More and more students are opting to learn Chinese, and owning to their flexibility and easy access, many are turning to private tutors.

As a Chinese language student or a professional teacher, taking Chinese tutor classes can be an excellent way to supplement your income and gain more experience.

However, one of the questions you'll eventually have to deal with when building your portfolio as a private tutor is, what rates should you charge for teaching Chinese? In this article, we'll look at the best approach for answering this question correctly and how you can choose a rate that offers optimum rewards for you as a tutor and also for your students.

The Challenges of Fixing the Best Rates for Chinese Lessons

The demand for private tutors' services in Canada has seen a rapid increase in recent years, and if anything, that is not changing anytime soon. The private tutoring sector continues to grow due to the highly competitive nature of the job market. This is compelling many parents and students alike to invest more in their education to stand out. With you charging fees that can range between 15/hour to 60/hour depending on your location in Canada, private tutoring can be a financially rewarding venture. Find out more about teaching Chinese.

Also, because many teachers consider themselves underpaid compared to other professions, the reasons to look for ways to increase income with a similar job become more evident.

Hence, the rampant demand for tutors by various parents and students is conveniently met. Supply by teachers willing to take on jobs that would fit perfectly into their schedule makes this possible.

We don't recommend charging high rates if you have no teaching experience. Source: Unsplash

However, this supply pool isn't made up of teachers alone. Many graduate students also take up private tutoring jobs to increase their experience, build up their resumes, and of course, make a little more side cash.

As with many freelance job positions, the "how much do I charge?" continues to loom in the background. A fundamental question that could be a key determiner of your success as a private tutor. See how you can deliver high-quality lessons.

Fix your rates too low, and you'll be considered a push-over or not skilled enough. Peg your rates at exorbitant prices, chances are many potential students will be  unable to afford you. In either case, you get little or no students willing to be tutored by you. Not because you're not good at what you do, but because your rate is an immediate turn-off.

Fixing your rate for Chinese lessons can come with its challenges. This is because, depending on your location, experience, educational levels, and certifications, you might have to charge a little less or a bit higher.

But just how high or low is enough?

While you might feel tempted to close your eyes and settle on a random figure, there are better ways to get your rates to fit into a range that will command a professional outlook.

Different Rates for Teaching Chinese in Canada

In setting your rates for teaching Chinese lessons, you should first be aware of Chinese lessons' average price range in Canada. This will help you not to set your prices too low or overprice your rate.

It might look smart to try beating the competition by setting prices lower than what every other person is charging, but this can be dangerous in practice.

While the lowest prices you can trust might be a thing that works at physical product stores, setting your prices way below the average rate for Chinese lessons in Canada will make you come across as unprofessional.

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If you fix your rates too high or too low, both have implications. Source: Unsplash
















In the world of private tutoring, you don't want to be classified as "cheap." This is because people often associate "cheap" with inferior quality.

Also, while there are stories of private tutors who are flown in private jets to homes and paid in thousands of dollars per hour, charging your rates in 3 or 4 digits might not be the best approach especially, if you're starting.

The average rate of Chinese lessons in Canada ranges between $25 and $40 per hour. This depends on the tutor's qualifications, the current Chinese proficiency of the student, and other factors that we will soon look at in this article.

Find out more about how to find students for Chinese lessons.

Different Rates for Teaching Chinese on Superprof

Just as a reminder, Superprof is an online platform that makes highly qualified tutors available to students for learning a variety of skills and languages. Using our platform, you can easily find tutors to teach you your preferred course right away.

With over 13,000,000 tutors using our platform across twenty-seven nations, Superprof is one of the biggest platforms that allow you to connect with more students at better rates. The good news is, it's free for tutors.

All you need is to fill out your details on the sign-up page, which will be verified by our team, and once you meet the requirements, your profile goes immediately online.

On Superprof, you are totally in charge of your work schedule and how much you set your rates.

This means if you charge $25/hr, you'll get paid precisely that amount unless you choose to receive your payment on Superprof without subscribing to its Premium pass. Superprof often recommends that you make the first class free to connect with your student, reassure them, and understand how to address their learning concerns.

There are options as to whether you'd like to take the classes virtually using a webcam or taking home classes.

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On Superprof, you have the flexibility of fixing your rates and schedules. Source: Unsplash

Charges for Chinese lessons range between 25-40 dollars per hour on the Superprof platform, but again, you are in control of how much you'd like to set as your rates.

Generally, tutors on Superprof fall into one or more of these categories.

  • Chinese natives
  • Chinese graduate students
  • Teachers of the Chinese language
  • University level teachers
  • Young graduate teachers

Depending on the category you fall into, you can efficiently structure your rates to attract your preferred kind of students.

Fix a Rate According to Your Educational Level

This is an essential determiner of how you should structure the rate you charge for teaching Chinese.

For example, if you're a Chinese student, charging the same rate as a bilingual Chinese professor would not cut it. This is because your potential students would most probably be beginners to the Chinese language who want a tutor in their age bracket. Obviously, as beginners' high rates could scare them off, not to consider the fact you're setting yourself up for expectations you might not be able to meet. Just in the rare event, you get hired at this kind of rate. Unmet expectations might lead to bad reviews, which may damage your private tutoring reputation.

However, with increased education levels come more opportunities to improve your rate as you're becoming an authority in the Chinese language.

Find out more about how to find your students with these tricks.

This is because, for your prospective students, qualifications are hard-proofs that you have enough knowledge of the subject matter. You'll likely be hired by more intermediate to advanced learners who are ready to step up their understanding of the Chinese language and are not scared to shell out more bucks.

Fix a Rate According to Your Experience

In general, the more work experience you have with the Chinese language, the higher the rates you charge. This is why you have to seize every opportunity to build your portfolio to show prospects that you have experience in the Chinese language. Chinese language tutors can be classified into three categories based on experience.

  • Student tutors: These are students that offer private tuition alongside their studies. Tutors in this category often have a good understanding of the language. Because they are also students, they have a good idea of how the curriculum and exams are structured, making them the right choice for other students studying with the language's basics. However, their lack of sufficient experience restricts how much they can charge. This is because other students or learners would mostly patronize them on a budget.
  • Qualified Chinese tutors: These have studied the Chinese language extensively and have a proven record of adequate knowledge about the subject matter. While they may not be adept in the Chinese culture as native Chinese speakers, their track record gives them the necessary substantiation to charge higher rates.
  • Native Chinese tutors: These can easily command high fees due to their rich understanding of the Chinese language, culture, and traditions. Since many of them are bilingual, they can quickly solve new Chinese learners' challenges and help them avoid pitfalls in learning the language.

Fix a Rate According to Your Location

Costs of living differ across different locations, and this had better reflect in the rates you charge, or you'll quickly find out you're grossly underpaid. For instance, the cost of living is on the high side in Vancouver. And this has reflected in the prices of goods and services. Therefore, living in this location means you can set higher rates for teaching Chinese without scaring off students. Rates in cities like Toronto can also be higher due to increased living costs compared to smaller cities in Quebec or Ontario.

The rates you charge for Chinese lessons are a reflection of your experience and value. Hopefully, this article has helped you solve the problem of what rates to charge for teaching Chinese.

You can also consider how to teach Chinese with these qualifications.

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