this article.

There are great teachers of the Arabic language in Calgary; you can find them online, or at the University of Calgary.

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