Boxing can be a popular sport for many. It’s the perfect hobby, great exercise and a lot of fun. Everyone can benefit from boxing. It’s a sport that can be appreciated by all ages. Boxing is also something you can do at home, making it easily accessible for everyone. For those of you wanting to start boxing, you're going to have a lot of questions. How do you start? Where should you go for advice? Are all going to be common questions. It’s always best to follow professional guidance rather than just jumping in. Luckily, there a lot of great resources to start boxing. You can learn boxing from Youtube, blogs, or join a local boxing club.

You can always learn from a boxing coach as well. Superprof has 100s of boxing coaches across Canada that are ready to teach you. They have the experience and knowledge to help you learn how to box so you can start exploring the benefits Superprof also offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn how to box when you want to learn.

Reading a boxing blog can be a great way to start boxing.
Reading a boxing blog can be a great way to start boxing. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Benefits to Start Boxing

Boxing is the perfect sport for a lot of people. It’s accessible for all body types and all ages, almost everyone can start boxing. Boxing also has lots of benefits that you can immediately start experiencing. One of the great things about boxing is it can be done anywhere. It’s nice to have a heavy bag or gloves, but it's not needed. You can start boxing with no equipment and right in the living room of your home. Here are more reasons to start boxing.

Fitness - Boxing is the perfect workout. It works on strength training, cardio training and mobility training. All 3 of these training methods are required to be a good boxer, so most training programs you follow will incorporate all of these things. You’ll get a good workout just by boxing.

Stress-Relief - We all have stressful lives or even stressful weeks, it's normal, but you need to find a way to de-stress. Boxing can be a perfect way. Boxing requires a lot of thought, especially when you're focusing on combinations. It’s easy to forget about your stressful thoughts and feel more relaxed after a boxing session.

Mental Aspects - Boxing is known to be great for the mind. It’s good for confidence and self-esteem. Once you start making progress in boxing you’ll start to feel a sense of achievement which can bring a lot of mental benefits.

There are lots of benefits to start boxing. You'll love the sport once you try it.
There are lots of benefits to start boxing. You'll love the sport once you try it. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Boxing Blogs To Follow

Learning how to box from a blog can be a great resource to start with. One of the great features of blogs is there for free. There are lots of different blogs to read for those of you just getting started that will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish. There are also blogs for those of you who are more experienced and are looking to learn more or increase your training. Here are some blogs to follow.

My Boxing Coach

My Boxing coach offers lots of great content for those looking to get into boxing. The website also covers additional information for those with more experience. On the website, you’ll find lots of different blogs and quality coaching videos that can help you develop your boxing skills and give you a good fitness regime. My Boxing Coach covers a full range of boxing skills such as drills, tactical insights and higher analysis. The website was created by Fran Sands. He has been involved in boxing for over 30 years. He was once a boxer himself winning multiple titles and after retiring from the ring he’s been coaching people for the last 20 years. If you’re looking for a great blog that covers everything you need to know, you have to check out this boxing blog.

Commando Boxing

Commando Boxing is a great boxing blog that helps anyone interested in boxing to get started. The blog is run by Coach Aaron who loves fitness and boxing. He has over 24  years of fitness experience as well as 16 years of combat training. He's certified in Precision Nutrition and has a Boxing Canada Level 1. Reading Aarons's blog you know you'll be getting trusted information. Aarons blog offers those interested in boxing the fundamentals and other great boxing tips. If you like reading his blogs he also has boxing courses that can offer in-depth information. Commando Boxing is a great beginner-friendly place to start your boxing training.

Honor Athletics

Honor Athletics is a popular boxing gym located in Toronto, but they also have a great blog on their website that is filled with great content. By reading the Honor Athletics blog you can learn the fundamentals of boxing along with other great boxing tips. You'll also find good boxing workouts that can be perfect for anybody. Their blog doesn't offer too much about themselves but the content offered is great for getting started.

These 3 blogs can be a step in starting to learn how to box. All 3 of these blogs are also completely free. Most boxing blogs you come across will offer courses or programs. These can be a great idea if you find the content useful from their blogs. You'll learn more in-depth information and further your boxing training.

Boxing blogs are usually written by professional boxing coaches that years of experience.
Boxing blogs are usually written by professional boxing coaches that years of experience. Source: Thisisengineering, Pexels

Using Boxing Forums to Learn

Aside from reading blogs or articles around boxing, you may have a question that you can't find answers to. If you do have any questions you can always search in boxing forums to find answers. Some boxing websites we mentioned above have their community, where you can ask questions and search for boxing-related questions. There are also other websites like Reddit. That has a boxing dedicated forum with 1000s of people that read the forum each day. It can be a great place to ask questions or even find the answers you're looking for.

Forums are good places for information and they can also be used as accountability. It can be hard training at home sometimes. It can take the right amount of motivation to start. You can use forums to connect with other members. There are lots of motivation forums, where people are posting their progress or sharing stories. You could do the same things to hold yourself accountable.

Start Boxing Today!

Now, is the perfect time to start boxing. You can check out blogs, forums or any other great resource to learn how to box. You just need to make that first step forward and follow a blog. Once you try your first boxing workout or training session we're confident you'll love going. Boxing blogs are a good way to learn about boxing from tips to workouts you can find it all in a boxing blog. You don't have to stick with reading one boxing blog you can continually stay up to date with all of the ones we listed above. They'll offer different tips and tricks and help you further your understanding of boxing.

Supeprof has lots of articles about boxing online in Canada to give you more information. If you're interested in learning more check out these boxing articles below.

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